Server Dashboard

Server Dashboard

Server Dashboard provides an elegant performance monitoring solution. It displays server specifications such as machine type, speed, cores, cpu, ram, running and sleeping tasks and many others, and in addition, monitors your server’s vital resources such as load, ram, cpu and hard drive in real time. It can be configured to automatically refresh the data at a pre-set interval and update the results seamlessly via Ajax.

Demo passowrd: admin

Super easy to integrate into your system:

-Simply unzip and copy the files to any directory in your system and then access from any web browser, on desktop, tablet or mobile device.


Click here for more info and installation notes


- Responsive dashboard, mobile ready.

- Fast and light weight .

- Flat, modern design.

- Install to any folder on your server without any need for extra configuration.

- Password protection to prevent un-authorized access to data.

- Display of local time (your location) as well as the time at the server’s location automatically.

- Monitors your server’s vitals in real time, via Ajax requests at a user-definable interval (eg: every 1 min).

– Easy to read your server’s vital info. Normal use between 0-25% is shown in green, while 25-50% is shown in yellow, and over 50% is shown in red.

- Easy to customize via simple css.

- No programing skills needed. Simply upload the zipped files and it will do the rest.

- Works with linux systems.

- Beautiful performance charts based on hourly, daily and weekly performance.

server monitor software

server monitor software dashboard

server performance charts

linux sar charts

server monitor charts

Live demos:

1. Live demo, deployed on Amazon server
2. Live demo ft. random LOAD, CPU, RAM, DISK to showcase how the meters change colors based on result.
3. Additional information