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How do I properly upload Serenity to my server?

Please copy the entire folder named serenity in your CodeCanyon download to your server. After you have uploaded it using FTP, you can rename it to whatever your like. There are important hidden files in the root folder that you can miss if you copy the files individually.

Which version of PHP should I have?

PHP version 5.5 or later must be installed for Serenity to work properly.

How do I upgrade?

In your app folder there is a file named changelog.txt. Inside this file are instructions on how to upgrade your app. It is usually a matter of backing up your config.php file and then uploading the new version’s app folder. All that’s left is to upload your old config.php file so you don’t lose any of the settings you had previously!

Is this integrated with a payment gateway?

Yes, it supports single checkout payments for invoices using Stripe.

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