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really like this script and have tested out your demo but have found one issue can you confirm it has been resolved in your current release?

Problem found when I add a prospect and then convert to client when I then start a new job cannot assign the new prospect/client to the job… the converted prospect doesn’t appear in the drop down box as a client?

thanks nick

Great look forward to itand will purchase when you’ve released it… :)

Your going to hate me for saying this, I have no doubt this version is improved but I really liked the look and feel of version 1… If I purchase this version would you send me version 1 so I can use that.? Thanks

I expected some people would say that, so I prepared a development schedule for the “Classic” theme. With version 2, it is easy for me to develop “themes” for Serenity without having to alter how it works. The plan is for December, but with my schedule lately, I am not sure when the classic theme will be out. As for version 1, it has too many unfixed issues, especially with the database, to be usable. The original was my first attempt at trying something out. Unfortunately it didn’t work the way it should. You can always check out my other product: Entity. It’s more powerful and feature rich than Serenity in every way. I cannot give a good date when the new Classic theme will be ready, but it shouldn’t take long.

the chat function will be available or is definitively out of the plans????

Send me an email about how the messenger feature could be implemented. As of now, I do not have plans to bring back a messenger. Most all communication takes place on the job page. Nothing is ever out of my plans though.

if i want to disable the stripe payment system how would i do that????

You can’t disable Stripe. It’s the only method of payment for invoices currently.

Hello , is there any version in euro ?

I should mention that this is a setting in your configuration file. The demo is set to USD and only one currency can be set at a time.

hello, what files are missing from the package ? upon install locally, all i see is

The requested URL /serenity/install/database was not found on this server.

Check this out also. It is the drobo location for your apache web server: http://www.droboports.com/app-repository/apache2/

apache works fine, php is the correct version, as i am running other scripts. something is not right with the code. dont worry i have not the time to muck about with scripts that fail to function out the box.

More than likely the reason you are seeing that message is because A: The Apache rewrite engine is not on. B: You didn’t upload the .htaccess file with the folder contents (it’s a hidden system file, so just rename the provided htaccess.txt to .htaccess). C: Your config.php file BASE_URL or ROOT_URL vars are not setup properly

Hi, I purchased a licence recently, I have php version 5.5 and I was trying to install serenity, but every time I get an error with the following:

’’Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/home/aubdesig/public_html/serenity/app/languages/english.lang.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php56/pear’) in /home/aubdesig/public_html/app/boot.php on line 32’‘

I tried to install it on 2 different servers with php 5.5 and the error still the same.

Please advise


I resent email with the error_log I found attached.

Please make sure my email didn’t go into your spam folder. The subject is “Serenity Problems.”

I got it and replied back. Thanks

Hi i want to ask pre sales question.

Client can download his invoice in pdf formate?

No, but I’ll work on adding that feature.

Hi. Just bought V2.00. Installed and working fine except emails. I am not receiving email when a client signup and when I try (or a client tries) to reset password a green screen pops up with this message: Unable to send email to reset your password. Please contact support.

Thank you. By the way the version I downloaded is 2.00. I saw you mentioning version 2.04. Am I missing an update? About the reset password reset, isn’t it a good idea to have a “reset password” option/button in the admin’s dashboard? I personally prefer an email sent to the Admin and he can decide to reset the password or just close/delete the account if it was inactive or has any security threat.

I did release 2.0.4 for my other product: Entity. Serenity is still version 2.0.0. The demo is using an incomplete version 2.0.1. The only big difference is the ability to use another theme. I like your idea. I will see how I can implement it. I will have a fix for you today for the email issue.

Forgot to mention: shoot me a message using the CodeCanyon messenger so I can get your email to send you the patched file(s) when they’re ready.

How do you use Paypal as opposed to Stripe? I’m assuming it’s changing the config file, but I want to be sure before messing anything up.

I understand. It was a misunderstanding on my part from reading comments of someone that has purchased this as well that highly recommended it. Will you send out a notification when you have Braintree added? I like the program a lot and would like to use it going forward, just can’t until that takes place.

Will do! I know PayPal is popular, it is just a pain to develop for. :) I will try my best to get it out in the next release. There are a lot of big improvements in the 2.0.1 working copy already that I am excited to push out.

Thank you, I’m looking forward to seeing it! :)

Hi there, is there any option to get notified by mail when a task is overdue?

Not at this time.

unable to install Serenity Client Management

Please see email response and let me know if it fixes your issue.


When trying to access : i get :

Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in /var/www/html/serenity/app/routes/files.php on line 22 Uploads directory is not writable!

All folders have proper permissions, i don’t see what’s wrong.


Send me FTP details. The uploads directory needs permissions updated.

Hey there, thanks! i’ll send them via PM

Hello I can’t install the application on my web server when its uploaded there is allways a database connection error and it seems like the css is not found. Please help me. (if done it as you have written it in the installation guide) Thank you, Christopher

Make sure you have configured your config.php file properly. Your database connection information is located in there. Also make sure in that file that environment is set to live. Shoot me an email if you are still having trouble. I can FTP into your serenity install and check it out.

Also, I put together an installation video you can check out at http://www.zenperfectdesign.com/help/serenity – it goes through the config.php file in depth.

Are you available for small customization?

Digital signature thing will take some planning. I have considered it before, but it is not as easy to implement correctly as people would have you think. Especially if you want it to hold up to law. The file rating functionality is already on the way. I am currently not actively developing much of anything until after April due to my schedule, but I will work on it.

okay sir about the voting function when it will be ready? we can skip the Digital signature for now ..

I can’t say for sure because I will not be able to actively work on CodeCanyon product development until after April. It might be sooner, but it just depends on when I can get some downtime.