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This is really cool man!

Hey! Thanks a lot! I try to put some creativity :) It’ll be cool If you can tweet it or share ;) Thanks for your kind words, means a lot coming from such a cool developer!

great job!

some feedback, I find buttons tooclose/toosmall, very hard to click accurately (frustrating), easy to click undesired one (more frustrating)

even imaging user coming on an ipad (not to mention iphone). very bad experience.

Since it works like a charm, it should be very easy to fix!

Another idea, add keyboard input, so can use arrows.

Nice script! I like it :)

Very cool, thanks for making it!

Glad you guys liked it, thanks for your support =)

The scripts looks a very nice. Buy I played little bit with you demo and found that tooltips has some limitation with position – If Tooltips will be setup for elements which located too close to top or left border, most part of tooltips will be out of the screen.

Maxalazar, this is why there is a parameter to set up the tooltips position, so if you attach a tooltip to an elemene close to the top you can make it appear from the bottom or right =)

Thanks for your comment!

“there is a parameter to set up the tooltips position” Thanks for answering. You need to add it into doc’s. I just found it in code. And is no styles for .sq-bottom in css . Also it will be very nice if tooltip can resized base on content.

do you have plans to release this as a wordpress plugin?

Sharif, thanks for asking, however I don’t think so, it looks like it would kinda hard to setup in a wordpress enviroment.. whith shortcodes maybe, but still kinda complicated. If you feel like using it in Wordpress I can offer you my help to include the JS and CSS files the right.


Hi, I don’t see the docs.

Is it possible to run the sequence automatically?

example, tooltip1- 5sec, tooltip2 – 2 secs, tootip3 – pause for input. etc.

I’m also interested in seeing the sequence of tooltips run automatically – is this possible?

This plugin is very cool. Can it be used with WordPress?

Hi! It can be embedded in any HTML document, meaning it can be used with Wordpress although it is not a Wordpress plugin. You will need to add the JS/CSS files manually and then use the proper HTML ;)


This is really cool, i like it…but i have a few questions,


HI. Just purchased. Great script. Tying to utilize the color options but being that I am not an experienced coder. I’m struggling.

In sequentialtips.css I see the color options, but I am not clear where/how I would add them to style the tooltips with each color.

I tried something like this

note how I added green to the class, but that does not seem to work. Can you please guide me?

BTW I have implemented in the admin area of wordpress and it works great!

Thanks again for an absolutely awesome script.

Thanks for your kind words! Glad it fits your needs! I’ve just answered the other question ;)

Regards, David.

I see my code was deleted in my post. I was just showing you how I entered the class ‘class=”sequentialTip green sq-right’

Hello christojuan! Sorry for the delay, let’s see, you can set the tooltips colors by passing the color as a parameter to the jQuery call, like this (see the last parameter “style”) :

jQuery(window).load(function() {
      tipsWidth: 180,
      separationx: 20,
      separationy: 20,

Try it and let me know how it goes :)

Regards, David.

What happened to WP Ajax Grid? Why did you pull it from Code Canyon?

Hello, it was in the process of updating, it’s coming online again in the next few days.


It’s back now, CSS3 animations and no more “Timthunb” for image resize, now we’re using WP Image Editor.

Best Regards.

Hello – just a pre sales question. With this tool tip – does it work on and elements?

I’m sorry for the delay in my response. If you still need help with this you can tell me more details of your doubt?

sorry, I purchased another sellers product for tooltips… they came back to me faster.


Great script. Is there a function for delay in seconds for the tooltip to appear after page load? Cookie function?

This is awesome, how can I launch and dismiss tooltips over time, so on load one tooltip pops up, then dismisses after 4 seconds, the next one goes up, dismisses after a few seconds, etc.

I want Click on each box, the same show.

Hi, can you provide me with an example?

Hi, quick pre sale questions. 1) no issue working with woo-commerce 2) can the next ”>” icon and the delete “x” icon be in different position on the tip box. Like can we have the “x” at the top right corner? Thanks in Advance.