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Hi I just bought your module. I tried a test payment which goes through fine. When I click on the ‘export to sepa xml’ I just get an empty page

Is the xml file only set up for German banks or does it work for Irish banks?

Yes, it should work for all european banks supporting the PAIN.008-format.

Hi, I have installed your plugin and the form is showing up at the checkout. Unfortunately you can not type anything in the form. It does not accept any characters. Tested with the latest version of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Thanks a lot for the quick fix. It works fine now.

HTML bug in the backend (list of orders) still exists even after the latest update. Sent email, but no response


Hi, sorry for not getting back to you earlier. The text (and HTML) you posted is not produced by the plugin but by Woocommerce. I will try to reproduce the problem anyways and see if there is any relation to the sepa-plugin.

Hi Is it possible to include the iban/bic details in the confirmation email the user receives? The bank requires this

thanks Dave

Hi Dave. I will look into this for the next release.

ok thanks. I just need to be able to copy the code for the IBAN/BIC variables into the confirmation email.

Hello 107,

I´ve got a problem to generate the XML-File. If I klick the button nothing happens. It would be really nice of you to help me with this issue.



is there any error message? Is this a subscription payment you are trying to export?

Also, could you do the following:

  1. in the backend go to WooCommerce/System status.
  2. click “Get System Report”
  3. click “Copy for support”
  4. send an email to jb (at) kaspa.net. Paste the clipboard content into the email.

Hi Robert,

thanks for the information. I sent you an email asking for additional data. Please check your spam folder. =)



Hi Jörn,

sry for the late reply. Thx for your very fast help and the new Version of the plugin.


Hi there,

very nice plugin – I’d have a couple of pre purchase questions:

1) You say you support woocommerce subscriptions—> so this means the XML data set then basically carries this information, so my bank then knows to e.g. take a payment each month?

2) If this is the case – how does woocommerce then know this? So normally woocommerce subscriptions renews a subscription when the user has paid – but how can woocommerce know this payment has been taken by my bank?

Sorry if I misunderstood the plugin functionality… ;)

Thanks, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

the plugin creates an XML file that will contain all due payments when you click the “Create XML”-button. It will include all payments from regular orders and subscription orders including renewal orders. This means that when you regularly export all payments to XML (daily, weekly, depending on your sales volume), renewal payments are automatically included, independent of wether you use manual or automatic renewal.

The Sepa-XML format does not allow to export information about payment intervals, therefore, the plugin needs to handle the recurring payments itself in the way described above.

Hope this helps. :)


Hi Jörn,

thanks a lot for the super quick reply – makes perfect sense! ;)

So the order status in woocommerce for a renewal order is automatically set to processing (=paid), then before the actual SEPA is processed by my bank? Or are orders first put to “on hold” and we manually have to set them to paid (=processing) as soon as we check whether the SEPA has gone through in our bank correctly? If that were to be the case, this would mean that each subscription would be first set to “paused” when a new renewal takes place – and only when the admin manually changes the status to “paid”—> “active”...which of course is not ideal for (digital) subscriptions (please correct me if I am wrong ;)

Thanks again, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

Exactly. To quote the manual which is part of the download file (and maybe, I should include this part in the description… =):

The way in which order status are set differs for initial orders and renewal orders for subscriptions:

For the initial checkout or an order that contains any number of subscription and non-subscription items, the plugin reduces the item stock (if stock management is configured) and sets the order to “On hold” awaiting the SEPA direct debit payment to be completed first.

The order needs to be advanced to status “Processing” manually after you downloaded the corresponding payment inside a SEPA XML file, uploaded the file to your bank and the bank has received the payment from your customer.

For manual and automatic renewal orders created by WooCommerce Subscriptions, when a subscription is renewed, the plugin automatically marks the order as payed, setting the status to “Processing” immediately.

This behavior was chosen because setting the renewal order “On Hold” would result in the corresponding subscription to be put “On Hold” as well. Following the workflow outlined above, where the order is set to “Processing” or “Complete” after the payment has arrived, the subscription would be “On Hold” for a few days typically. While this is not a problem for physical subscriptions, it would interrupt access to digital products or memberships and would thereby annoy customers.

best regards,


Understood ;) Thanks! So the only issue we then do have is with renewals for physical products > as they are set to “processing” = ready to ship, even if the payment has not been confirmed/taken yet…although I assume if the first payment (which is manually confirmed) was successfull, the probability of an insuccessfull renewal payment is slim…so in your suggested process > I assume the admin would ship the (renewal order’s) product immediately and not manually check if the renewal payment was a success?

Thanks again for taking your time, Sebastian

One final question: Professional Payment Plugin/companies include a risk checking functionality. Is there a way to include this here? Possibly a bank such as intercard could provide this functionality?

Unfortunately that is not really feasible at the moment given that this is just a standalone plugin without a backing online payment service and also given the current pricing for it (ongoing risk assessment would produce ongoing costs, which could not be covered with the 12,5$ that are being payed to the author for each license sold.)

As far as I know, Paymill offers Sepa Direct Debit as well. They also have a free Woocommece Payment Plugin and do risk assessment/ fraud prevention. Maybe they are the better choice in this case.

Thanks for the detailed answer ;) Have a great Sunday, Sebastian

I’ve bought plugin today. One question: in the settings you can enter a description text, but where it will be displayed? I thought, above the sepa details on checkout page, but there is nothing.

Hi. I will look into this this evening. Which template are you using?

What so you mean with “which template”? look right here: http://skydive-leipzig.de

Hi. I am sorry – the missing description is fixed in version 1.4.1. which I just uploaded to codecanyon. It usually takes a few hours before the new version is put online. You should receive an email from codecanyon then.

Have installed the plugin, but i get a error on the front end: Internal Server Error. Can you help?

Hi, sorry to hear that. Could you please send me your WooCommerce System status?

To do this,

  1. in the backend go to WooCommerce/System status.
  2. click “Get System Report”
  3. click “Copy for support”
  4. send an email to jb (at) kaspa.net. Paste the clipboard content into the email.

Also, could you please add the following line to your wp_config.php:

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

This should display a detailed error message instead of the generic “Internal server error”. Please also send me this error message.

I bought the plugin and today the first customer used it. But the exported XML was not accepted by my bank, because of the error message “XML is invalid”.

Please find out, was the problem is or i must give an one star rating, because I can`t use it completely.

Thank you.

Hi. Please send the XML to jb at kaspa.net. Which version of the plugin are you using?

Hi there again, I’d have another pre-purchase question: You have said before that the plugin supports woocommerce subscriptions – woocommerce subscriptions (version 2.0) now also supports buying multiple subscriptions at the same time (so 2 subscriptions in the same order). Does your plugin also support multiple subscriptions? Or only one subscription per order (as this was the case for the wooc subscription plugin before version 2.0)?

Thanks a lot, Sebastian

Hi, thakns for the quick reply, sounds good! Thanks, Sebastian

I just updated the plugin to fully support Subscriptions 2.0 including multiple subscriptions (update is pending review by CodeCanyon).

Please note, that the plugin is now no longer compatible with Subscriptions 1.x!

Great, thanks for the superb support! I’ll purchase the plugin later today!

Hi, i have a question about the account holder. Sometimes this is not a person but a company. The IBAN has a company name. Is it possible tot change the Account holder to the business name from woocommerce?

Hi. If you mean the target account holder (i.e., the account receiving the money), the easiest way to do this is to just type the company name into the account holder field in the checkout settings for the SEPA-plugin.

Hi there,

one question to understand when an email is sent: Right now is this the way it works:

1) User pays with this sepa plugin

2) Order status = on hold BUT woocommerce already now sends the email, which normally is just sent when the status changes to “processing”

3) Admin changes the status to “processing” when he manually saw that the money is on the bank account – no email sent now

Is this the way it is supposed to work? As I find it unusual that the “processing” email is already sent in step #2 (although it would also not be great if no email was sent, as then the user has no order confirmation).

Perhaps you can share your thoughts on this. I am okay if this is the process – I just want to understand if this is the way it should be.

Thanks a lot, Sebastian

Hi Jörn,

thanks for the answer, sounds good! One more question. Does the plugin add this email template?: “SEPA Direct Debit Mandate” – “Email contains a copy of the SEPA mandate generated by information provided by the customer.”

Could you tell me what is in this email and when is it sent?

Thanks a lot, Sebastian

Ah actually I think this is added by the “germanized” plugin

You are right. It is added by “Germanized”.

Hallo, hab ein problem mit dem plugin. Folgebestellungen die von Woocommerce Subscriptions erstellt werden haben keine zahlungsdaten in die felder eingetragen. siehe screenshot:

bitte um hilfe.

@english there is a problem when woocommerce generates renewal orders. The iban/bic/name are not displayed in the data fiels :( not sure if xml would be generated correctly.

DEV SUPPORT IS ABOVE AND BEYOND. Bug was my systems fault and he still helped!

Hi again, I’d have a quick question: When the account owner (of the SEPA details) is NOT in the delivery address—> the plugin gives out an error in the section where the XML files are generated. I assume I can still generate the XML files and all should work without any issues? Thanks, Sebastian

Exactly. It’s just a hint to make you aware that the names do not match. You can still export the XML and the content is also exactly as entered by the user.

Great! ;)

We have trouble using it with WPML: my customer bought your plugin yesterday and I was on my way translating his site for english/german languages. Most strings of your plugin were found, but the user input text string for description field and its content (“This controls the description which the user sees during checkout.”) couldn’t be found. Now we have in one language the wrong description. Any idea?

Hmmm, that’s strange. That string is taken from the WooCommerce-i18n domain. It is also used in the Paypal payment-gateway that is part of WooCommerce itself.

Did you have similar issues with other strings? E.g. ‘This controls the title which the user sees during checkout.’ is also taken from WooCommerce.

Which version of WooCommerce does your customer use?

Hey is this plugin still maintained ? I dont want to implement something without regular upgrade cycle.

It is! New versions are released infrequently though, mostly to fix bugs or adapt to new WooCommerce/ WordPress-versions.

Hey thanks for your answear , where is the difference between your plugin and the other plugin posten on code canyon ? Which has more advantages? And which plans do you have in future for the plugin? Sincerely Dejan


DKOATED Purchased

Hallo Jörn,

wir nutzen Dein SEPA Payment Gateway Plugin v 1.6.1 um SEPA Lastschrift Zahlungen auf unserem online Shop abzuwickeln.

Soweit funktioniert alles super. Ein Problem haben wir jedoch: für die monatliche Buchhaltung müssen wir die Kontotransaktionen den Ordern unseres Online-Shops zuweisen können. Dafür müssten wir die Ordernummer irgendwie in den Verwendungszweck der SEPA Lastschrift bekommen. Das müsste vermutlich über das generierte XML File laufen.

Hast Du hier Erfahrungen bzw. andere Nutzer und kannst uns sagen wie wir das hinbekommen können?

Wir haben das bisher nicht geschafft.

Vielen Dank!


107 Author


ich schaue mir das heute Abend mal an!

Viele Grüße,



107 Author


die Ordernummer steht ja aktuell schon im Verwendungszweck der Lastschrift. Was genau braucht ihr denn für eure Zuordnung in der Buchhaltung?

Ihr könnt mich auch gerne direkt per Mail anschreiben unter jb <at> kaspa.net.

Viele Grüße,


Is it compatible with the latest WooCommerce?


I need a simple payment gateway solution for “SEPA Lastschrift-Einzug”. No external service, no “SEPA Direct-Debit Payment”. The solution should be as simple as this without having to use the “Germanized” plugin:

“Ausgelegt ist die Implementierung auf eine manuelle Abwicklung mit einer entsprechenden Bank als Partner und nicht auf einen großen Payment-Anbieter. Im Checkout erhält der Kunde die entsprechenden Felder IBAN, BIC/SWIFT sowie Kontoinhaber angezeigt und kann eine Vorschau des zu erteilenden SEPA Lastschriftmandates einsehen. Dieses Mandat lässt sich über die Einstellungen problemlos individualisieren.”

Is this possible with your plugin?

Thanks Daniel

Danke für deine schnelle Antwort, Jörn. Was meinst du mit “just that until now, no Lastschriftmandat is shown to the customer during checkout”? Ist das nun möglich oder noch nicht? Wäre natürlich für die deutsche Rechtssicherheit zwingend erforderlich, so etwas anzeigen zu können. Liebe Grüße, Daniel


107 Author

Ein Lastschriftmandat für den Kunden kann im Moment nicht angezeigt werden, leider. Liebe Grüße, Jörn

Schade, ohne Lastschriftmandat ist die Lösung ja leider gar nicht rechtssicher. Wäre das nicht eine Überlegung wert, dieses Feature noch zu implementieren?