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Hey, congrats on getting it approved, and what a great file!

A few questions:

Is it possible to remove the file name?

Such as

Also, if this is possible, what would the code be?

I need something easy like this for a project I’m currently working on =)

That’s merely an example, nowhere do I claim to be able to magically provide clean-urls. Such a URL must be achieved through the methods I mentioned above – SEOUrl is completely agnostic to the way you decide to handle routing, it’s merely a tool to describe the identifier fragment, and to decode it back into a usable element.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

Let me quote:

“With SEOUrl, IT CAN look like this. (notice IT and CAN )!-the-very-first-article.”

Now, where is the .PHP file in that URL hmmm?

If you want, I can also provide a screencapture for you.

You DO claim that’s what it can do, because you’ve wrote it can do that.

If that URL can’t be achieved, why is it in the documentation?

Like I said, SEOUrl is agnostic to the method in which you decide to route your URLs – hence my claim that ‘it works anywhere’ – because it really does! – I do not claim, however, to provide internal URL -rewriting functionality; that’s a completely different domain.

The URL scheme I used in my example is completely irrelevant, since, once again, SEOUrl is agnostic to that.

If you have any more questions that are not baseless and grossly uninformed attacks on my work, I’ll be glad to help you.

If you wish to learn more about URL rewriting, you can refer to the links I posted above, or to these other resources:

Understanding these basic concepts is absolutely required for anyone wishing to progress in this industry. Good luck.

This file looks a little simple, could one not just put:

<?php $url=$_GET[‘url’];


echo $value[‘0’];


Seems to do the same thing. Sorry if I’m wrong.

Otherwise, if it did do the same thing, great marketing. ;)

Also, to go one step further, you could do what Thecodingdude said and include an .htaccess file.

RewriteEngine on

RewriteBase /

RewriteRule url/([/]+) url.php?url=$1 [NC]

I also hope this answers Thecodingdude’s question.

Exactly, that was my point ^

I can’t see this as true SEO to be honest mate, this is exactly the same as ?url=Some-Article!-Title.

And that’s been around for years.


Is it possible to implement this in OsCommerce website? and how?


Live demo is not working.. : (

Script seems to be unsupported by developer. Apparently the demo hasn’t worked in 5 months (seeing the previous comment).

And if I load the current demo I am still getting a 404. Great work!

is this script still supported ?

Hello I wonder whether I can accomplish the fallowing..?

If I have a dynamic web, and For example the Url of a page is a result of a dynamic process. And looks like

And the metadata is retrieved automatically and looks like <meta name=”title” content=”Cheap Ford Taurus in Paris” />

How can I reach that the Url will look like:


jajajaj i encounter and old question 2 years later

I have already read your full item description. I am very much interested to purchase this item. But I have some query. I have already develop one website by the core php this URL is responsive rashed khan magazine time I want to made this URL by your script or

I have such as URL 100+. is it possible to make URL SEO friendly. by your script. Please let me know