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You around? How can I block adult websites from being checked?

?? I am not sure if I understand, tell me more.

Its ok i did it. How ever i need to do a few things

1. how can i remove &submit=Analyze from the urls? 2. how can i show recently checked domains?

1. try to use POST method, you will need rewrite script to use POST, 2. you need to save list of checked domains to an DB or plain text file, then load it to seolyzer.

There is a bug with this script look at this:

The same thing happens on my website.

Any feedback on the fix?

Working on some improvement and rewriting part of code, so please be patient :) Thank you.

Erm I think it’s become an emergency now apprently my site was hacked because acording to my hosting providers…


Sorry for my english …

I noticed a problem with the urls submitted

Once the address is this, it fits bad http (https, ftp etc. ..) => http://

with this error, it displays the url address does not exist and it’s not fair

it is the same with ftp

Do you have a solution?

In advance thank you Yule

Hello, thank you for your reply.

Above and two months ago, you mentioned that you are working on the code. Is this still the case? we would have a new version soon?

Best regards Yule

Sorry for late answer, vacation. Yes, I have rewritten code for spider, this code better parse text from websites. Will online soon on start of September.

Thank you for your reply, if I can afford .. plan to consider, 301 redirects and metarefresh for fair analysis.

good luck Yule

What is $minoc setting changing ?

Hi, it is minimal occurrence of words in text, so only words with equal or more than 2 occurrence is shown in keywords statistics.

Hi, again I need an “Adult Word Blocker” so adult websites can not be checked on the website. I thought I had a solution but no.

It is relatively easy if you know php, you can check it before is saved to database inside addkey.php file.

?? Need more information, demo still works.

I have installed this on my site and it works on many domains. However, there is one it does not work on and that is It did work when I tested on CodeCanyon, but after installing, I get an error. You can test it here…


Tested right now and it seems like it’s working. No errors.

Yes, I realized I had to be on PHP 5.4. All is well, thanks!

This doesn’t appear to support HTTPS URLS, it keeps placing an HTTP in front of the HTTP.

Thanks for note, I will check it.

Page ranking is not working…how to resolve?

Hi, Google not provide Page ranking anymore.

Thanks for your reply! after i posted that comment, i have also found out the reason.