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for Feature Availability

good features for this price


Author response

Hello & thanks for the feedback. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve, please send them to me from my profile page:


for Customer Support

Great product. Absolutely fantastic support and programming.

for Feature Availability

Despite the multiple promises of the new version, the author has not yet updated the app. If you plan to purchase this app, decide to wait for a new version. If we get it at all.

for Design Quality

I am relay hopeless after buy your product . You give me a word maybe 1 year age. but you did not save your word. we can get more better design and future product in this cost . and your response time also very poor .

for Customer Support

Awesome product. Outstanding customer support. Friendly behavior.

for Customer Support

great customer support. he is very helpful and fast at the response

for Customizability

Fantastic SEO tools software!
Well designed, well supported, and clean excellent code.
But the best part is the developer's responsiveness and attention to the community and users of this tool.

Thanks for a great product and I look forward to the updates!

for Customer Support

--- Intro ---

For anyone who wants to do SEO or wants to know how well they perform on search engines this tool is a must have!

In my opinion it's really easy to install and the application is really fast and a joy to work with.

--- Appearance Customization/Styling ---

Besides this I really wanted to be able to customize SEO Studio to match my own corporate identity. Since I am a webdesigner I prefer to do most things through code. So if you're handy with writing code then it will be a piece of cake to tailor it to your own liking.

--- The Developer listens to his customers ---

Since I wanted to have more control over SEO Studio I suggested various features and changes to make it more developer friendly.

In roughly a day I got a response that he will be integrating my suggestions to SEO Studio!

--- Google SERP Tool ---

One of the pre-sale questions I had was how the Google SERP tool did his searches. My main concern was that the searches weren't send from my server address to google directly.

Well, I installed SEO Studio on my server and the application scans Google perfect as if I was searching on Google myself.

It works as follows: SEO Studio uses the Google based on the language you select.

Since I have Dutch as my language SEO Studio uses the Dutch "Google.nl" for all my search queries.

--- Conclusion ---

At first I was really hesitating to buy SEO Studio since the demo had some problems when I viewed it and I couldn't view the marketplace as I was very curious what other plugins there were.

But the Developer quickly responded that he currently is working hard at big new updates for SEO Studio and the Marketplace of which some updates have already been deployed!

--- Disclaimer ---

I am in no way affiliated with SEO Studio nor the author. I just love good software and in my opinion SEO Studio is a fantastic tool which deserves my 5 star rating and review.

for Customer Support

I admit I am out of my league on the set up process here but I was really excited to figure it out and use this amazing set of tools this developer has provided.

Anyway, I ran into a problem and emailed the developer and Bailey responded within 20 minutes to my request.

My issue was that I did not read the instructions well and I had not created a database before attempting the install so this was an issue with me, not the tool.

I am happy to say that within an hour of purchasing, sending a support request and sorting through my learning curve, I have successfully installed and started using this amazing tool.

I am on cPanel with goDaddy, my process was:
1. I created a subdomain
2. I uploaded the "install" folder as the instructions state
3. I went to cPanel and created a database
4. I opened the folder in a browser window "http://www.subdomain/install"
5. Followed set up process
6. Googled "godaddy set up cron job"
7. Set up Cron job (totally new for me)
8. I am up and running... Literally 33 minutes after emailing the developer.

Anyway, if I can do it then so can you...

Thank you Bailey, I appreciate you and this tool!

for Customer Support

I am very happy with this product and the support I received throughout setup. The product is amazing and really helps to add more value to my website. I would highly recommend this product.

Thank you!

for Feature Availability

Love this app!!! It's almost everything I need. I'd love a page scanning option that lists things we should do and hints towards fixing things within every option that guide people through more. Otherwise it's amazing and you should buy SEO Studio today!


Author response

Thanks for the review. When the new marketplace becomes available (soon) a tool like this will be available for free. Thanks again and glad you're happy. :)

for Design Quality

I really love this script as it works great and I mostly use it to improve the SEO of my own websites. It is one of the only scripts that has this many features that actually work.
I really hope the script will get new features and that the marketplace will be back up soon.

for Feature Availability

3 main features are down and doesn't work. There are at least 2 big bugs. Completely waste of money


Author response

Hello Chitzi,

We saw that you were having difficulty submitting a support request from inside the application. I just sent you an email instead so we can get these issues sorted.

All of the problems you're experiencing were fixed in older updates so I suspect that something is wrong with your automatic updates.

In the future please open a support ticket from the support page of the item: https://codecanyon.net/item/seo-studio-professional-tools-for-seo/17022701/support

If you did not get my email you can also email me at the link above.

Looking forward to getting your app running smoothly.

— Bailey

for Design Quality

Site is not mobile friendly as per Google index


Author response

Hello, we never said it was mobile friendly but this is on our to-do list.

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