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Nice work!!!

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Thanks! I’m working on updating that demo. :)

i expect that because i bought extended support i get an response back from you, which you have failed to do within 24hours. Please get back to me, i need to know the admin default username and password.

Heya, just saw that you opened a comment alongside your email. For other viewers, this was resolved over e-mail. Thanks!

hi is the serp google support arabic in egypt ?

Hi! Looks like a very interesting PHP script for SEO. Just a pre-sale question: Does it store any SERP results history?

For example:

I’m Rank #1 for Keyword / Link as of 1st of January 2018 As of 8th of January 2018 I’m de-ranked to #3 for same Keyword / Link – The script shows me that I de-ranked 2 positions on 8th of January.


Unfortunately it does not do this. The purpose of the tools are for on-demand data, not tracking.

I have a separate item coming soon called Rank Ninja which will have what you want. It will track ranks on Google at specific locations (countries, cities, postal codes, etc) for your keywords.


Any news about update?

Apologies, I forgot to mention that this update will be released as a “beta” initially.

Because themes, languages, and tools all work together, all three were redeveloped in this update. All three are done, but I haven’t been able to integrate them with the admin panel yet, so currently the update is “partially-complete” and will be followed up by further updates later.

If you update now, it will reset the language to English and the admin panel has no way to translate the new files yet. The update will [not] overwrite your old language files though, which is good, because an upcoming update will add a utility to transfer existing translations to the new language files.

The new responsive 2018 theme is included in the update. You can preview it at – I’m still working on some aspects of this theme though. I plan to revamp the tools page and add a customizable footer, along with some new pages and an official contact page.

With respect to the backlink tools, they have been prepared but I did not have enough time to integrate the new tool packs system into the admin panel, so the update does not yet include changing backlink sources. I’ll work on shipping this out next.

How to get the beta update—simply add “define(‘BETA’, true)” to your config.php, like shown here:

Feel free to email me and I can give you follow ups on the progress of remaining features. Also feel free to let me know if you’re waiting on anything else and I can prioritize it.


No, SEO Studio does not use a framework at this time. There are plans to move it to Laravel in the future. Sorry.

Hi, Nice app and I am interested in it. But I want to make a subsciption system site with 2-3 packages. Doessubscription system include your update list?

I am a marketing expert, it can helps for you to sale more plugin…




Sorry for the late response. I thought you emailed me and replied to the email, so it never sent. :P

There is a small subscription plugin which supports PayPal available right now. Please email me ( ) if you’re interested in that.


Hello, need to ask, if it possible to set up without option to register new account.

Costumer just open a site and check what he wants, without any registration, or restriction. It is possible to do?

Thank you very much.

Yes, there is a setting for this. Thanks!

Thank you for response,

and how it works? Will there appear some input for a site, or? Can you explain how it works without any registration or logging in?

When the user is not logged in, they will be able to enter their site into a textbox on the top of the tools page.

For example, here’s what it looks like on the old theme:

And the new theme:

Account tab at top can be hidden from settings as well.

Please, if you do buy and want to use the new theme, do not install any updates without enabling beta updates. How to get the beta update—simply add “define(‘BETA’, true)” to your config.php, like shown here:


Just an FYI, Google Chrome blocked my download and called the zip file dangerous. I went ahead and overrode the warning, but thought I should let you know.

Thanks for letting me know. I noticed that a few minutes ago too, pretty odd as there’s nothing executable in there. I’ll push an update to the zip today.

Actually, nevermind. Looks like this is a site-wide issue.

It’s great, I have found in the detailed description is the keyword suggestion, I want to ask it has the features of Longtail Keyword SEO: ? For example, I have a main keyword for the article, when entering a keyword, it will list long keywords (note that long keywords, not related keywords) accompanied the analysis of words. Such lengths of search, competition, rank, so that I can choose long keywords suitable for his article? Thank you

Hi, unfortunately such data is currently limited inside SEO Studio as I’m still looking to find a reliable, international source for CPC and value information. Thanks!

Hello, is it possible to generate the sitemap? Thank you in advance

Hi, unfortunately there is no tool for this at the moment. Thanks!


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why does it keep saying Authentication failed for backlink service.


cbp70 Purchased

i did that but says 404 page not found


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ive done it now, ty for help

That likely means an update failed to install due to lack of file permissions. This shouldn’t happen if you install SEO Studio using the installer, but sometimes things can still go wrong due to server configurations.

I can fix this quickly if provided FTP access to the installation directory as well as admin login information for the Studio. If you’re not comfortable providing this info, it will take a bit more work on your part, but we can still figure it out. Please email me the info here:

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I have a problem with the plugin:

1. Perform a test Google search FAIL Blocked (http 302) – then I went into “services” and “google network”, but it does not work.

2. I disable the ability to add page addresses to members of groups, but unfortunately this option is still enabled :(

Please help


Hello, please email me from the support page at – and include a link to your site. I’ll be happy to look into this asap.

hello, i love your script, but unfortunately the demo is not working . i will love to check on competitive analysis

Demo is working fine for me and my status system reports 0% downtime over the last 2 months. What exactly is the issue?

i thought i could test real website o n the demo


I sent a message to support twice and no answer!

I have a problem with the plugin:

1. Perform a test Google search FAIL Blocked (http: 302) – then I went into “services” and “google network”, but it does not work.

2. I disable the ability to add page addresses to groups, but still this option is still enabled :(

You can help me and stop ignoring me because the plugin is faulty. If you can not help, give back the money.