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Hello After I buy it, how should I install it? I use WordPress. Is there a plugin to install?

Hello! This is not a plugin, it’s a standalone PHP script. You’d need to upload it into its own directory on a web host which runs PHP 5.6+ and has the MySQLi extension, and then there will be a guided install wizard.

I see you have not updated since 2017, is it still working well and updated to recen google updates. Also, I would use it for my customers. Can I offer them each one account where they can monitor their websites?

Hi, please scroll down to the bottom of the item’s description. There have been many updates in 2018 to keep things running smooth. :)

Each customer can indeed have add sites to their own account, and you can create their accounts for them. See demo admin.


Hi can i use these tools in a page on my wordpress theme?

Hello! No, sorry, this is not a WordPress plugin. You can install it in a subdirectory if your web host supports it and link to the script from your WordPress site, but the theme won’t match your site’s theme. Thanks!

Hi, I have 3 pre-purchase questions: 1-Speed test doesn’t works on demo (Connect failed: Could not resolve host: 2-Can I define a location for Keyword Search? 3-Can I define diferent user roles? I want to define 3 roles, for example: Free (few tools only, without login), Standard user (only 3 domains, for example), Premium user (without restrictions). Does the script supports this? Thank you!


Thanks for bringing #1 to my attention. I fixed this in v2.0.8 on September 24 but forgot to update the demo, I’ll get to that asap.

As for #2, are you referring to Keyword Research or the Google and Bing SERP tools? The SERP tools do not currently accept a location, though they will soon be getting an upgrade which can let them do this so keep an eye out. The Research tool does not support locations.

And for #3 – yep, there is a user group (role) system, you can limit which tools they can use but currently you are not able to limit the number of sites they can add. Working on this too.


combination with opencart?

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with ecommerce, sorry.

Hi Bailey… I read this comment from you about keyword research tool:

“Hello. was only used for keyword research, but they have since implemented a captcha so an alternative data source has been implemented (still free and API or no signup necessary).”

I am wondering if you can let me know what the capacity/search limit of this tool is. I am concerned about being blocked or banned if I use it too much… can you let me know what site/service you are using so if I need to purchase an API key that I can do that?

Please let me know Rod

The reason I ask is because KeywordSpy now has Captcha enabled too


SERPs implemented a captcha and so we did an update to switch away a few months ago. Now we’re using data straight from Google’s Keyword Planner which is not necessarily throttled or limited, but it is a slow API and probably shouldn’t be queried very quickly.

In the upcoming SEO Studio 2019 upgrade, there will be multiple sources which you can select from for the keyword data, and the ability to add your own. I may open source the script behind the keyword planner API but it will require you to have a paid Google Ads account.


Still waiting on update, you said since July summer you were going to have it done soon, its now October. I have been emailing with no response, trying here.

Hi Chris,

To what email address have you been trying to get in touch with me? My email has not changed and I’ve received absolutely nothing from you since we last spoke.

As I believe I mentioned before, I am a full-time student and I now also have a mandatory internship, so the update can only progress during my free time. But a beta of the update is starting soon, you can sign up for it from your admin panel.


Hi, Toolkit can develop keyword group storage and use or revise location when needed. Checking each keyword is not really optimized. Thank you!

Hi Bailey, quick question here. Does this support GEO country and currency of that country? Thx