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I have some questions because of that there are no some neccesary samples in demo mode.

1- Does activation code sent after user registration? 2- Can users change their password? 3- Can users get mail when they forgot their password? 4- Can users remove any website url after added it? 5- Can users add unlimited website urls?

If I can get answers that I expected, I think about buying.


I am keep on following for new updates. I praise again, It is a wonderful script through and through.

All the best!

Thanks. You can expect some big updates in the coming weeks! :)

I am on standby! By the way “Page Management” makes script more professional. I think it is very deficient.

Hello Can I check ranking for multiple keywords at once, Multiple keywords, ? multiple search engine ?

Sorry, it cannot do that.

Can you add this functionality ?

It is in my backlog but I have hundreds of high priority features to add first.

Hey, any news about the update or at least the ability to add custom links to the tools section? I emailed you.

Yes, it will. Sorry for not clarifying that.

Any news on update?

Still working on it.

can this plugin help generate traffic to my website like yoast or what?

No – this is not a plugin, and it is not meant to generate traffic.

oh okay,thank for fast respond

Hi Bailey. Are you still set on releasing the new update today May 21st 2018 or have you postponed the launch for some time ?


Regrettably, I lost some files for my development setup recently, and have been focusing on restoring this instead. I’m about 2 weeks behind on the update currently, and should be able to start working on it this weekend.

I’d say June 11 is the latest it will be released. I can keep you updated with the latest info if you wish. :)

Yes please. Keep me updated. Also think of updating the “The new update begins here!” message in the admin. The current message is slightly frustrating at first. You then learn not to read it anymore which isn’t good either ;)

I have emailed a few times but get no reply.. so sending message on here now.

This major release update has been postponing for the last 3-4 months.. you keep giving a date and then not releasing anything.. i had a feeling you wont release on the 21st either.. and most likely it wont be June 11 too..

You could have at least released the update 1 module at a time if it wasnt going to be ready altogether.. specially the module for adding pages and footer etc..

Anyways we just have to wait but Bailey a 3 month delay is not very professional.. Thank you and hopefully we will see some sort of an update soon.


I don’t see any emails from you – were you sending them from my profile page or to a direct email address?

Honestly, with respect to postponing dates, I can never guarantee release dates as I don’t have any dedicated time to this project. Regardless, people always ask me for an estimated release date and so I provide them an estimate based on my schedule at the time.

In our previous discussion I told you I had a small break in the beginning of May. :)

Well, I actually have the entire summer off now, so believe me when I say I’m working on it and will get it released asap.

Issue with releasing individual features right now is that the new update basically involves rewriting everything (for the new framework) and so that would require 2x the work.

Thanks! Bailey

Hi, I plan to work all the template of the solution. Do I have to wait for the update? Do you have a beta?

Good work ! Thank you


There is a beta available which uses the new Twig templating engine but the template included isn’t completed yet.

If you want to install the beta please email me from my profile page and I will guide you through the process. It will not be much work.


Is it possible to use it for clients , like they create account and add their sites. and a main admin who wil manage the everything


Yes, that is the intended purpose. The admin panel has some user management tools included and your clients can create their own account via the “register” page.


The new update is published! It’s really good to hear that. I guess I’m a bit hesitant about the demo being up to date.

Hi, the update is not available yet. It’s getting close though!

Can the URL be analyzed without scoring a keyword? since I need to know which keyword has the most searches. The demonstration does not work for the competition, only wordpress comes out.

Hi. SEO Studio does not have a tool for that at this time.

Hey there, I’ve got some pre-sale questions.

1) Is it possible for us as an agency to create an user (client) account? 2) Can we track multiple keywords? 3) Can we limit multiple keywords? I.e. client 1 got a max of tracking 10 keywords, client 2 got a max of 50? 4) Can we disable tools and customize the clients view?


1. There is a basic user management system in the admin panel so you can create clients.

2. SEO Studio does not automatically track ranking history over time. This is coming in a future update. The current keyword rank tool is on-demand only.

3. Because of #2 this is not yet possible.

4. You can disable tools and rearrange the tools page.


lamlai Purchased

Waiting for a big update :)


topclass Purchased

Is there a non logged in version of the site demo? I want to see how this works to someone who doesnt log in as that is how i want it to be used.


topclass Purchased

I recently purchased and this seemed the most stable. I have a few questions, one can this be integrated directly into wordpress? I want the seo benefits of it being live on my site meaning content as people will stay on that page rather than get redirected.

I just put this on a subdomain because i saw reports about being blocked. I dont want my real site to get blocked or am i confusing what blocked means? I dont want my seo to get hurt by “blocks”. I know it says unblocked automatically but even a day can cause harm and when this grows i dont want any issues.

One thing i wish it had is a full website audit report as that is something else i have to go buy and try integrate. I do have devs that can help with all this but with updates this may be a pain.

Hello and thanks for your inquiry.

I’m not too experienced with WordPress at the moment so this isn’t designed with WP integration in mind. If you have any ideas on how this could be possible please do let me know as I’d certainly be interested.

As for the comments about being blocked, what those were talking about is Google effectively blocking the script from being able to perform search queries (aka it requires captcha for a certain time). This won’t affect your site/rankings. The script has a built-in network which works similarly to torrenting that allows you to get around these captcha requirements. See the Services > Google page in admin panel for full details.

As for a full audit, I’m currently working on a major update to the script and thinking about making something like this on the side, perhaps as a plugin.


topclass Purchased

I am down to support that right now. What kind of timeline are you thinking? Any kind of beta? Trying to see if your design is as good as some of ones i have seen as they all have pros and cons. This new one i found is more of a keyword analizer that is pretty nice and it audits based on that.

Hi, can we fix 400 crawl errors in search console using this tool