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Hello again I would like to ask if the new update is out. We asked you a couple weeks ago and you said that it would take about 2 weeks, and we are curious if it is out yet.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Sorry, it is not out yet. I can’t work on it at the moment as I got tied up with an emergency development project. Working as fast as I can though! ^^

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Check your email. Thanks.

How can i install this onto my word press site please?

You can install it in a directory on your website, and optionally link to that directory from WordPress, but it won’t look like the rest of your site.

I can send you more detailed steps on installation later this morning (it’s late and I’m heading off for a bit), until then please let me know if you are familiar with FTP and know how to use it.

Talk soon,

I have minimal experience with FTP but have accessed it through godaddy

Thank you

Hello Before purhasing: Can I add users and assign them to different websites ?

For example: User A: will see only only statistics from site A and Site B. User B: will see only statistics from site B and C Thank you

It only shows the current rank. Product does not yet automatically update and track them.

Why you are not generous in explications? Please give me a printscreen of this. I just want to know, if I can have a list of keywords, and for example, if I click: refresh now – it will show the rank NOW. If later I want to check rank – I will re-refresh..and so on.

And also – can it be on different projects? Example: keywords for project 1, then for project 2 another keywords. And so on. Serp is what I care the most :)

You enter a single keyword and it will show you the rank now. It does not record your rank history nor does it update it automatically.

You can see an example here: