Discussion on SEO Studio - Professional Tools for SEO

Discussion on SEO Studio - Professional Tools for SEO

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is this theme support multi language? I have website name Servicio de posicionamiento seo guatemala and i want to make it multi language like when i open in US it show in english and when i open it in spain it show in spanish.

Yes, you can add multiple languages and the script will automatically add a language dropdown menu to the top of the website, like shown on the live demo.

It doesn’t automatically select a language based on location, though; it uses your configured default, although search engines can index both languages and send users to the correct one automatically.

Hello, I have some problems:

1. When I run update so it has error.

We ran into errors when installing your updates:

We can’t connect to the API right now, so some functions may not work properly.

2. When i use the speed test tool, so I have error like “Connect failed. Operation timed out after 10001 miliseconds with 0 out of -1 bytes received”.

How can i fix it? Thanks!

Hi, there are widespread outages across the internet right now due to a Cloudflare network outage, it’s also affecting my API. You can track the status here:

It should be fixed now, cheers!


its support google adsense ads ?

Hi, it does support HTML advertising banners including AdSense, however please read this important notice from the description:

Note: The out-of-box experience for this script does not meet the criteria for AdSense approval. Please don’t purchase unless you are already approved for AdSense or are familiar with the criteria.

Can you add “Keyword Difficulty” in Keyword Search section? it would be very helpful and is it possible to increase the search results?

It’s not possible to increase the number of search results at this time, though I am working on the necessary infrastructure to enable this in the future.

As for keyword difficulty, this is not currently possible due to limitations in the upstream data source (free data does have its limits unfortunately…) although this is something I am actively looking for ways to enable, as it’s a very popular feature request.

Hi, I have few pre sales question.

1.May I know this script have any search limit or any monthly fees ?
2. does it able to increase the search result like more than top 100 ?

Thank you

1. There are no fixed search limits and the script is designed to be free to operate (no monthly fees). However, this script is a web scraper, so I don’t recommend it for extremely heavy usage as the data sources could in theory block you at any time if you send too many requests.

2. At this time it is not possible to increase the number of search results, although this will be possible in the future it will also make you more likely to be captcha’d by search engines thus making heavy usage even more unrealistic.

Hi… but does it work on WordPress too? Thanks, Nico.

No, it’s a standalone script, but you can use the tool embedding feature to place specific tools onto your WordPress website (you will still need to install it separately on a web hosting account that allows custom scripts). See here on the demo:

Is it also to white label and use it as SaaS?

White label – yes, you can customize the branding and appearance, check the live demo here:

SaaS – not officially. There’s an experimental plugin that allows you to add pricing plans and accept payment over PayPal, and there are people using it successfully, but it’s quite basic. The script will be updated with official SaaS support in the future.

Does it support PHP 8.0 / 8.1 ?

Yes, it has been updated for 5.6.1 through 8.1. Cheers!

Have any plan to add new tools in future?

Earlier this month, I added two new tools for page and domain authority – the first new tools since the script’s initial release in 2016. While there will be more new tools, I can’t say when or how many. Please only purchase if you’re happy with the tools it has right now.

interresting ! but how will I earn money with this script?

that’s a point, maybe! look I have intention to use it as an open tool with ads. but couldn’t figure out if we may manage adsens from admin panel or not

The process for this would be to generate ad banner HTML codes from AdSense and paste them into the admin panel here:

Before you go any further, however, I would like to reiterate this warning from the description:

Note: The out-of-box experience for this script does not meet the criteria for AdSense approval. Please don’t purchase unless you are already approved for AdSense or are familiar with the criteria.

There’s also been some discussion throughout this same page in the comments section about AdSense and approval criteria. It seems they are a bit more strict nowadays.

that’s clear thanks

Me too want for option to export all the content to a file

Hi, apologies, it’s not possible to export all content at once at this time. The tools are designed for single and individual usage. However I will keep this in mind for the future.

Hi, I am interested in buying the script mainly because of the “High Quality Backlinks” feature. Is it possible to view more than 250? And please add the option to export all the content to a quality PDF, this is very important.

Are you likely to do that in the near future? If so, I will purchase the script.

Waiting for information.

Thank you

Hi, apologies, it’s not possible to view more backlinks at this time. I also will not be adding any sort of PDF generation in the near future.

Basically there is nothing to do adsense with any seo tools. Google like tools, forums and blogs. So if your website is about tools, then it will easily approve google adsense. But google adsense have its policies, I really dont know what kind of mechanism they have it to approve websites. A brand new site with 4 articles get approved, i saw those sites. Sites with good traffic still struggling.

So use these tools and generate some good traffic. Then apply for adsense, you will get approved.

If keep on rejecting, either the domain was already got banned in adsense system. i mean it was already used by someone previously and got banned by google adsense system. Better check whois history records to see how many times this domain was registered before.

Or its getting rejected for some other reasons. Keep all required pages before applying for adsense.

Thanks technomatters! I haven’t used AdSense myself in at least a decade, so I’m quite out of the loop now, and I very much appreciate the input. :)

hello, my site is yet to come online

Hi, something seems to have happened with your server. I’ve responded to your email, let’s figure it out over there.

Does this script get Google Adsense approval?

No, I’ve received multiple reports of rejections from AdSense. I would advise against purchasing the script with intent to monetize it unless you are already approved, or are familiar with the criteria for approval and can customize the script to fit those requirements.

seoprofiler is going to shutdown their business, Now which plugin we have to use any idea and also you have said that seoprofile is free but its only for 1 week demo. can you help me out?

Hi, apologies, I took down the script temporarily in advance of the SEO Profiler and Alexa shutdowns. The script is now using new data sources and is working well. Cheers!

competition tool not work ( show this error : Failed to authenticate )

Hi, please follow the quick start guide in the admin panel to set up the backlinks extension, or go to Settings > Extensions > Backlinks Tool Pack > Settings to configure it. You’ll need to follow the instructions on that page and enter an email/password before the competition tool will work.

ok thanks

available points system

Hi, I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but there aren’t any points or scoring systems in this script. I recommend checking out the live demo which shows exactly what you will receive.

where is sitemap

Hi, apologies for the slow response. At this time you would need to add a sitemap manually (e.g. over FTP or another file manager). A sitemap isn’t particularly useful for an app this small.


gmqazi Purchased

Please add Skrill, Bank transfer, Debit, Credit card, getway payment options, you have added only Paypal option. About us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, pages not available on pages add this, please. Add Side bar, in front page of tools, your prodcut will be looking like professional, and also large tools options. I am waiting your new update. Please make your product Google Adsense friendly, it will support your product to high sale online. Thanks.

Hi, you can add a contact page by going to Settings > Extensions and enabling the Easy Contact Page extension. The about us & disclaimer pages will be possible soon. I can’t make any guarantees on the rest.


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