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Discussion on SEO Studio - Professional Tools for SEO

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unikteam Purchased

Hi, when i try ton check Google serp i received an error blocked error 302 Please help me to solve. It have perfectly Work After i install Yesterday but since since today i have this error


This means Google is rate limiting your server’s IP address (e.g. by showing it a CAPTCHA) because you sent queries too quickly.

This is such a common problem that the script actually comes with a free service to fix it. In short, by enabling the service, your script will automatically use its huge network of servers to perform queries for you.

In exchange, by default, your server joins the network to help other users with the same (the network acts as a middleman to anonymize the queries). However, I can turn that off upon request, although you would be “deprioritized” when the network is under heavy load as a result.

You can enable this service from Admin > Services > Search. Will that suffice for you?



unikteam Purchased

Hi Thank you for your Quick answer. M’y mistake IS i have not use tour script. Only sent one request for Google serp but not more

You’re welcome! Yeah, sometimes they’ll block you pretty quickly based on the history of your server’s IP. It’s a bit of a lottery with web hosting, unfortunately. Happy that you could get it working in the end though! :)


Any chance of adding a Cookie Consent Banner so the script can be used in the EU?

Also, your homepage is returning some errors:


Hi & thanks for the suggestion. I’ll add it to the to-do list. I’m just afraid that I won’t implement it correctly, as I’m not familiar with EU laws. I’ll do some research on it.

Regarding the errors, those are coming from my analytics platform. This is specific to my website and isn’t related to the script itself, so there’s nothing to worry about. I’ll see if I can fix it nonetheless.

Hey the downloaded file is only having install.php. other support file inside the upload folder are missing please check.

Hi, I responded to your email almost immediately, but haven’t heard back yet. Please let me know if you didn’t receive my response.

It’s normal and expected to only see a single install.php file in the upload folder. I’ve bundled the installer and its assets into a single file to make it easier to upload.

If you’re seeing an error when accessing this file, we’ll need to investigate the cause. If you could send me your installer URL over email, we can start that process.

Let me know & thanks!


soon1200 Purchased

Hey dear, reset the script code. I want to install on new domain. It’s show access denied currently for new domain. New domain

Hi, I haven’t heard back from you in a while, is everything alright? Per our correspondence, we established that you’re trying to install the script on the above website. I found your install.php file which is showing an HTTP 500 error.

Since it appears that your website is hosted by Hostinger, I just purchased a shared hosting plan with them to test my installer. I set it to use the same PHP version as you, and it’s working without any issues.

Please make sure the “json” PHP extension is enabled through Hostinger’s control panel (Advanced > PHP Configuration) and see if that fixes the issue. Otherwise, please try reuploading the install.php file, as it could have been corrupted by whatever program you used to upload it.

Finally, make sure to type /install.php in your browser’s URL bar when loading your website. Please reach out to me over email if you need further clarification, guidance, or assistance.


soon1200 Purchased

Hey dear, I had done everything would you provide those file of index. php.

I think these file which I downloaded from codecanyon dashboard not working properly.

My email:


I sent a message to that email address but still haven’t heard back from you. In short, I asked you to reupload the installer because it seems that it may be corrupted, and I also offered to install the script for you.

If we’re unable to get the script installed, I’ll be happy to issue a full refund, just let me know.


if i purchase this than i dont need buy subscription of semrush right please suggest me i hve less knowladge of seo , my person will handle it

Hi, that’s correct, you don’t need any subscriptions. The script uses free public data for all of its tools. Cheers!

I need approval for my ezoic monetization will this tool get me that help? out of the box experience is bad for google adsense what does this mean help; i cannot find alternative php script to this please help me find such.

Unfortunately I haven’t worked with ads myself in over a decade so I cannot advise. However, I’ve received numerous reports from other buyers that Google AdSense has drastically tightened their approval criteria and consistently rejects this script, even with significant amounts of custom content.

I’ve heard that the issue could be lack of website age and/or reputation. I’ve also heard that it could be due to low total page count. These are merely rumors though. In any case, I would not expect it to work with this script given those prior reports. And if the issue is actually age/reputation, then it may not be immediately possible with any script.

For buyers who need ads, the recommend approach is to build a larger website with WordPress, and then embed these tools onto the WordPress website. However, that larger website will still be subject to Google’s approval criteria.

As far as I know, Ezoic uses Google AdSense, and your website will still be subject to the same criteria for approval.

Is there an option (didn’t see one in the demo) for an in-depth test, Gt Metrix style?

No, there’s not an option like this. It would be difficult and inefficient to implement anything of equivalence with a language like PHP. For our speed tests, we use Pingdom, which only offers very simple details but does allow us to perform tests in a variety of regions.

Can I intergrate new payment gateway in this script? Thanks

Hi, unfortunately not. Only PayPal is supported at this time, though I have an interest in adding more in the future.

Can I add payment gateway by editing the code? Thanks

Yes. You can copy the subscriptions extension under /includes/plugins and name it something like “SubscriptionsExtended”. Then, feel free to edit those files and activate it from your settings. This will prevent updates from overwriting your changes.

Hello, pre-sale questions: Is it pure PHP? or mixed languages? Are you using any libraries?

Pure PHP on the server side in an object oriented style. It uses some composer dependencies, nothing major though. Some JavaScript on the frontend. Cheers!

if if i buy with extended license i can upload script on multiple domains?

No, both licenses are for a single domain. An extended license is only needed if you intend to charge users money to access the tools.

You can, however, install the script on one domain and then use the tool embedding feature to place tools on another. Feel free to test that out on the live demo first: I like your code can i get google AdSense approval use this script?

No, the out-of-box experience for this script does not meet the criteria for AdSense approval.


ozwds Purchased

Hi, my tools stopped working with error message “SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired”. What does that mean and what do i do to fix it?

Hi and apologies for the inconvenience! An update has just been released to fix this issue. You can install it immediately from your admin panel, or wait for your cron service to install it automatically within the next 30 minutes.

Do you plan to push the update we spoke about before 2 weeks, about few small fixes and updates? I mean for the custom permalinks.

Heya, sorry for the wait! I’m working on finalizing this patch now along with a sizeable list of other changes, should be done in a few hours or so.

The update is now available, version 1.87.28, and can be installed from your admin panel.

Hi, is there any way to Find the pages driving traffic to a site usine SEO Studio like Ubersuggest does?

Hi, there’s no way to do this at this time, and it might be hard to find such data on free sources. I’ll look into it when I can. There might also be some optional premium data sources added in the future to unlock data like that.

Man that would be fantastic even if it’s a paid feature. I signed up for Keywords Everywhere and it worth the cost.

Thanks for letting me know. My free time is very limited at the moment, but I’ve added it to my to-do list and will definitely give it a thorough look when I can.

Hi, how to delete Tool usage logs in the database?

Hi, it’s not possible to manually delete these logs without accessing the database directly. If the cron job is configured correctly, the logs will be automatically deleted over time. I understand that some people may not want these logs, so I’ll add an option to disable them soon.

awesome, please add soon.. take care


I’m happy to inform you that this feature is now available in the latest update, version 1.87.28. You will find the new setting at [Settings > Tools > Disable tool usage tracking].

Also, a button has been added to clear the existing usage history. You will find it at the bottom of the page at [Users > Tool usage].


It’s a Very Nice Plugin. I have some queries 1) Does it have keywords ranking tracker reporting system for daily, weekly and monthly?

2) I understand that this script can only be installed on one domain. I would like to send keyword ranking reports to my clients using this script. So, can we get the keyword ranking report for multiple domains?

2) What is the highest possible keyword ranking position that this plugin can monitor?

3) Can we create a report with personalized details like my SEO company name, details or all?

Thanks in advance, AV


1. No, the script is designed for on-demand tool usage and cannot track data or rankings over time.

2. You can check the keyword rankings for any number of domains, but you will need to manually enter the domain and keyword(s) each time. You can save domains to your account to save time. Here’s what that looks like: – please note that this script cannot generate reports on its own.

3. At this time, the SERP tools are limited to the first 100 results (actual counts may vary slightly). This number will be increased in the future once I increase the speed of search queries by a comfortable amount.

4. No, the script cannot generate reports. The most it can do at this time is export the results as a CSV file.


Hello…pre-purchase question 1. Can i install it on shared hosting? 2. Can i install it on subdomain and use WordPress as my frontend 3. Can i add google ads to it


1. Yes, the script is designed to work on modern shared hosting with very minimal requirements: PHP 5.6.1+, a MySQL database, and the “mysqli” and “curl” extensions, all of which are available with most web hosts.

2. Yes, if you intend to use WordPress, you can install this script in a subdirectory or subdomain. Generally, a subdirectory is recommended instead to ease browser security policies. You can then embed individual tools onto your WordPress pages via the admin panel.

3. Yes, the script supports ads from any advertising vendor, including Google AdSense. Please note that the out-of-box experience for this script does not meet the criteria for AdSense approval. However, you may find it easy to get approved with your WordPress website.


Hey, the script so far looks nice, I have few questions.

1- Do you plan to add plagiarism check tool? 2- Do you plan to add article rewrite tool? 3- Currently Top Search Queries is not working for Bulgaria, only for other countries, do you plan to add Bulgaria to it, maybe this is my most important question.


1. Yes, I do have plans to add a plagiarism check tool in the future and have been slowly building the infrastructure to do this in a manner that is exceptionally faster than the competition.

2. There are no current plans for an article rewriter tool due to the complexities of making it work with all languages. I’ve registered your interest, however.

3. Sadly, the data source for the Top Search Queries currently only supports the countries shown listed the tool. I’ll be looking for additional data sources soon to see if I can expand the available regions.

Thank you!

Looks great script, any plans addong blogs system in the script? And more tools such as youtube mp3 downloader, youtube video downloader etc? I am very keen to buy for my new project :)

Hi Kisssssss!

Yes, adding a blog system is one of the next tasks on my to-do list, but I am taking a break from development of new features for at least a couple weeks to focus on some personal things.

As for the downloaders, I would say it’s quite unlikely. PHP isn’t a great language for those kinds of tools. Something like Node.js would be much more appropriate for that.

I’ve long considered releasing an optional Node.js backend for this script to enable much more powerful tools and speed up the existing ones. This wouldn’t work on shared hosting though, and anything of this nature is still quite a ways away.


Kript3X Purchased

Some of the embed.php files appear on search engine how to deny them?

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The embed page has a meta tag which blocks indexing, but it looks like I made a mistake with the default robots.txt file.

Go to Admin > Files > Robots.txt and remove the line for embed.php to fix this. I’ll push an update later to remove that line as well.

Once the line is removed, the embed pages will disappear from search results once the search engine(s) recrawl them. You can submit your sitemap.xml file with the Submit Sitemap tool to speed that up.


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