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what is this should i know in details…?

Hi I need good backlink checker , but here i am not seeing to enter URL. If i purchase it can we get option to enter any URL

There’s no official list I can give you, it uses the same API as so test a few sites there to see which ones work

Thanks for prompt reply, it is using your tools right??

No but it will show the same results.

(I wrote the other day but no reply) Hi, great work! Just a quick question about the backlinks function. When you add a site to the account section to check can it be an actual page like or did you only set it up to give backlinks on the main domain like only?

- If it can backlink check individual pages and not just a domain name, then I’d buy this asap! :)

If you enter the domain, the backlink checker will show all backlinks including and

Only western domains support the backlink checker currently. Check to see if that works, if it does then this tool will work too.

:) I understand you, but I’m not refering to – I’ve no interest in seeing all the backlinks.

So if you were to test this link below right now:

- Would you see only backlinks from this specific link?

Thanks alot

No, it shows all backlinks for all pages no matter which link you put in.

Putting in would show links for as well

There is no option to delete website from my account in case of typo or other, can you advise why this option is not added?

Hello, I will be adding a “delete” button for websites in an upcoming update.

I would like to know that why it is showing me errors “An error occurred Something went wrong and we couldn’t display this page right now. Sorry for the inconvenience” When ever I click on the icons

The demo is working fine for me

pls. advise the location of header and footer files to be able to add google Ads and analytics code


when comes a update for europe links etc?

Working on it, soon!

Looks very professional, good job. Pre-purchase question here. What about monetization? Does this work with every languages or is it limited to english websites?

Thanks. You can add multiple languages, there’s a system to translate it in the admin panel (see demo). When you have multiple languages activated, a dropdown appears at the top of the website allowing visitors to choose the language.

There is support for Google Ads, in the latest version (demo is a bit outdated) there’s an admin panel page for entering ad html codes.

How does your Keyword tool work? I mean would this require to buy account?

Nope, you don’t need any paid accounts for this to work. It uses public data.

Hi, is there an option to find low competition keywords with high traffic like

At the moment no. Sorry.

I had purchased SEO Studio for WordPress but few days later the item was removed. Is it the same app?

Also i was going through the comments and found that an update was supposed to come few weeks back … but not done yet. Is there any latest update coming?

Do you have any plans to include social analysis and analytics tool?

Do you have any plans to add tools like

Hi manasc, though it has the same name this is not the same product (nothing in this is from the wordpress plugin). Due to the confusion I am renaming this to SEO Station soon along with a big update.

For now I think the tools will pretty much stay the same, except with some improvements. As for AtoZ, this product is focused solely on deeper statistical SEO tools only, not webmaster tools.

The problem with a social tool is where to find the data. One source may work for some sites while not for others, for example. Others have requested it so I definitely have it in mind but it may not be soon.

Hi you withdrew this product and vanished from scene. are you back now ?

Hi, yes I am back. This is not the same product, though. I’m renaming it soon due to the confusion.

I still have an update for the SEO Studio 2015 in mind but I’m having trouble finding the time to get to it haha. Will get there eventually.

Hi how different is this product from other seo product. Why was the other product abandoned, all this makes the trust factor lower.

It is not abandoned, I still provide support for it, see my profile page.

But Envato does not have an option for us authors to stop selling licenses while keeping the file up for previous buyers. I was no longer willing to sell new licenses so it had to be taken down. In fact I even emailed them to see if they had some sort of way to keep it here for updates without selling it. Answer: no.

I don’t know how different this is from the other product. This one focuses on detailed SEO tools, the old one included a lot of mini webmaster tools that were irrelevant to SEO.

I am looking for a product to improve the SEO of my website, but I have no clue how to go about this – will this product help me? I’m looking for something that is simple and straight forward to use.

Sorry! This is a set of tools for people experienced with SEO and people who can use the data it provides to figure the SEO part out for themselves.

Pre-order question

Based on your report, I would like to ask the following questions: • If I can retrieve the result speed of the website. • Based on the keywords inserted, if I can get the position of the website in the search results. • Based the website’s category, if I can view the trends – keywords that are most popular. • If I can create groups so that I can incorporate users into them. • If the above is feasible, if I can determine that certain users who belong in the group can have a limit of websites that they can input. • If there is a limit for plugins included in the purchase of the script, or if I would have to purchase additional plugins.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

Hello, I encourage you to wait about a week or two (estimated) for the next update. The demo will be improved, all plugins will be included for free, and it will have more tools/features.

At this time, you can indeed run a speed test on your website, find its position on Google and Bing for any keyword, and create groups for users. However, there’s no limit on websites (coming next update), not many keyword tools (more coming next update), and the Google rank test is being improved to allow you to specify a region in the world (aka testing your position in multiple countries).

If you want I can let you know when the update is out. :)

Yes of course let me know when the update is released.

If you update so .be .nl .eu can be used to, i’ll buy!


krutek Purchased

Backlink Tool Pack not work on my site :(

Hello, can you please email me your site? and I’ll look into this for you. Cheers.

krutek Purchased

Message was sent :)

I’m interested in purchasing – should I wait, or buy now and then I will receive the update?

Hi! You do get updates for free (it has built in automatic updates) but just know that the update is a little delayed right now because I’m currently working on some emergency changes for a different application, likely thru the end of this week.