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Hi there,

Your tools looks promising, still have some presale questions.

-When i use the tool to analyse a site, can it be traced back to me?, wil my domainname or ip show up somewhere?

-How is link STRENGTH calculated? Does it contain a possible spam score?

-How about local search? Is it possible to use ( and not .com).



Thanks for your response,

By traced (sounds weird) I mean if I install this tool on my domain and and use these tools on a site, will my domain / ip show up in for example Google Analytics or other site traffic analyzers?

No, it will not trigger any traffic analysis scripts such as Google Analytics. Thanks.

Thanks for your quick response.. Ill be waiting on your big update before purchasing your tool.

Hello Friend. When does the update come out? What’s New? I’m interested in purchasing your app.

Hi, the update begins rolling out within the next 24 hours but it’s going out in chunks. Should be finished fully within a week.

I will have a changelog available (and an updated demo) once the full update is out.

can i get it with report?

Hiya, are there plans to add reporting so we can share the results with clients? :)

Can you clarify what you mean by reporting?

Yus! Convert whatever results are generated into a report you can send to a client. A bit like the offering from, for example.

Sorry for the late response; I have been experimenting with PDF generation (I assume that’s what you mean?) but it’s quite hard to find a solution that is compatible with most server configurations, especially shared servers. I will continue to explore this area though.

Hello Team Does this script has Competitive intelligence for backlinks, keywords, ranking, adwords like seoprofiler provides?

your demo is not working, kindly fix it.

My site is down. Direct demo link is here:

Hi, if I want to use it on many domain, each domain just enable only 1 tool, example: just enable Google SERP feature for user, just enable Keyword research feature. How can I do that?

Hi, I will add a way to do this for you soon. Thanks.

Hi, Thanks for that :)

which kind of framework did you use to develop this tool?

There is no framework, it is standalone PHP and the classes use a PSR-0 autoloader.

Good evening,

I have a few pre-sale questions:

1. Is it possible to style SEO Studio with CSS without my code being deleted when updates are installed? For example Wordpress uses child themes to avoid code being overwritten. Is such a thing possible with SEO Studio? The documentation mentioned themes but is it something I can create myself?

2. Is it possible for me to manually add user accounts?

3. Is there a plugin availlable for SEO Studio which let’s me scan a website and export a health/SEO report? Just like the Sitedoctor plugin does:

4. I really like Sitedoctor but if your SEO Studio already has this functionality in the shape of a plugin then I only need to purchase your plugin. I tried to look at the marketplace but it’s been down for quite a while now. Do you know when it will be online again?

5. How are the search engine ranking positions measured? I am living in Holland and will only be using it for Dutch clients so I need the results to be valid for my country.

I really like SEO Studio so I am eagerly awaiting your response.

Best regards,


1. Is it possible to style SEO Studio with CSS without my code being deleted when updates are installed? - Yes, but it takes some extra work. You’ll need to make your own .css file, and then there’s a recent feature that will let you add custom HTML to the head tag. You can add a <link> to the css and it will overwrite the existing stylesheet.

2. Is it possible for me to manually add user accounts? - You can manually add a user from the admin panel, using the “Add a user” button.

3. Is there a plugin availlable for SEO Studio which let’s me scan a website and export a health/SEO report? - Not yet, but there will be one in the future. No ETA, ideally next month.

4. I tried to look at the marketplace but it’s been down for quite a while now. Do you know when it will be online again? - The marketplace is being replaced with a new market built directly into the admin panel, coming soon. I’m currently working on the API foundation for this new market.

5. How are the search engine ranking positions measured? - Right now it uses the national location specified by the SEO Studio admin. In an upcoming update the SERP tool (Google only) will be improved with support for any state, region, country, city, etc in the world.

Nevermind what I said, that was just amazingly quick! Thanks for the detailed reply as I am sold! Will be buying it immediately! :)

Apologies for the delay. I saw your comment but couldn’t reply at the time. :) Feel free to email me from my profile page for a super fast response in the future.

Any update on when the new release will start to roll out? Also, will your online store be ready soon too?

Thanks for all your hard work on this amazing script!

Patches from the new release have already started rolling out, but no major new features are out yet. I am working on changes to the API right now that will a) add Google Network support for the new multi-location Google SERP tool, b) improve the update system, and c) add a marketplace directly inside the admin panel. I can’t give an estimate, they’re being rolled out as they’re finished & tested.

Thanks for the reply!

Really looking forward to seeing the update to this excellent tool!

Hi! Looks like a nice tool. Is it possible to have this white-label? We have a client that wants this type of tool but it must be 100% white label.

Sorry, this is not possible currently.

Hi mate, awesome code. Everything is working fine except for the Keyword Research tool. When a keyword is entered it doesn’t validate and the page keeps saying ‘Nothing to show’. Any idea?

Sorry for the delays, something came up. Update expected to be out tomorrow (late night, US time).

Update : I am having trouble finding a free alternative data source, so for now I am going to simply use a paid API (I will pay for it, do not worry) and then push an update that will use this API instead… only until I find and implement a new data source. Update out within next few hours. Sorry for the wait! :)

Wow! Thank you so much. Your continued effort and awesome, customer support are hugely appreciated.

Hi, only one question. Are all features of this script in package for price you are selling it here on Codecanyon or I must pay some extra paid services to run it on my own server? Thank you very much.

Perfect. I will definitely buy it. What will be in next updates? When do you plan to release them? Thanks.

Yes multiple updates are planned and will be occurring mainly throughout the next two months.

This weekend an update will be out, simply bug fixes and small improvements.

I’m currently working on setting up a new API for my software to receive automatic updates, SEO Studio will also be affected. I hope to have this update out within a week. It will make updates a lot faster (and more frequent) for you, and a lot easier for me.

As for other things that are planned in the coming months… new tools, new front-end design (including responsive design on the client side as well as a new admin panel design), templates for tools (this will really only help me, but it means new tools will be much easier to make)...

I hope to soon release a new marketplace built inside the admin panel which lets you install additional tools in a single click. I have like 30 more tools I’d like to create and put on there for free (webmaster type tools, that aren’t exactly relevant to SEO but people still want). There will also likely be some premium tools in the far future but these will be rare.

I’ve been slowly working on adding pricing plans and payments as an official feature.

But as I said these will be rolling out throughout the next couple of months. I have other projects I must work on as well and they will keep me pretty occupied until we near the end of May, so all updates during this time will be mediocre improvements or patches.

Thanks for your detailed answer. Im looking forward for updates and if I need any help with installation or something else I will contact you. Have a nice day.

Can you please update demo? Thanks and happy Saturday baileyherbert.

I am releasing an update today and then one more update likely by Sunday which will add a “demo mode” option to the script. After this I will update the demo. Thanks. :)

Hello I am getting this error on multiple services : Authentication failed for backlink service. I am wondering if that has something to do with the recent updates? Is this being worked on? Or is this related to something else? *I have used the diagnosis tool and no errors where found.

Thank you!

Sorry for the delayed response. You will want to make a free account at the SEO Profiler website and then go to Admin > Plugins and click on “settings” next to the “Backlinks Tool Pack”. Enter the SEO Profiler email and pass you used when signing up. This will allow it to crawl backlinks properly. Thank you.

Pre purchase questions. backlink tools shows only 100 result, is it schedules to show more than 100?

Hi yes. It will be about a month from now but the backlink tools will be able to show unlimited results. It will load more as you scroll. Thanks.

I have a site.Could u please explain if i purchase this SEO plugin what should i do? and also tell what is the benefit for me?

This is more for putting up a website that offers SEO tools to visitors/customers, rather than using it yourself.

When is the new version coming? Seems it is heavily delayed.

Remarkable Item!

Thanks. :)

Just want to double check that the SERP ranking data for the google and bing tools come from the third party and are not scraped directly from those search engines?

“ No signup or API necessary. Used to find CPC and search volume data as well as SERP rankings.”

Perfect, thank you. I will be buying shortly. Can’t wait for the big update I see you talking about above. Do you have a rough ETA on that by any chance?

I’m still working on the new API (for handling licensing, updates, marketplace, telemetry, error reporting, etc).

The big update, dubbed “SEO Studio 2017” will continue to roll out in bits and pieces over the next month-ish.

The bug-fixes and improvements portions have already begun rolling out and these updates are available for download in the admin panel (another small update coming today).

The bigger changes will not be released until the new API is done. Hope to have that done in a week, but it’s a rather big project, since I want to make this API system available to all Envato authors which is making it take a bit longer than expected. :)

Good to know, thanks for the info!