SEO Studio - Professional Tools for SEO

SEO Studio - Professional Tools for SEO

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Lightweight, fast, and high-quality tools for search engine optimization and webmasters. Easily set it up on your website for your visitors or customers to use.

Tools & Information

  • Google SERP Find your current rank on Google for all of your keywords. Checks the first 250 results.
  • Bing SERP Find your current rank on Bing for all of your keywords. Checks only the first 100 results.
  • Top Search Queries Displays the top search queries that lead visitors to your website, as well as the estimated monthly search volume, CPC, and percentage of your total searches for each query.
  • Indexed Pages Calculates the total number of pages that Google and Bing have indexed for your site.
  • Robots.txt Reads and parses your robots.txt file the same way Google would, to find sitemaps and rules. These findings are displayed in an organized table.
  • Sitemap Scans your website to find sitemap files. Each sitemap is displayed along with the status code, format, number of entries in the sitemap, and a percentile representing how hard it will be for Google and Bing to find the sitemap.
  • Submit Sitemaps Easily and instantly submit your sitemap(s) to Google and Bing. This tool is recommended for new sites and after redesigning websites.
  • Alexa Rank Scrapes Alexa to find your current global rank.
  • Crawlability Test Parses your robots.txt and lets you enter a URL to a page on your website. Displays whether or not that page can be crawled and/or indexed by Google and Bing.
  • Mobile Support Tests whether or not your webpage(s) will be displayed as “mobile-friendly” on Google search results. It checks meta tags, stylesheets, and embedded styles.
  • Headers Checks the headers returned by the page for errors or problems. Allows you to check multiple pages on your website. This tool will also check redirection, and explains whether a redirection is permanent or temporary.
  • High Quality Backlinks Shows the top 100 highest quality backlinks pointing to your website. Displays anchor text, site category, strength, and more. Only works for Western domains, currently.
  • New Backlinks Shows the top 100 newest backlinks pointing to your website. Only works for Western domains, currently.
  • Poor Backlinks Shows the top 100 lowest quality backlinks pointing to your website. Only works for Western domains, currently.
  • Top Referrers Shows the top websites which refer the most traffic to your website. The backlink statistics for these sites is also shown.
  • Speed Test Runs a speed test on your website and provides a score, along with PageSpeed recommendations from Google on how to improve your website’s speed.
  • Link Analysis Checks all links on a webpage, determines whether they are internal or external (outgoing), dofollow or nofollow, and displays this information in an organized table.
  • Keyword Density Finds the most common words or phrases on your webpage, checks them against the page title and meta description, and shows the weight of these words and phrases. A higher weight means a stronger impact on search ranks for that word or phrase.
  • Extract Meta Tags Pulls meta tags out of the page and displays whether or not that meta tag is used by Google and Bing.
  • Keyword Research Displays estimated monthly search volume, CPC, and market value for unlimited keywords. It also shows relevant keywords similar to the one you enter.
  • Competition Uses Google to find your competitors for a specific keyword. Displays their ranks, link strength, number of backlinks, number of unique backlinks, and % nofollow backlinks.


  • 21 in-depth and high-quality tools – see list above.
  • Free to operate – doesn’t use paid APIs.
  • Runs on shared hosting – see requirements below.
  • Supports ad banners – simply paste in the code.
  • User management – see demo.
  • Translate it to your own language – see demo.
  • Automatic over-the-air updates.

Live Demo


  • SEO Profiler Link your free account to enable the free backlink plugin & tools. SEO Profiler only records data for Western domains that have less than 200,000 backlinks.
  • Alexa No signup or API necessary. Scrapes Alexa for information like top search queries, alexa rank, and so on.
  • Pingdom No signup or API necessary. Used to perform a high quality speed analysis of your website.

Script Requirements

  • PHP 5.6+
  • MySQL database
  • PHP MySQLi extension
  • PHP CURL extension

Latest Updates

SEO Studio comes with built-in automatic updates, so your tools are always working with the latest patches. Below is a list of recent change logs.

2.00 (TBA)

  • Coming soon.

1.83 (1 March 2020)

  • Check out the new visual release notes for this version.
  • Added a new admin dashboard.
  • Added a color editor for rebranding.
  • Added a tool embedding feature.
  • Added a built-in stylesheet editor.
  • Added a “send test email” button to mail settings.
  • Added a timezone setting.
  • Added a submit button when the site input changes.
  • Improved the saving button throughout the admin panel.
  • Improved the behavior of the subscriptions extension for guests & subscribers.
  • Various bug and error fixes.

1.82 (6 December 2019)

  • Various bug and error fixes.

1.81 (3 Oct 2019)

  • Added a new option to show tools without entering a site.
  • Added a new option to allow certain tools to be used without entering a site.
  • Added a new optional experimental site switcher to tool result pages.
  • Fixed a rare 403 error on some servers when deleting sites from accounts.
  • Fixed SMTP security options not being saved in the mail settings.
  • Greatly improved the Google SERP tool’s speed and efficiency.

1.80 (20 Sep 2019)

  • Redesigned the admin panel and improved navigation.
  • Added custom client-side navigation links.
  • Added a new option to require users to save sites to their account to use them.
  • Added a button to export users to a CSV file.

1.79 (8 July 2019)

  • Added a new free data source for keyword data.
  • Added cpc and volume back to the keyword research tool.
  • Fixed missing data in the top search queries tool.
  • Added a new admin page for configuring keyword tools.
  • General improvements in the admin interface.

1.78 (19 June 2019)

  • Fixed non-breaking warnings generated by the Alexa service.
  • Improved error handling in Alexa-powered tools.
  • Fixed a division by zero warning on the Google admin page.

1.77 (19 June 2019)

  • Updated the Alexa service to work with their latest website revamp.

1.76 (24 May 2019)

  • Added a dropdown to the speed test tool for selecting test location.
  • Added a setting in the admin panel to choose the default test location.

1.75.7 (16 May 2019)

  • Increased the maximum cache size in the database (to 16 MiB).
  • Preparations for SEO Studio 2019.

1.75.6 (16 May 2019)

  • Fixed update errors not showing on the updates admin page.

1.75.5 (15 May 2019)

  • Fixed data issues with the top referrers and top search queries tools.

1.75.4 (14 May 2019)

  • Added compatibility for the latest Alexa revamp to the top referrers tool.
  • Fixed the alexa rank tool throwing a fatal error if no rank is found.

1.75.3 (13 May 2019)

  • Added compatibility to all tools for the latest Alexa revamp.

1.75.2 (30 March 2019)

  • Added a fallback keyword generator when the keyword research tool’s data source(s) are down.

1.75 (16 December 2018)

  • Contact page now honors mail settings properly.
  • Added statistics and usage tracking to the Google proxy service.
  • Added back the tool usage log to the admin panel sidebar.
  • Fixed a division by zero warning in the speed test tool.
  • Fixed backlink tools not showing an error when backlinks aren’t found.
  • Fixed the link analysis tool not showing DOM errors.
  • Fixed admin dashboard still trying to fetch the latest news from API.
  • Fixed regex errors when parsing DOMs from certain strings.
  • Fixed a rare fatal error on the submit sitemap tool.
  • Fixed a rare warning on the keyword density tool.
  • General admin panel improvements.
  • Removed store from admin navigation.
  • Added parsing support for the latest Google SERP formats.
  • Improved multilingual support in counting the number of search results from Google and Bing queries.

1.74 (2 November 2018)

  • Added a host cache to the Competition tool to improve speed.
  • Added support for the latest Google Search updates.
  • Added support for the latest SEO Profiler updates.
  • Fixed a critical random error on the Bing SERP tool.
  • Fixed warnings and blank columns on the Competition tool.
  • Fixed warnings on the Headers tool due to improper header formatting.
  • Fixed a broken typecast in the Keyword Research tool.
  • Fixed a missing variable on the Poor Backlinks tool.
  • Fixed a warning on the Sitemaps tool when a sitemap returned HTTP 404.
  • Fixed errors in usage reporting due to a lack of free disk space.

1.73 (18 October 2018)

  • Fixed backlink tools not working due to remote service update.
  • Updated template files for new backlink data.

1.72 (14 October 2018)

  • Error handling improvements for plugins.

1.71 (24 September 2018)

  • Revamped speed test tool.
  • Started inviting users to beta test SEO Studio 2019.

1.70 (18 July 2018)

  • Updated keyword research tool to latest version.
  • Added competition measurement to keyword research.


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