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Hi there,

I’m moving a site blog from:




Is there a way to redirect via this plugin. Thanks for a great product!


I said site… I meant to say subfolder :)

Hello again,

You must be very busy :)

Is it possible to redirect directory to subdomain like above example?


Redirects do not work when changing the website to HTTPS Is there a solution?

Thank you!

Can you give me an answer, please?

?????? ??????? ?? ????

After completing more than 2000 redirects of links, your plugin doesn’t work with the https protocol, fortunately that a free plugin works better than your plugin, and the worst is that you don’t even respond to customer feedback! So we will have to redo the redirects of links one by one!

I’m wondering if this is the same plugin as this: http://www.clogica.com/product/seo-redirection-premium-wordpress-plugin Some of the screenshots look a bit different, but the name is almost the same, and wanted to check. I have the free SEO redirection plugin and was looking into the pro/premium version.

Hi. Can i sort 404s by filter by views?

Hi Fakhri. I bought this plugin some time ago. Could you kindly tell me to get updates on this plugin? Is it free?

BEFORE POSTING (and getting agro at lack of response) you may like to browse onto the next comments page to the last messages left by the plugin author.

The lack of support and response is due to crisis management…

"over 1 year ago posted by author: I’m sorry, ..... we are under Israel war and crimes, ........now I have no plans for anything, my plan now to be alive me and my wife and kids, I’m sorry for everyone."

I don’t know him personally, but felt he deserved the benefit of doubt and I would be feeling frustrated too, if I hadn’t stumbled on his message.

Can this plugin do bulk redirects via a csv file?

I see there has been no updates on this plugin since April 2015… but I have found this which has the same author name: http://www.clogica.com/product/seo-redirection-premium-wordpress-plugin

Is this the same plugin?... but an updated version?

Is it abandon sale?

hello please you can add support for wpml? subdomain/subfolder redirect for multilanguage? actually example not function correct

is it compatible with wp 4.7.5???

Look like the author doesn’t support the plugin anymore. The last update was two years ago :( And last answer to questions also was two years ago. I hope the author is alive and everything is good with him!