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Hi, plugin looks great. can this plugin help adding title and description of paginations in posts? i have paginated posts, but when i share any paginated part, the title comes as the post title. an example is here: thanks

Hi, thanks! Yes, plugin can helps you to change title and description of paginations, but if you social sharing plugin takes not page title, you will not see any changes in sharing except description.

Cool Item! Good Luck!


This looks awesome!!! will be using this seo plugin in my upcoming project and will be purchasing in next week….!! All the best for sale :)

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Great job, Love your work

Thank you!

Can this plugin be used to add normal Title and description to Tags pages (not seo title and discription)?

Hi :) I’m sorry to be late with the reply. If I have correctly understood the question normal title and description – it’s seo title and description. If tags pages have pagination – yes, plugin can add title and description.

Can this plugin be used to create custom <title> and descriptions for paginated posts? If not, is this something you can custom build?

Hi! Yes, plugin can change title on paginated posts and categories and tags.

Will work with cutom post types?

Unfortunately not yet

Hi, The plug-in works perfectly in all my site parts except for the woocommerce product archive.

When I try to update data, I get an error message: “Error: options page not found”.

Could you please help me with this?

Hi, soon will be updated and it will fix this bug.


I am currently using ACP plugin ( to paginate posts, but this plugin does not allow to set SEO title and descriptions for each page.

Can I use this plugin together with ACP for that purpose?

Hello! I’m sorry to be late with the reply. Unfortunately no. This plugin will not be able to set the title and descriptions for ACP pages.

Over the past few days, I’ve been exploring ways of optimizing my articles for a number of high volume keywords, instead of just 1 or 2.

Assuming I write an article on the ‘Top 10 Richest Talk-Show Hosts’, which will be 3000 words in total, with about 200 to 250 words on each talk-show host. I will be creating page breaks for each person on the list, so along with the main ‘Richest Talk-Show Hosts’ keyword, can I also rank standalone pages for keywords such as ‘Ellen Degeneres Net Worth’ or ‘Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth’?

Is there anything I can do to optimize the standalone pages well for this? For low competition keywords, we should be able to rank by just mentioning the keywords in the post, but I’ll need to include such keywords within the title, H2 & H3’s, IMG Alt Tags, etc, so it possible for each paginated page to have a separate title, while still being part of the main article?

Let me know if your plugin can help me out with this, your demo video didn’t show anything relevant to paginated posts, it showed just tags and categories. Will buy this as soon as I hear back from you.

Hi! Here you can see how to add title and description for simple posts pagination (posts archive):


I saw the one with the ‘Posts Archive’, but I want to do this for multiple pages within a post. I use page-breaks on all my articles, so I want each individual page to have its own unique title and description.

I have already purchased your plugin, this is the license key – 4a5dfe7a-2a92-44b6-b3e9-ddc0ead4e092

Do let me know if this is possible.


Hi! Sorry for late reply. Now it’s not possible.

Hello. I bought your plugin now. And he does not want to be installed.

Writes: Extracting files …

Installing the plugin …

The archive could not be installed. No correct plugins found.

Installation of the plugin failed.


Excuse me. My mistake. The plugin is installed.


Tell me, please, will be the realease of the custom H1 tag for pagination pages in future?

Hi! I’m not planning this feature in near future.


Посетил ваш сайт и узнал, что вы из Украины :) решил не использовать Google Translate в письме)

Я скачал ваш плагин, начал установку и столкнулся с проблемой: на всех страницах (2 и более) меток не выводится название метки, а публикуется Title по шаблону: <title> – Page [number]</title>

С категориями все работает безупречно. Скажите, пожалуйста, как исправить проблему?

Вариант сделать по умолчанию title и description для всех страниц – то что указано в SEO Yoast, был бы идеальным.


Проблема будет исправлена в ближайшем обновлении. По умолчанию, формат будет таким: <title>[tag name] – Page [number]</title>

Would like to see this plugin function on single paginated posts, do you have plans to develop this?

unfortunately no