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Simple yet nice… Particularly like the added graph. I gave you 3 stars as a rating… Note (for future reference): I would have rated it higher if you would have taken the time to run your example through a Markup Validation Service like

Too many here are ignoring this simple task.

Anyway, thanks for the script…



Thank you! Have a great day.

I totally disagree with ragtech’s comment. While a Markup Validation Service is a useful service, it really has nothing to do with a word count utility – that is a completely different type of utility. I think that his rating is to low for what this does, especially for the price. This is a great little utility that is quick, and easy to check out your SEO possibilities/probabilities so that you can make changes to your words/wording on a particular web page.

The only suggestions I would have would be: (and these are for the non-programmers that would only use the example provided)

When you are using a low screen resolution, the URL input goes way out to the right. It would be nicer if it would stay within the defined area.

It would also be nice if it had the actual word count (for each individual word) next to the percentage when you are using the “Create graph?” option

Line up the options – they are centered right now, and depending on the monitor, and the fonts that the system is set up to use (even though you have told it to use a certain font – which works fine for windows, but may not for other OS’s) it can look a little off-kilter.

Move the “keyword list” a little more to the right (maybe 10px)

It would also be nice if it had the option to crawl the entire site. (Nice, but unnecessary)

The information that you provide (in the download) is pretty good because it tells you the different functions, which makes it simple to make adjustments to fit your own site.

Other than possibly making my suggestions, which IMHO would make it an even better utility, this is a five star utility. Hopefully you will get enough sales that you will be encouraged to implement some of the recommended changes.

Thank you. I am writing down everyone’s suggestions and any bug issues for a release. I’m not a new coder, but a new coder to Envato, so I didn’t want to poor too much energy into something that would fail on here. So, I put together something (what I thought) was useful to see how it went.

I’m definitely listening and will take the suggestions to heart. As soon as it ages for a bit and people try it, I will be making a release with all of the suggestions.

Thank you for the compliments!

Not urf? tried it with hebrew. :(

Sorry, do you mean “UTF?” I have not heard the term “URF” before. My apologies. I am in the US, so I apologize if this is a term I have not heard of before.

demo not working !!!

Sorry this was not answered before. Not sure why I didn’t get notice of the message, but anyway, I checked the demo and it is working. The demo is just a page I set up to show the PHP plugin, but you must check off one option and enter a URL or you receive an error.

It’s also possible my host had maintenance, so I apologize for the outage.

demo still not working

Just checked the demo and it is working.

ETA : you must check off one of the options and enter a URL or it returns an error.

How can this be integrated to Wordpress?

Hello, it’s a class, so you’d have to write a container to show the list of keyword items. That means you can use it in the admin if you want as an addition to a current plugin or a new one.

I added “är”, “så” and “på” to the blocked wordlist but it doesnt block them.

Can you post or privately send me the site you’re trying to read so I can debug it on the language?


Thanks for the script.

I’m trying to buildthis into my wordpress, but I keep getting this error:

Fatal error: Class ‘webkeywords’ not found in /home/*/public_html/**/wp-content/themes/zenko/keyword_analyzer.php on line 88

All the necessary functions are there, and I also changed the url paths where it was needed.

Any idea?

All the demo is returning is 301 moved. Please set it up to follow redirects before grabbing keywords – would really like this as a functional tool.

Not supporting Arabic

Yes, sorry.

Demo seems to be down

Hey Lysis are still providing support for this utility ?

demo not working

demo not working

Hi, yes the demo page is down and I can’t try the tool. Would probably buy, but not without trying first. Please fix the demo page. Thanks.

Anyone here? The requested URL /seo-keyword-spy-php-class/keyword_analyzer/keywordgui.php was not found on this server.