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First i bought the non wordpress and after spending 1 hour trying making it work; i gave up and bought the wordpress version. In the settings, i was able to get the Moz api key but i am stuck with getting google api. It would be nice if the author would provide a step by step guide or a video on how to get Google APi instead of me going out and learning.

We are sorry to learn you spent hours to make the script working. In fact, the script works with “only” 2 api : google search, and moz (if needed). We described the process and steps in the documentation file. For a guide step by step, we thank we can’t make better than the official google guide step by step. But we will make a video in next updates. Please, send us a mail and tell us in which part in the documentation file are you stuck. We will help you to make this script working. it’ just question of minutes, don’t worry

oh k no problem and thank you so much for your quick response.

thank you…good keywords research !


I would love to get your tool for SEO however as the last customer mentioned some difficulty in understanding how to use your product, is there a link to your documentation that I can see before I buy?



Hi, In fact, the problem mentionned by the last customer was not related to the script. We can’t provide you a link to the item description, please, just send us a mail (via the contact form in our profile : http://codecanyon.net/user/SEO_tools)

The Google API integration is not clear for this plugin. your instructions for MOZ integration are great. But your instructions for Google Integration is not very clear. Could I get some extra help on this?

Hi, Thank for buying this item.Sure, we can help you ! Please, can you send us a mail (via the contact form), it’s better to communicate than here & we will answer you this sunday. Thank you

i’m having the same problem with the google API it is not that easy to follow and find the access ID and search engine key I need! please help!

Hi, sure, we will help you ! we will send you a mail in few minutes. We will update in days the documentation file with pictures to get the Google API Keys

Hello, I can’t get this plugin to work. I have this error invalid argument on line 101:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/anthony9/public_html/wp-content/plugins/seo-keyword-competition/seo-keyword-competition.php on line 101

Hello, please for a deeper analysis, can you send us by email your google api access

I don’t know how to obtain that to be honest. I only have the one that says is required. The Custom Search Engine Key: AIzaSyCzJeccrlbW1KDbCAVoZ1R_0R2zSOAslsU

contact us via this form (bottom right)

Hi, Will your SEO Keyword Competition (Wordpress) work on multisite?


Hi, we will check it and let you know soon. thank you

Hey, your tool have show KC (keyword competition)? Example as Longtailpro’KC. Thanks for reply.

hi in the php version of the script, yes. but not yet in the wordpress version, sorry

What’s the best email to get in touch with you?

Thanks. I’ve just sent you a message via the form you recommended. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Still waiting for your reply. Please let me know when I can expect hearing back from you. Thanks.

Hi,not interested by service. Thank you

Hi I want you to see MY install http://codecanyon.net/item/seo-keyword-competition-wordpress/10908745 Item ID: 10908745 Item Purchase Code: ee0b74f7-573a-4659-aa92-** Purchase Date: 2016-02-15 08:42:40 UTC

Hi, please contact us via this form

I installed plugin ,but I don’t know,it work? please contact me

hi please, check the user guide. if you need more help/details, contact us via this form (bottom right)

Hey cool looking script. Any way you could add a couple of feature to make it even cooler? 1) ability to add a target url so we can see how the target performs against the ranking sites. 2) the ability to exclude a list of domains – for example, I just want to see metrics for non social (eg Facebook.com) and non directory (eg yellowpages.com) sites and would like to be able to add a list of those domains and have the script exclude them. 3) the ability to add multiple keywords (and associated target urls [per #1] and have the script generate a list of separate keyword reports. 4) add # of social media shares to each page (FB likes & shares, tweeted and g+’s) 5) add ability to export to excel 6) add list of moz competitor and target url links And the ability to select urls and then which intersect (like moz and ahrefs) . I realizes this is asking for a lot but it would all make this crazy valuable.

hi, thank you for your message
1)the script will check the keywords for each google search results (ie : each top10 webpage are scanned with the keyword)
2)you can do it directly via the google custom research (you can exclude website via the google interface)
3)yes, maybe for a future version
4)for now, none of service can offer real number. there are some API, but gave wrong results. we we prefer to avoid this feature to not calculate a wrong score
5)yes, maybe for a future version
6)hmm, it’s possible only with paid moz api

Is there a possibility to set the search engine country and language like Germany or similiar? The results might be a bit different to google.com.

when you create a custom search engine via the google dasboard, you can easily select a language of the search. About the google host (google.com, google.fr, google.de, google.ca…), we can help you to add a line in the php script to search only in one google host.

My main use is to have a user front end that will them to check to see where their sites ranks in SE and how hard to get to page 1. The other stats are good too but will it do this? Is i front end driven?

hi, you can access to the script only from the back end. maybe there is a wordpress plugin that allow to switch a back end page to a front end….

Does the script provide a keyword difficulty value?

yes, for each keyword

Does this script still work?

Where is the PHP version?

hi, yes, item is working, but we stop selling the php version

Hello, why you stop sell the PHP version? I am interested in it.

hi, sorry we stop selling the php version

will this work with the new version of wordpress?

hi, yes should be working normal

Hi, if i buy this plugin, could you add some extra functionality for me ?


Please contact us and specify the features. >click here<(form bottom right)


mir4kir Purchased

sent an email please reply

hi, just answered

Send you a message.

Already replied. If needed, please, contact us again.


Can I buy the source code?

Yes, you’ll get the source code.
To check how you have the right to use the source code, please check the codecanyon licence right