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Wow this looks really nice. can we add more icons by ourself ?

The animations are all done via code with Greensock. If you know how to do that, it shouldn’t be tough to create your own. For example, this is how I animated the magnifying glass into view:

.from(f.select("#glassHolder").node, .4, {scale:0, transformOrigin:"50% 50%"})

Is there a way to disable the onscroll loading. This way we can have it load sooner onto view

Commenting out these lines breaks it for me. I noticed your order in the code is a bit different from what I see in the file.

Sorry for the delayed reply. Shoot me an email through my profile page and I’ll send you something.

So sorry! I accidentally gave you the code for the wrong one. Starting on line 127:

//if(elemStartingTop + elemH < window.scrollY + startingWindowH && elemStartingTop > window.scrollY) {
            // var scroll = 'scroll.dxc_seo-'+index;
            // jQuery(window).on(scroll, function() {
            //     var scrollY = window.scrollY;
            //     var elemTop = $elem.offset().top;
            //     if(elemTop + elemH < scrollY + window.innerHeight && elemTop > scrollY) {
            //         playIconsWhenVisible(index);
            //         jQuery(window).off(scroll)
            //     }
            // })

Can you please fill the alt attribute for us to know what each icon meant?


i have a one page site how i can make that the animation starts then i use the menu.. right now the animation dont even starts at all… pls help !

Hello I am getting a console error:

frontend-seo.js?ver=4.4.2:23 Uncaught ReferenceError: Elastic is not defined

Am I missing something? Thanks :)

pre-sales enquiry: do you provide alternative currency symbols to the US$? specifically interested in UK £ and woud also like the Euro symbol (but not as important as the £).

Would think this addition will help you with extra sales….

Japanese YEN symbol too

Hi staff, great plugin is there away to make the animation start sooner or just have it start on page load? My issue is the animation does not start until I scroll to the top of the icon area. If I should open a support ticket please advise.

Thanks for any assistance, Fish911

Note: I tried to use the code above but it disables the icons fully so they are not visible at all.

Is anyone monitoring this thread? I notice messages above from months ago not responded to. I’ll give it 2 more days then request a refund for lack for support as the product is described.

Hey dxc hope you’re still around, is the hover animation editable? The bouncing style I see on it now is not preferable, a simple scale up would be desired.

Pre sale question: is this plugin still alive? i was going to buy until see the comments…

if it still alive please let me know

im trying to contact the support without success, i didnt receive any return, please can someone replay my emails?