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T his looks great. Easy to install? Demo of backend? Can we brand the PDF download?

Hi, Yes, it’s easy to install. you can check backend from http://theecodes.com/seohunt/admin/ and yes, also you can download report as PDF.


imgdev Purchased

Item does not use codeigniter framework but it is indicated in the box.

And no worry, will update shortly will make perfect as you looking.


imgdev Purchased

Please, make it codeignter HMVC


Does it have a decent back end? Little skimp on details

I get this error when doing a search:

“Could not resolve host: urls.api.twitter.com”

What can we change/edit from backend? Do you have a list of features?

Can you kindly answer? tks

yes, it have backend. you can check from http://theecodes.com/seohunt/admin/

yes, now that error is resolved. you can check in admin panel. and even will update feature list soon.

Marke error in red and green font , Create unique page for each domain by saving website data

sorry, i did not understand your comment.can you please describe

When we search domain then you are listing issue of those domain , those issue must be in RED font , saying use color combination .

2ND Are we saving this details in db ?

ok, in next update will try to issue list in RED. And yes all details are saved in DB. you can see in admin panel.

Number of facebook fans is really inaccurate, i tried a site with 9 million fans and got 15K fans…

It will be perfect in updated version shortly.

Why is backend front page showing set features, testimonials, etc yet they don’t display on live demo? Also, where do we change logo, add tos footer text and why is there a membership plans control in backend? Seems undone at the moment but it’s great clean script.

WOULD BE HUGE FOR YOU AND US! Would you consider adding a feature when they click download pdf, they have to enter email and it sends link in email? Collects email in backend for admin, who can export. Users visit link in email (that can be set up in admin) , which takes them to report page where they can view their fresh report and also download a PDF to take with them.

This would be huge step up for this script. These types of tools don’t do well with banners, adsense because of nature of the tool. Users get the info and leave fast. ** yes, I have tested them. Collecting email would provide a way to monitize site and its very logical for anyone to provide their email address in exchange for a detailed report on why know one comes to their website. Lol

Maybe show an image of their report in background that is blurred out (as a teaser) but they can see their site name. This alone will increase conversions 50%. To get full report link and pdf, they enter email address and are instructed to check email.

Ability for admin to brand pdf report header with LOGO and contact info, website link would be cherry on top and that’s another feature NONE of the others have.

I’m telling you, this will help you sell a ton of these. I am an SEO marketer of 13 years and I know seo guys would jump all over it as a lead generator for their seo biz, BUT not in current form.. PLUS.. you would be the only Stat script on here with that functionality :-) I know, I’ve tested them all. Then change up your description, tags to showcase this and sell more.. I guarantee you!. Most of these scripts are just wasted real estate for an operator. They want something to make them money or generate leads. Right now they just sit out there and provide a quick and cool service.

Think about an seo firm..they could send prospects to the script page to run a 15 second checkup report on their site for free, all the while it is quietly generating targeted leads on autopilot for seo firm. They follow up and close them on $2000 a month seo packages. They can open up report for that client from backend and be ready for meeting. The top (and very few) seo companies use a site analysis tool as a front end lead magnet. Why? They work!

This script, with the SOLE feature i outline here, implemented would be easily worth $100 or more. Seems like it would be easy to implement functionality, but no programming is easy.. In fact, I would also sell it as an affiliate here for you because I KNOW it would sell. I have a subscriber database of 29k marketers keen on this type of tool. I do professional web marketing consulting and have created and sold over 200 digital products. I have an eye for stuff that sells!

Please consider… Remember, I’ll promote it to my list as an affiliate as well as buy.

Hi, Thanks for deeply comment, we will upgrade version and will keep your suggestion in mind. world you like to purchase or you need any extra for your personal use. we can provide you whatever you want.

Yes, I will contact you.


does this support sub-domains? It seems like it does not run the report correctly.

Yes, now it’s not perfect for sub domain. recently we are working on it will update version within 3 days and you can download latest. that will help for sub domain.

I just uploaded to source code but script has errrors can you please message me directly so i can get yon in touch with my developers.


Now script is updated with some good code

Why don’t your demo work?

Sorry, there server is down for some time.But file is working fine which you will download.

Is this script still working it says “Your Website is not Online”

Now, server is up and it’s working fine. you can check now

Is it easy to translate?

Sorry ? you mean language of display on page ?

Greetings. Code installed very nicely. However, I can not access the admin. I try admin – admin but nothing. Could you assist?

Yes, I can open the admin page that shows what the user name and password should be…I don’t know if the username or password is incorrect, only that I can’t get the system to allow me access.

Would you please contact me with instructions on how to fix this?

Need you ftp details to resolve your problem

Hi. Do you do customisation work? I like the script but I would need a diferent layout of results, plus a few additional tests (based on searching for specific code in the html). Thanks alot

yes, we can. you can msg us what you need exactly.

Do you provide customization or will it be easy to integrate this script with my All In One SEO Tools website i already having the site running that’s why asking!

Lemme know and yeah pricing also…


i just messaged you.

Cool script! Can I have a few mods done? Admin option to Make user have to enter email to get PDF download. Stores emails in text file. Custom email sent can be edited, branded. We were discussing a high end version but I never herd back from you about completing it

yes, we can edit as per your requirement

can you do some customization. Few messages sent but no reply!

yes, we can make customization

You can put advertising

I really wanted to check this out however the demo says “loading” for many minutes. Reloaded multiple times as well and I just cannot see the demo.

now, demo is working

Demo not working

HI, sorry for delay in reply. Now demo is working please check

HI, sorry for delay in reply. Now demo is working please check

Does this script still work or has it stopped working? I’m interested in generating SEO reports but it does not seem to work anymore. If it is still active, is it possible to download the reports in PDF and in Spanish?