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Does this only work if the words are visible in the html source?

What if my page is generated through javascript, and when viewing the source of that page, the actual text and sentences I want to generate keywords from isn’t actually there.

Can this still give me a keyword cloud?

Dear Gutspiller.

This class only works as a PHP class, so It is not possible to generate the tag cloud with javasctipt. It is anyway possible to port this class to javascript to make it work.

I am able to do that and post it here, if you would like it.


I don’t need the script to BE in javascript, I need it to detect words that are on the page, that are generated through javascript.

For example, if I want a keyword cloud generated, but none of those words actually exist in the pages source page, but are in fact on the viewable page.

Can this php script do that?

If you want to generate tag cloud of words that aren’t in the text you can use the class to do that. You will just need to create fake array of keywords and use the tag cloud generation function.

I can help you with that as it’s really simple.


A demonstration available?

I would like to test with UTF -8.

The script can indicate the occurrences with several words (two or three words)?



You can the functionality there and those files including source codes are included within the ZIP archive.

It is required to make 1 small change to make it work with any characters (including UTF -8)

As the script is based on counting occurencies, it is possible to get the count for every word with minor change on the source code.

HI Sorry in advance, I am not too good at coding i have a couple of drupal sites so what can this do for me ? Is it a script i put in my html text ?

I wouldn’t recommend this for Drupal site. It would need more customisation. This is more like for custom developed websites. Try using an Drupal plugin!

Hi neat script you have here. How does it do the text analysis to come up with the keywords… does it use an external API or resource, or is it completely self contained?

There is keyword algorithm built in. No external resources for keywords. Just buy and see :)

Hi, is there an international compatibility? If this script could support russian, I’d love to use it!

Hello. I am able to do a little customization to you. More like new version to support all (including Russian) characters. You also need to set UTF -8 encoding on your php server.

I’m also interested to buy it if it support UTF -8 chars, I need it for Persian language.

let me know…

I am going to report it with UTF -8 safe version. It will be avaible tomorrow :) Ill post it here when it’s done.

UTF -8 works if you set your php encoding to UTF -8. You also should use UTF -8 enxoding in HTML . PM me if you need help.


UTF -8 support is confirmed. Words using characters like ?š???žý or anther works properly if you have correct encoding setup within your PHP server. (You can google up “php set utf8”).

Feel free to buy if you need utf 8 support. PM me if anything goes wrong.

Hi. Could you check it on Russian?

It should be okay on any UTF -8 characters including Russian.

It should be okay on any UTF -8 characters including Russian.

Set baned words doesn’t seem to work.

Are you using array as an input?

Hi Thanks for this script, it seems to work fine but it doesn’t remove the default banned words?

I have declared $text with and then follows: I get keywords back but it contains words like that, find, from etc

$seo = new SeoHelper($text); $keywords = $seo->getKeywords(12); $desc = $seo->getDescription(150); echo ‘
Description: ’.$desc; echo ‘
Keywords: ’.$keywords;

I have resolved the issue in the getKeywordsArray function I have replaced the following line:

$text = $this->str_replace_word($this->bannedWords, '', $text);

With the following

foreach ($this->bannedWords as $v) { $text = preg_replace('/\b'.$v.'\b/', '', $text); }

This seems to be working solution. Can I help you with anything else Sir?

no thank you

Feel free to PM me here when you have any problems :)


can support thai lang ?

yes of course. email me at if you are experiencing any problems with encoding/language support.


I would like to use this script, but i am not sure if it will be useful for the website, therefore could you help me to confirm it? could be use to multi-lingual?


Thanks & Regards,

Hi. Is this working only with english language text? Can I use this script if my text is in polish language? Can you add a demo to try it before I buy it?