SEO Google SERP Rank Tracker

SEO Google SERP Rank Tracker

SEO Google SERP Rank Tracker is a powerful system for monitor your Google Rank, generate reoport and manage user and client.


  • Easy to install, with a powerfull interface
  • Create unlimited project
  • For every project you can choose search engine and keyword
  • Manual update the ranking
  • Graph and table about the ranking
  • Send the report via mail
  • Add infinite proxy (or not use them)
  • Create unlimited project
  • Instant email report
  • 4 level of user, with a manage tool
  • Schedule ranking check every X day and send the table report to unlimited addres for every project
  • Add a new client and give it access to one or more project to see
  • Edit your account
  • Register user
  • Responsive
  • and more…


  • Curl
  • PHP 5.3
  • Permission to modify some option for fix some error (max_execution _time and mysql time for “gone away” error)
  • MySQL databse
  • Internet connection
  • Cron Jobs *
  • Configured mail server *
*Optional, the main feature work, but not all the feature

Watch demo, see screenshot and read the online documentation for all the feature.

With this script you can check you ranking on Google, it scrap the SERP and check for your website fore return your position. You can see the statistiche with the chart (graph and table).