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Hi, can it create reports and be able to export to PDF? Thanks

No sorry, just csv and xls

can i select the country of the Google Engine, for example for (spain)

Si que puedes, fíjate en las capturas de pantalla. Saludos cordiales.


How do i import keywords? I have over 300 and cannot enter 1 at a time as its going to take too long..

Please advise

This function is not implemented, write us a PM from our profile page, will send it to you when it’s done (5-6 hours)

The feature was included in the new update, write us a PM from our profile page to get your email and send to you the update.


I would like to interesting, can you make similar program like Seofox, with Bing serp?


hello, can you add for ? and the keyword planner too. thanks

sure, write me a PM to send you the updated .exe so you haven’t to wait item is approved

Still waiting :)

I am looking at purchasing this script and have a few questions

1) can I upload this into a sub folder on my FTP server? 2) Can I use it to track multiple keywords for multiple URL’s? 3) Can this run automatically using a cron job? 4) Does this use PDO or MySQLi coding?

Thank you in advance

Hi, thanks for asking:

1: Why?, this is a Windows desktop application.
2: Yes, you can.
3: No cron job supported, this is a Windows desktop application.
4: No, this application does not use any database.

Hope this helps you.

Hi, thank you for the reply, appreciate it

oh right ok so is it software then rather than uploading onto a web server, if so if ok as an software application?

Yes, this is a software application for Windows (.EXE file). Look at the screenshots for more info. Thanks for asking.


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Please ,the software do not include google link for Egypt “” and Saudi Arabia “” , also you make the depth of searching result 100 only .. can you make it 200 please ?! . or you may make this 2 request OPTIONAL By making an input text box instead of the combo box , may you send me the exe file. thank you in advance.


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Thank You Very Much

Rate it 5 stars please!


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Done !

Is there a demo I can see?

no video or shareware download, sorry.

Hi, I just want to instal the program, I didnt see it, it is just for Windows, but I’m using Mac. Do you have a solution for mac user? Thank you bye nadja

No sorry, maybe you can emulate it using Wine or similar software.

Kind of confused on what exactly this does, Does it boost your google ranking ? Or…

This application checks your domain Google ranking position for a set of keywords.


Can I also buy the sourcecode so I can tweak some stuff? Please let me know.


Yes sure. Please write me a private message from my profile page to send you a purchase link.


Can we unlock the 100 search limit? I’ve stuck on the 100 search limit.

Anyway, if your site is below top 100, you need more SEO.

When’s the PRO version release date? Anyway, My site was not below 100. I mean I can’t search more than 100 keywords.

As soon as i finish coding it ;)


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Not have

You can add custom text


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Please advise how to add

hello, seofox gives server error

Hi, wich kind of error?, please provide more details

Ok, thank you. I will send a fix soon. Write me a private message from my profile page. Thanks for the feedback.

Can you translate error message to english please?

Thank you.

server error. unable to connect to remote server

no problem. I solved the problem. security program. Thank you

Thank you

no problem. I solved the problem. security program. Thank you


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Please , The software Not working fine .. all result is null for any keyword even if the keyword was ranked first page in google results ?!

Send me the project .fox file to test


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your mail please ?

F (dot)paez(at)hotmail(dot)es