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1. To be honest, I don’t really understand what adding SEO rich content to product category and tags means and how this differs from the default Add Product Category and Add Product Tag that comes with woocommerce. Kindly explain a little in terms of how this differs from the default Add Product Category and Add Product Tag that a user currently does (I understand what SEO is, by the way, so that’s not my question).

2. I am using Storefront, does this plugin create a layout like you have in your demo here (so that Description, Additional Info, Review, etc are horizontally tabbed, instead of being vertical, like I currently see in my Storefront them. I like the horizontal layout of the tabs like you have them here:


3. In short, does the plugin create the product details page layout as you have it in your demo, or is your demo layout a theme-specific thing?

Hi tmbond,

Thanks for the questions. I’ll do my best to answer them.


This plugin works with the existing product category and product tag taxonomies that come with WooCommerce. It adds an extra field to the product category and product tag admin pages. The extra field is called “details”. It is a WYSIWYG field that lets you add any manner of content (images, videos etc.) just as if you were editing a normal WordPress post.

Assuming your theme doesn’t do anything funky, the content you add into the “details” field will appear BELOW the list of products on your product category and product tag pages. This means you can add lots of useful information about the products in that category/tag without pushing the products miles down the page. All this extra, rich content is really important for helping your category/tag pages to rank well in search engines. Without this plugin, you can add content to the default WooCommerce “description” field, but then your products get pushed really far down the page where many customers won’t bother to scroll to.

If your theme does do something funky, and the details field doesn’t display in the right place (or doesn’t display at all) there are mechanisms within the plugin for fixing the issue.


This plugin has no affect on single product pages. You would have to use a different means to achieve horizontal tabs on Storefront’s single product pages.

3. The demo layout is using a custom theme. The plugin makes no changes to single product pages, only product category and product tag pages.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi, it works with archive attributes pages?

Hi, no, it doesn’t work on those pages.

Presale Question

Will your plugin allow me to add the description to the top of the wocommerce category page (my template currently puts it at the bottom), and add images and quotes?


Hi mmazziotti, no, if your theme’s template moves the description to below the products then this plugin won’t be able to move it back above. The plugin does allow you to add images and other WYSIWYG content below the products though.


risto45 Purchased

Hi, I bought the plugin and installed it. When I insert Description and Details for category, Description is displayed on top of products on front-end, but Details are not displayed. I’m using Stroefront theme that comes with Woocommerce default installation. How can I fix this?


risto45 Purchased

Got it working by pressing Save from settings page

Hi Risto. Glad you got it working. Unfortunately this can be an issue with the WooCommerce settings API that the plugin hooks into.

Any reason to think this plugin won’t work with the latest version of Woo? It doesn’t have 3+ listed as a compatible version. We just upgraded to Version 3.2.6

It works fine with the latest WooCommerce!


dudainc Purchased

I have installed the plugin and I see the new Details area that is supposed to show below category. I have edited a woocommerce category and put text in the details area but nothing shows up on the front end. Purged cached page and all. Please help and let me know what else needs to be done. Tried other themes as well, same result. I am on latest wordpress/woocommerce.

Hi dudainc,

Sorry to just be getting back now, your enquiry came in overnight in the UK.

The WooCommerce settings API can be a bit flaky and sometimes you need to go to:

WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Category and Tag Descriptions

and hit “Save changes” to ensure the extra field shows on the frontend. Although I’m guessing you had probably already done this.

You shouldn’t have to add that code to your functions.php as it’s already part of the plugin. However, it’s possible that some combination of plugins/themes you are running is preventing execution of the hook from within my plugin. Adding that code into your functions.php is making it execute later in the chain. It shouldn’t do any harm leaving it there if it is working for you.




dudainc Purchased

You are correct, this fixed the problem. Might want to include this in some basic install instructions with the plugin. Thank you!

You are correct. There are install instructions in the readme file. I’ll add this bit of info to it.

Hi wpmusketeer,

Pre-Sale questions :

Q1: Does compatible with WordPress v4.9.2 + ? Q2: Does compatible with Woo v3.2.6 + ? Q3: Does compatible with AVADA Theme v5.3 + ? Q4: Does below product list text shows in pagination ? I want to show extra text only on product’s category below the product list on first page only, not under each page 2,3,4 etc.. not in pagination.

waiting for your prompt reply.

Thanks, - Nio

Hi Nio,

The plugin works with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce.

I haven’t tested it with Avada myself but I believe other people are using it with that theme.

You can choose from the plugin settings whether or not you want the details field to show on page 2 and beyond of paginated archives. By default, it does NOT show on further pagination.

Hope this helps.

Hi There,

Thanks for the reply and already bought that plugin , work well but recently it show massage regarding compatibility with new Woo v3.3.1.

visit below link for screenshot and update me what is the solution for that ? https://www.screencast.com/t/BeJxJLwwly

Thank you, - Nio

Hi Nio,

The plugin works fine in 3.3.1. I’ll need to push a small update to make sure that compatibility warning doesn’t appear but rest assured the plugin code still works fine.


mervinv Purchased

I love this plugin!!! Only problem is that KK Stars plugin is showing the stars 2 times. How can i solve this?

I’ve had a look. My guess is the KK Stars plugin is adding it’s code to every field on the archive page. My plugin can’t prevent it from doing that, so you’ll need to speak to the developers of the KK Stars plugin and see if they have a solution that prevents it from appearing where you don’t want it.

I tried disabling the extra stars via CSS, but because there’s nothing to differentiate between the two appearances of the stars you can’t turn one off without the other.


mervinv Purchased

Thank you so much for your quick response. I will try the support of kk stars.


nmeder Purchased

Hi, just purchased your plugin but when i upload/ activate. My website could not load, when I deactivated and uninstalled your plugin. Everything loaded again. Any ideas? I run Woocommerce 3.3.1 and the Electro theme from Themeforest.

That’s the first I’ve ever heard of the plugin white screening a site. Do you have a staging site or development version of the site where you can turn on WordPress debugging to see the error messages it is producing?

Without debugging information, all I can guess is that there’s an incompatibility with your theme or another plugin. My plugin is very cleanly coded and conforms to WordPress standards in every way, so the chances of this happening should be very low.

The way to establish a plugin incompatibility is to deactivate all plugins. Activate WooCommerce. Activate my plugin. Then activate all your other plugins one by one and see at which point the site breaks.

I appreciate that is a pain. So if you’re unable to do that and continue to have the problem you can request a refund through the Envato refund process.


nmeder Purchased

Okay, thanks. I will look at everything again and hope I can make it work, really need your plugin :)

I get the same description of the category in all subcategories (yes, i have unchecked “Should the details field be displayed on subsequent pages of a multi-page archive”?

The problem is that I do not get the descriptions that I put in subcategories

Hi Xavier,

Do you have a link to an example I can look at?

Hi, I’m using Ultimate WooCommerce Brands Plugin but they don’t have area to input bottom SEO content.

Can your plugin help to add?

I’m not familiar with that plugin. It depends how the plugin works. My plugin only provides the extra fields on product_cat and product_tag archive pages (so on product category pages and product tag pages).

If the Ultimate WooCommerce Brands plugin creates its own taxonomy (something like product_brand) then my plugin won’t work with it.

Thanks alot for quick reply.

No problem

Is it not possible to display the text at category pages which list sub categories?

It does work on category pages listing products but I bought it to display text under category pages displaying sub categories..

I finnaly got an answer from the theme guys;

“Our theme is developed a little bit different and that hook is only placed in pages with products loop and not in the pages with only categories.

If you want to use it in pages that only show categories, you can try adding this line of code into the woocommerce/archive-product.php at line 341 or around. <?php do_action( ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop’ ); ?>”

Can you help me providing the right code so that the seo text is under the categories pages as well?

Hi there. If you do as the theme authors have recommended there will be nothing further you need to do. The plugin outputs on the ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop’ hook by default so as soon as it picks that up it will start displaying.

Thanks for your fast reply!

Hey wpmusketeer

I installed your plugin on www.citatplakat.dk and on www.Hipd.dk Same theme (https://themeforest.net/item/savoy-minimalist-ajax-woocommerce-theme/12537825) On www.Hipd.dk i will show but not on www.Citatplakat.dk, i cant find the problem?

Can you go to your admin area on the site where it isn’t working:

WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Category and Tag Descriptions

and hit “Save changes”.

The WooCommerce settings API can be a bit flaky and sometimes you need to do that just to make sure everything “takes”.



Ahh okay thank you a lot! Works like a charm!

Glad it worked!