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Any chance that you are adding this function for product characteristics or product brands? Thank you!

I’ve been asked about it before so it’s something I’m considering, but I don’t have any kind of timetable for when it will be done I’m afraid.

Does this plugin support inline SVGs? With the most recent update of WooCommerce, SVGs code is being stripped out of my previously modified descriptions.

What do you mean by ‘inline’ SVG. An SVG graphic uploaded via the media library (so inline to the WYSIWYG content). Or the actual SVG markup added via the ‘text’ tab of the WYSIWYG field?

Also, I should note, this plugin runs the

function on the fields before they’re output, just the same as WordPress itself does on post content, so any behaviour you’re experiencing with normal posts in WordPress will be replicated here.

Hi I just bought this plugin but it’s not working. I am using Enfold theme, please check. Thanks

Is it possible to send the link privately?

Please see the private thread. I’ve just replied there.

Thanks for your support.


raananp Purchased

Hi – any idea why the descriptions on front is under the title but above the breadcrumb? thanks

Because of your theme. The description field isn’t added by this plugin, it’s a stock part of WooCommerce. You would need to check with your theme author as to how to rectify the issue. Most themes have the breadcrumbs above the title. It sounds like it isn’t designed to work with WooCommerce.

hi does the tags includes on the product pages also?

I’m not sure what you mean but the plugin doesn’t add anything to individual product pages. That wouldn’t really make sense as a product can be in multiple tags/categories at the same time.

Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce 3.0/3.1?


i just installed the plugin and everything shows in backend. i filled out the details field, but they won’t show up on the front page.

Could you have a look at it please?

Thank you!

Hi socialcore. Can you go to the WooCommerce settings page at WooCommerce > Products > Category and Tag Descriptions and hit the “Save changes” button.

If that doesn’t work it’ll be an issue with your theme. You’ll need to give me a link to look at for me to be able to offer any advice however.

Wow this is exactly what I need. Any plans to update plugin soon since it’s been 7+ months? If more WooCommerce site owners understood the power of SEO text this could be a top 10 plugin!

Hah, if only! What sort of thing do you consider needs updating? The plugin is very mature and stable and works with the latest version of WooCommerce and WordPress. I don’t want to add features unnecessarily.

Hi, we have the issue where the details (text under the products) are not being shown. We use the standard Storefront theme, so it should work – we have tried to save again under settings

You can send me a price support request here: https://www.musket-theme.com/support/

Don’t worry about filling in the license field.

done :-)

I forgot to write that we have been using this page for testing /k/dreng/

it has a headline (h1) in the original description field, and then a SEO text in the new details field

The detailed category info is not appearing below the product list. How can I get this to populate? I have the salient theme.

First off go to your admin area:

WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Category and Tag Descriptions

and hit “Save changes”.

The WooCommerce settings API can be a bit flaky and sometimes you need to do that just to make sure everything “takes”.



Hi wpmusketeer,

can I check if this plugin works with WooCommerce 3.x and the Storefront theme.


My pleasure! If the details text doesn’t appear in exactly the place you expect under the products then let me know as I have a snippet you can use with Storefront to reposition it.

Hi, if you could share the snippet that would be great.

Hi there,

Here’s the snippet to add to your functions.php (hopefully in a child theme):

add_filter( 'seo_for_wc_display_details_hook', 'wpm_display_details_hook' ); 
 * Filter the hook used to display the Details field. 
 * @param string $action_hook Existing hook. 
 * @return string Amended hook 
function wpm_display_details_hook( $action_hook ) { 
    $action_hook = 'woocommerce_after_main_content'; 
    return $action_hook; 

You might also want to add this CSS:

.product-details { 
    clear: both; 
    margin-top: 60px; 

Adjust the margin-top value to suit your site.




When adding text to the details area the Yoast word analysis does not alter as is does for the main description?

I had this running using the functions but wanted the SEO Yoast working so tried the plugin as I think I read you would be adding this option perhaps. Also, note the field is available in the backend using the plugin but the front end is blank for https://www.payslips-direct.co.uk/product-category/perforated-paper/

Thanks Simon

Hi Simon, Yoast doesn’t currently pick up custom fields like the details field. I want to update the plugin so the field is added to Yoast’s analysis but since they moved to their JS implementation it’s proving very tricky.

To fix the missing text on the front-end can you go to your admin area:

WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Category and Tag Descriptions

and hit “Save changes”.

The WooCommerce settings API can be a bit flaky and sometimes you need to do that just to make sure everything “takes”.

If that still doesn’t work, can I ask what theme are you using?




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Any known issue with the Announcement Bar plugin from Themify (https://themify.me/announcement-bar)? Upon activating your plugin on a site with Announcement Bar installed and running fine, the site goes white screen. The underlying error message is:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function themify_get_web_safe_font_list() in /wp-content/plugins/announcement-bar/classes/class-announcement-model.php on line 717

I contacted Themify and they investigated and said the issue doesn’t seem to be related to their plugin. They asked if I could check with you, so I am.

FYI deactivating either plugin restores the site’s functionality, so it is definitely a specific conflict with these 2 plugins. I am running the latest version of Wordpress and of both plugins.

Any ideas?

Hi webpilot, apologies for the slight delay, it’s a public holiday here in the UK!

I’m not familiar with the Announcement Bar plugin but have had no reports of a conflict with it previously.

It’s clear from the error message that the error is occurring in the Announcement Bar plugin so I would have thought the authors of that plugin were best placed to help with the issue. I can see from the error message that the plugin is failing to call one of its own functions.

The only possible reason I can think of that having my plugin installed might affect this, is if the two plugins are calling a function on the same WordPress hook with the same priority.

You could try adding this to your functions.php (ideally in a child theme):

remove_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'sfw_call_product_tax_display_details_meta' );
add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'sfw_call_product_tax_display_details_meta', 25 );

The number 25 in the second line is the priority. If 25 doesn’t work, try a few other numbers. If it still doesn’t work I’d have to have access to the site to diagnose further. However, since the error is occurring in the Announcement Bar plugin I may be limited in what I’m able to diagnose.

Good luck!


crispin Purchased

Hi, I’ve just purchased the plugin but it doesn’t work with Uncode theme.. I’ve tried the snippet you provided here in the comments to move the detail above the products but still no luck – can you help fix? Cheers

First off, you may have tried this already, but can you go to your admin area:

WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Category and Tag Descriptions

and hit “Save changes”.

The WooCommerce settings API can be a bit flaky and sometimes you need to do that just to make sure everything “takes”.

Secondly, you don’t need this plugin to display info above the products. The core WooCommerce “description” field displays above the products.




crispin Purchased

Cheers – all working! I need the details to be at the top because for some reason my theme replaces the title with the description on the front end if anything is entered in the description box. Thanks for a great plugin

Fair enough! Glad this fixes the issue for you :-)

This plugin works great for categories and tags, is it possible to enable it for other taxonomies, like ‘Brands’? If so, how could you enable it?

Hi Corey,

Unfortunately I haven’t come up with a way of achieving that as I have no control over how the taxonomy is created (whether or not it has archives enabled or what hooks are provided on any custom archive template that might be set up).

Thanks for the question though!

All the best,