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bfly03 Purchased

Purchased the plugin and everything is working just fine. Thanks! Is there any way to apply this to the main shop page? https://www.decorativelightcovers.com/fluorescent-light-covers/

Awesome! The plugin doesn’t work with the shop page at the moment as it requires the user to be on a product_cat or tag archive in order to know where to pull the content from (the shop page will show products from many categories).

It would be possible for me to add a setting that lets you output some content below the products on the shop page though, so I might add that in a future update. Thanks for the idea and I’ll let you know if I add it in.

Perhaps I misunderstood your feature set. I want to have full control of an HTML block ABOVE my product categories. Description field did not work for me because it strips most of the HTML formatting away. With your details field, I have more control over the HTML, but how do I put it ABOVE the categories?

Hi James. This plugin doesn’t meddle with the description field above the products other than to let you display it or not display it.

What are the HTML tags that you’re having trouble with?

In the most recent versions of WooCommerce the description field is now a full TinyMCE WYSIWYG field, the same as the details field that my plugin introduces. Are you on the most up-to-date version of WooCommerce?

There is a filter built into my plugin that lets you change the hook where the details are output. You can add the following code to your functions.php (should be in a child theme):

add_filter( 'seo_for_wc_display_details_hook', 'wpm_display_details_hook' );
 * Filter the hook used to display the Details field.
 * @param  string $action_hook Existing hook.
 * @return string              Amended hook
function wpm_display_details_hook( $action_hook ) {
    $action_hook = 'woocommerce_before_shop_loop';
    return $action_hook;

That will output the details field above the products if your theme is honouring WooCommerce hooks.

Is it possible to display shortcodes in the wysiwyg box? For instance, if I want to display a list of the last 5 blog posts in X category for that particular product category?

Thanks for the comment.

I appreciate what you’re saying but I expect there are existing plugins that give you a shortcode for creating tab sections you can drop into any WYSIWYG field (such as the one this plugin provides).

That would be a cleaner, more general purpose way to achieve what you’re looking for.

If there isn’t an existing plugin it may be something I could look at creating in the future.


The only problem with using another tabs plugin in combination with yours is that your plugin displays the content at the bottom of the list of products, and I’d like to have the tabs at the top. But I understand what you’re saying.

Nope, that’s the beauty of using a separate tabs plugin! That means you can use it in the standard WooCommerce “Description” field that appears above the products.

Just installed the plugin and made a test on a product category page. Nothing is displayed below the product list. :/

Is there anything I can do?

Sorry, the buttons isn’t “Save”, it’s “Save Changes”.

It now works. Thanks wpmusketeer. :)

Hi there, I just bought your plugin. On some pages (when there is only a few articles and no paginatiuon) the text is not showing below but on the right hand side of the plugin.

Can you please assist me with that?


Thank you very much.

Please not that I added the same text via functions.php customizing but this does not affect your plugin solution (I tried)

Thank you for your help


Hi Jasmin, you need to add some CSS to your theme:

.my_text {
    clear: both;

for the

tag you added and/or:

.product-details {
    clear: both;

For the tag added by this plugin.


PERFECT!!!! Thank you very much! Definitely worth 5 Stars :)

My pleasure!


ericvr Purchased


I’ve bought the plugin and really like it. It works as advertised and is really simple to use. I do have a question though, I’ve added brands as product attributes and I’ve added descriptions to the attribute pages. I would really like to add additional text to the bottom of the attribute’s page. Would it be possible for you to add this functionality as well, so that when a brand is selected (product_attribute pa_brand), additional text below the list of products is shown?

Thanks in advance and best regards, Eric

Hi Eric, glad you’re enjoying the plugin :-)

I’ve thought about tackling this before but it’s not so straightforward as there are a number of ways in which attribute archives can be disabled outside of the control of this plugin. I’ll invest a bit more time in thinking through a solution though, as you’re not the first person to mention wanting to do this.



Gaxi Purchased

Hi wpmusketeer, I have installed the plugin to my site and the new WYSIWYG editor shows up in the cat edit page, but once I save/update it does not show up under the products or anywhere on the page. http://www.aoseafood.co.uk Thanks for your help


Gaxi Purchased

That worked, but, now it won’t let me embed a youtube video, once I paste the code and then save it, it disappears?? Any ideas?

How are you trying to embed it? Newer versions of WordPress are oEmbed enabled for YouTube, so you should just need to copy/past the URL. What version of WordPress are you on?


Gaxi Purchased

Yeh, that worked fine, by just pasting in the url rather than embed code. Thanks again for your help


WatersZ Purchased

Hi, I purchased the plugin this afternoon and have installed it on a site we are building using Woocommerce with Enfold. The plugin activated okay, however, I eagerly went to test it and wrote a few words. It is now displaying in the sidebar of the category page. I would like to request support for this. Thank you

See comment below… it all appears in the comments wall!


WatersZ Purchased

Sorry, I just wrote this on the comments wall before I realised there is a separate support section.

I purchased the plugin this afternoon and have installed it on a site we are building using Woocommerce with Enfold. The plugin activated okay, however, I eagerly went to test it and wrote a few words. It is now displaying in the sidebar of the category page. I would like to request support for this.

I can provide a login as it’s behind a closed door.

Thanks Vincent

Hi Vincent, just to let you know I’ve realised that Zendesk is down. I’m not sure if you’ve sent further emails but I’ve sent you a few that you probably haven’t received. Anyway… please take a look at the site as I believe I’ve sorted things but I’ll have more or a discussion with you once Zendesk is back up and running.




WatersZ Purchased

Hi Dave, I had just emailed you until I saw this come through on my other generic email. Is this message still valid or does it supersede previous emails? BTW: H2 looks very nice – I note it’s slightly under the sidebar is that correct and is the sidebar only as long as the product contents?

Hi Vincent, Zendesk is working again so moved the convo back there.


ludachris Purchased

I have this working great on category pages where products show up. However, I can’t get it to work on category pages where there are only sub-categories displayed and no products. Is it not set up to display that way?

Hi there,

I’ve done some testing and the plugin works fine on categories that are only showing sub categories. I can’t replicate the issue. Could you give me a link to an example page where you’re seeing the problem?

What theme are you using?


MikeyMoran Purchased

Just bought this. Installed and functioning in minutes. This fixes the biggest SEO loophole for Woocommerce. Thank you so much for such a fantastic plugin that really all E-commerce stores should be using!

Thanks so much for the kind words! Would be great if you could leave a rating ;-)


MikeyMoran Purchased


Top man :-)


MikeyMoran Purchased

Quick tip on the SEO Category plugin. It would be great to have it work with the Yoast SEO plugin. Just a suggestion to make this perfect.

I have looked into this briefly and it’s surprisingly awkward but I really should suck it up and implement it.

You got this! I can copy/paste the text to the field above as a quick fix so it is not too big of a deal since the category page text will not be changed often. 5 STARS all the way with this!