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Any chance that you are adding this function for product characteristics or product brands? Thank you!

I’ve been asked about it before so it’s something I’m considering, but I don’t have any kind of timetable for when it will be done I’m afraid.

Does this plugin support inline SVGs? With the most recent update of WooCommerce, SVGs code is being stripped out of my previously modified descriptions.

What do you mean by ‘inline’ SVG. An SVG graphic uploaded via the media library (so inline to the WYSIWYG content). Or the actual SVG markup added via the ‘text’ tab of the WYSIWYG field?

Also, I should note, this plugin runs the

function on the fields before they’re output, just the same as WordPress itself does on post content, so any behaviour you’re experiencing with normal posts in WordPress will be replicated here.

Hi I just bought this plugin but it’s not working. I am using Enfold theme, please check. Thanks

Is it possible to send the link privately?

Please see the private thread. I’ve just replied there.

Thanks for your support.

Hi – any idea why the descriptions on front is under the title but above the breadcrumb? thanks

Because of your theme. The description field isn’t added by this plugin, it’s a stock part of WooCommerce. You would need to check with your theme author as to how to rectify the issue. Most themes have the breadcrumbs above the title. It sounds like it isn’t designed to work with WooCommerce.

hi does the tags includes on the product pages also?

I’m not sure what you mean but the plugin doesn’t add anything to individual product pages. That wouldn’t really make sense as a product can be in multiple tags/categories at the same time.