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Demo not working…..

Sorry for that, I will change that. You can try it here – http://bestonweb.club

very cool work ! all the best for your sales ;)

thankyou Eric!

504 timeouts for demo

Please try again. Or you can visit demo site http://bestonweb.club

In case DEMO doesnt work, Try this- http://www.bestonweb.club/demo/

Is it possible to use a language other than English for result?

It doen not have right now but we working to include this feature it into next update…

Thx, When is estimated to be the next update?

After this month.. You can buy now and we will update you when we release it.

demo out? not found

its working please visit – http://bestonweb.club/demo

I do not know, once I insert url of a website to see the demo running error is released http://www.bestonweb.club/result

Error! No response recieved. Please try again later.

I understand, please try again. It will never give you any error. If you have any other issue, feel free to contact via our FB page – https://web.facebook.com/bestonweb.club/ Thanks

Hi. Great plugin, congratulations. When it could be in another language such as Spanish? Thank you very much.

Hello, for now, I’m only interested in Spanish.

I can help you with this. Message me your email id on my fb page- facebook.com/bestonweb.club

I didnt got your response sir, If you have any question please contact me admin@bestonweb.club

not working on my site http://exxcelrank.com/lander/ showing unauthorized usage please help as soon as possible

please send me your wp access at admin@bestonweb.club

And it works for one website only. If you using it for more than 1 site, it will not work.

best SEO TOOL.:) i will give 5 out of 5 stars.. very easy to use. great support.. one of my favorite buyer now :) all the best for your sales ;)

where i can see the demo ? http://bestonweb.club/result ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

its working . Please check it

Sorry for such a delay response to your comment. I appreciate your research. There is nothing wrong with plugin. It works on Restful API which send your website request to my code and my code send back to your website “the analyzed results”. Thats it.

My plugin has a very small code so you can ask any PHP developer to analyze my code for it. Evanto would never allow this plugin to be sold there if there is any thing wrong with it. Let me know if you have further more doubt.

“would never allow this plugin to be sold there if there is any thing wrong with it..” That’s also not true. I’ve come across worse. But good luck either way.

Then Sorry for bad experience on Codecanyon… Hope you will always have Great Luck in future….

nice work man…Good Luck for sale

thanks bro..

I have installed your plugin and wanted to change the language in German. Seo-agency-analyzer> view> form.

Although I have changed it in the file does not take it.

We are working on it. hope to launch by the end of this month.

you need to make changes on analyzer>view>result and analyzer>lib>pdf.php

I have a pre-sale question. Can you the report the customer sees be branded, i.e. with my logo?

Sorry not yet but i will put it to next version. But if you have litle knowledge of html and php then you can add it buy your own.. Regards.

“by your own.”

ok thanks, good to know.

whe I want activated the pluging I have tgis error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /nfs/c07/h01/mnt/101535/domains/sonnastudio.net/html/wp-content/plugins/seo-agency-analyser/seo-agency-analyser.php on line 164

please read from document folder how to activate plugin. If it doesnt work please mail your purchasing code and wp login details at admin@bestonweb.club


Is there a way to have the domain and email in the initial form, then the PDF is sent straight to their email as well as the page report? This way you can instantly collect the email and contact them.


Your idea is good but people only takes action after seeing result. If you ask to put email in first place then majority will avoid your service. But if you give them your service first and then ask for their email, they will give you their ID happily and thats why i didnt made any download button so that they have to put email id to get PDF. Thanks

I have installed your plugin and wanted to change the language in German. Seo-agency-analyzer> view> form.

Although I have changed it in the file does not take it.

you need to make changes in 2 different places. 1) Seo-agency-analyzer> view>results.php it will show results after analyzing done. 2) Seo-agency-analyzer>lib>pdf.php it is responsible for emailing files to inbox.. thanks

demo not working

its working please check again. Demo- http://bestonweb.club

It is plugin or theme? does we need a theme to work with it, or just buy this and install on wordpress?

i got it, it’s a plugin, but which theme is best with it?

All are best. you can choose any one of them but my suggestion is to select the theme which recently updated…

Can download pdf be added at the end of results.. so users don’t have to scroll back.

Yes! You can buy it for now. I will put it on next update.