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:shocked: Still no reply from “ilovemypony” and a month later?? Come on, I paid $33 USD, which equated to about $50 AUD with the understanding the core functionality of this app was working… only to find major faults in it… I NEED THESE ISSUES RESOLVED THIS WEEK!!!

Maybe you should change your Products Description to read “CONTAINS SERIOUS CORE BUGS, PURCHASE AT YOUR OWN RISK”... At least acknowledge your existing customers “people who bought the app” by fixing the bugs I have already noted… it’s not that hard!!

Hello, I’m really sorry about that and I’m aware. I’m extremely busy and I’m unable to provide a small update for the moment. I need time to rewrite the all API system. I started this massive update, but I need more times. Apple changes a lot of things since the first API library of Sentenza Desktop and now I have a lot of modifications to implement. I’m working on it, and again I’m so sorry for the crazy delay ! :’(

Hi, Just seeing if there is an update as it has been over two years now? Thanks

Question before buying – is there an API to bring the window to the front? I mean a way to make the app pop up over all other apps and make it the active window? Thank you!

Hello, No there is not API to bring the app window in front. I would have added this API in future :)

Some help needed here! I have a hard time to use the copy to clipboard function and I also have a few issue whit jquery and js when compile. I need to be able to defined which user-agent to use! Please let’s reply to me fast! It could be in french also! Thanks!

Allo es-tu vivant?

Bonjour il serait bien mon ami d’avoir de tes nouvelles

Beaucoup de difficultés à migrer les APIs sur la dernière version d’OSX. Apple semble avoir fait des changements majeurs.

is this app also available in english r german language? i don’t speak french

ok fine i purchased but he said invalid license key

This serial number seems invalid.

Any news on when you’ll have an update? I checked the trial and it looks great – just waiting on the “Execute open file dialog” API.

Hello, I started to rewrite the full app in Swift but I have few problems with the Sandbox and the APIs. The open dialog works with the native HTML5 upload function. Also the drag-n-drop works (as an open file function). Example, this recent Mac app built with Sentenza Desktop uses drag-n-drog local file : https://vimeo.com/147350010

EDITED. Ok, was my problem. Thanks.

Sent. Thank you very much.

Solved. Thanks, 5 star support.

Thanks Alerma :)