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Hi, I’ve got a problem, I restored my computer account to default settings, and now I have to type in the license again, but it’s not in the codecanyon account panel and I don’t have an email?

What could I do?


Hi Flo, I have seen your email. I don’t have access to license keys generated by CodeCanyon API so I can’t give you your serial number directly. But check the Support tab of Sentenza Desktop :

Let me know if you are able to find your key :)


hey, sry :( but I am still not able, but I purchased it, I can send u a screenshot from my site with the purchases :(

Hi, I’ve bought Sentenza and have been trying to make an .app from a website that includes pdfs. The links to the pdfs are “_blank”, but regardless of the settings in Sentenza they open in the applications window and then there is no way to navigate back. Any ideas? Also, I’ve had the same issue with it crashing after publishing the .app (on my i7 laptop running 10.7.5 and iMac running 10.6.8). The resulting .app seems ok.

Hello, To open an URL in external default browser, use the API :

But if you want to load the PDF in main window and be able to navigate back, I would recommand to use iFrame. Like that you’ll be able to “control” the PDF’s window.

About the crash, I’ll check that. I used Mountain Lion to develop and tests. Also I tried on Lion (10.7) and no bugs found. So I’ll give a try.

Hope it helps :)


Fantastic, I’ll try iFrame. Thank you :)


I just purchased the app, and Im having a few problems getting things going. I have managed to compile my first app. When the compiler finishes, it says no error detected….

I was trying to compile a simple html code:

<title>HelloWorld</title> </head>

Hello and welcome to my first application.

but when I launched the app it did not show anything, it was completely blank. Is there something im doing wrong?

Hello, Can you send me the ”.app” at my email address :

I’ll give a check.

But if you have used only the code that you have posted in your first comment, it’s normal that nothing appear. Your code doesn’t contain HTML text. Try this code in your index.html :


I must admit I feel a little embarrassed ;). Its quite late where Im located. Have retested, works like a charm, thanks for this wonderful app!

Ahah, no problems ;)
If you have any issue, let me know.



I’ve purchased the software. The Item Purchase Code delivered to me does not work.

Hello, Oh strange… Are you sure you have not added a space or “invisible” characters ? Also, in “Envato Username” field you have to put : ilovemypony
Yes, I know it’s badly explained :)

Let me know if it works,
Best !


Worked. I’ve been developing UI for 20 years. CodeCanyon is the epitome of terrible UI.

Lol ;) Cool now if it works !
Let me know if you have any questions.



I’m evaluating your software before buying it. So far I’ve managed to make some simple tests and they all worked great.

What I want to do is include within the .app a couple Word and Excel files so the users can open them from the interface (a link). I can launch an specific application using Stz.openApp, it works but that’s for the application only and not the file itself.

Then I use Stz.executeShellCmd but can’t figure it out why doesn’t work. I’ve passed the path to the file (within the bundle, don’t know if possible) and even passed the path for a file in other location (desktop) but can’t open the file. I’ve respected the three spaces between the arguments as suggested in the documentation, but nothing.

So the question is, is there a way to open a file/files (doc, xls, ppt) packaged with the application generated by Sentenza?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards,

Here is the command I just tried :

Let me know if it works for you (don’t forget to change the path to the file in the command line).



Thanks for your fast reply. I’ve tried with both, “Sandbox” checked and unchecked but it didn’t worked. Thanks for the command but it seems to be the same command you use in the documentation. I tried it too (changing the path) but it didn’t worked.

Is there other way to achieve what I need to do?

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,


Paul, No this is the only way to do it. It’s an API that I made. But it’s strange because it works on my Mac… I tried with “Sandbox” and “Codesign” unchecked (and also checked) and it works.

Here is the exact code I put in my “index.html” :

Let me know if maybe there is an error in your HTML file.


Hi, Your documentation seems a bit lacking. Your main sales copy mentions – Window fully customizable (size, status bar, modal, resizable, ...)

However I can’t find any information to support status bar in your api docs.

Could you confirm and show an example on status bar windows?

If you can show a status bar app working I will buy in an instant ;)

Hello, What do you mean exactly by “status bar” ? If you mean creating a custom icon in the top bar (where there are battery infos, time, wifi, ...) like Dropbox for example, Sentenza Desktop can’t support that for the moment.

By “Window fully customizable” I mean that you can choose the initial window size (API to resize available), if you want only close button, or minimize/maximize, the window title, etc.

In my documentation the “status bar” is the top window bar with title and buttons (close, min, max). But maybe I chosen the wrong term.

Let me know if it does not help you :)


Yeah sorry meant like the dropbox app so you can create apps that can be run from clicking on the icon like db. Would be a great feature to have and I suspect you would sell a good few units if it could do. From my searching its a highly requested feature that none of the frameworks or tools do. Also would be cool to have access to the social kit functionality ;)

Ok, I understand. I’ll try to add this feature in future updates. Thanks for the idea ! I’ll will to imagine a simple and powerful way to implement this (maybe with XML file, and link to JavaScript file (compatible with APIs)). I understand that it can be a good idea :)


Hi Beny, Sentenza is fantastic – love using it. If you ever decide to make one that can output EXEs let me know, we’ll be first in line to buy it! ;-) Sentenza is easy to use, performs well and does everything we need – so far we can’t find anything that is comparable for PC applications :-(


I just made some tests and minimal filesize at the moment is around 12Mb… It’s still heavy and I’m not sure to be able to reduce.

I’ll continue to work on this project :)


Sounds good :-) Does the filesize affect performance? We wouldn’t care about the 12Mb (our applications tend to be full of media and are usually 500Mb+) Liam

It doesn’t not affect performance. But it’s not cool to have a light HTML5 app in a 12Mb EXE… Anyway, I keep your email if I need beta-testers ;)



Hello, the script look pretty cool! One question, I have an application on my website (like saas) with codeigniter framework, custom php, less, bootstrap etc etc.. but no HTML… and I want to offer a desktop mac app to work with the website (but outsite the web…) Do you know what I mean? your app will work for that?


Hello, You’ll have to put a part of your application online, because it’s not possible to run PHP inside Sentenza applications. What you can do is building an application with light HTML that will check the internet connection and “connect” to your online application. Or, all JavaScript part can be embedded in application package and run Ajax request to the distant part.

Hope it helps :)


Thanks for the fast reply… So,... I can make a “splash” html intro page, or a landing page with a login button to redirect to my php site and thats will work, right? If thats the case I’ll by immediately

Yes, I think you can. It depends how works your web application but I think it’s possible. It can be one HTML page with JavaScript redirect or an iFrame (...) :)

One important thing is if you want to publish you app on the Mac App Store. I know that Apple doesn’t like embedded web app. You must have a minimum local (offline) content in application bundle.


Hi, does this project allow mac apps to be created from a URL? Example: Can an app be made as a “webview” that displays a site already on the web?

Hello, What you can do is making a simple HTML page with JavaScript redirect to your online website. Or you can use iFrame. Or you can use Ajax requests to GET the content needed with local (inside app package) images, CSS, JS, ...

Be careful if you want to publish you app on the Mac App Store. I know that Apple doesn’t like embedded web app. You must have a minimum local (offline) content in application bundle.

Hope it helps :)


Thanks for the great work! Sentenza Desktop is by far the easiest way to start building native apps. I have one question though: there are a lot of helpful file commands, but is it also possible to list all files in a directory? That would be very useful, because right now you can read from files, an write to them, but not see which files are there. Is it possible to do it with a terminal command maybe? Thanks a lot in advance!

hi.. i have a license. it was registered… and today the software says is not licensed i tried to license one more time.. and it says unregistered what’s the problem..

Hello, I do not manage myself the server for licence (Envato is taking care of that). I think it was just a temporary problem and fixed few minutes/hours after. I just tried to register and licence Sentenza Desktop, and it seems ok for me. Can you confirm all is ok for your right now ? Best. :)

Hi, I am trying to build the .app and it keeps telling me that “All required fields are not filled out correctly”. The only thing that isn’t filled out is the provisioning file, which says its not required to build the app.

Please help.

Hello, Did you uncheck the checkbox “Codesign my application for the Mac App Store” ?


I’m tested Sentenza Desktop before I purchase and every time I go to compile the application, the application returns after running independently and says “Application Invalid – Sorry, the application seems modified and not original”.

I have not been able to make any further progress and this has been driving me mad for the last 12 hours….

I purchased Multidmedia’s Xenon Compiler and it’s API is amazing, but they seem to have real issues with After-Sales Support and fixing critical bugs, cost me a small fortune for what it is and making me very cautious with Sentenza Desktop regardless of the comments above, I have to see it fully working myself before I’ll outlay any money…

I need a real urgent reply as I need a solution!!!

Hello, I replied to all your emails :)



Wheres the Thumbs Up button! “Like” button, thanks, really appreciate your Customer Service/Support. Just purchased license so hope the After-Sales Support continues!! I’ll definitely be spreading the word if you can continue looking after me in terms of Software Support for your program.

Hi I’m thinking to buy your app to create a mac app of my web app. My web app is developed on Angular.JS/HTML5/SASS It’s this ok? or must be only html web app?

Hello, I have not tested Angular.js but if it’s server-side JavaScript so it will not work. Sentenza Desktop supports only client-side JavaScript. Hope it helps :)


Error “Application Invalid” when using “Prevent Cracking” even though hasn’t had any changes. Needs to be resolved, how can we work around this as I don’t want the source code exposed if you go “Show Package Contents”, Thank you! Also the application seems to move about 10px below the top of the screen below the toolbar when launching, the code to reposition the window seems ineffective, can you advise how to fix this? Thanks! otherwise excellent software! Just need it to export to Windows now so saves having to use two different solutions!! Happy to fund if the right budget, Thank you!!!!!!

There’s some issues with Sentenza that needs to be resolved asap! One of which is the application created seems to go from the top of the screen automatically and go about 10/20px down the screen and then stop, it’s loading off centre when running maximised.

These issues need to be resolved asap! Thank you!

I need a response regarding this, Thank you!!!! Also Maximize command is not working… Thank you.

I’ve got a serious issue with this program, I’ve noticed that a lot of Sentenza’s API just doesn’t function, even when I go to bring up the print dialog it fails and the application just quits on me and comes up saying it crashed.

I need the Author of this program to respond as I am getting the indication that they are ignoring everyone now, I’ve purchased a copy of this software and the API Documentation shows the API as functional but I am continuously finding a lot of bugs.

All I request is that the Author either resolves the issue with the bugs or releases the Source Code for Sentenza Desktop so someone who actually wants to support their customer base actually goes in and fixes it, when I purchase software, I expect it to function as advertised.

I need a reply to this pretty much today thank you, I’ve been waiting on a response from the Developer for just under a month now and heard nothing. I Would advise no one else purchases this software until they hear an update that the Developer has resolved the Critical Issues with the software, I cannot even use the Print Dialog or any printing functionality from within the App, it’s crazy!!!

I really do hope the Developer looks at this and goes, “Let’s just get this over and done with, you need to provide some sort of support for issues that are more critical than just general support, this is not requesting support from the developer, this is requesting that the critical features of the app be fixed and Sentenza Desktop be re-released”.

THANK YOU, Now please fix your software!

Beny is it, what’s ETA for next update to roll out. Thanks, need ETA!!!

ilovemypony? I need to know when the next update is going to roll out… this is taking far too long!! come on mate, we’re all waiting!!! need software that actually works, not software thats riddled with bugs… Thank you… :P

Still not reply from “ilovemypony” and a month later?? Come on, I paid $33 USD, which equated to about $50 AUD with the understanding the core functionality of this app was working… only to find major faults in it… I NEED THESE ISSUES RESOLVED THIS WEEK!!!

Hi there,

I’ve purchased this app, and I noticed that I have to put the author’s username on the license Envato Username field (it’s really wired…). And yes I did it. But the Sentenza app told me that “This serial number seems invalid.”.

Need help~

Hello, As “Envato Username” you have to put my username : ilovemypony

Can you give a try and let me know if it’s ok.

Best :)

Hi, I need an update on when the next update is rolling out? Thanks…

Hi, I need an update on when the next update is rolling out? Thanks…