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Great script, perfect support!

Thanks, glad to have helped you.

Does Sendy install have to be on the same server?

Sendy database has to be on the same Mysql server as Magento. This is marked in bold in the extension description.

No problem, just wondering. I missed that somehow. Thanks for the extension!

It’s my pleasure

Please fix the following bugs in the extension quickly.

1. Subscription/Unsubscription from frontend does not work. (Check your self: 2. User un-subscription from lists in Magento Admin->Newsletters->Send->Consumer Subscriptions works but does not reflect in the list.

Also, one very needed feature request:

Though user is automatically added to subscribers, there should a facility to also automatically subscribe the user to a user-defined sendy list. (Very important for automated process flow) – Right now this has to be done manually.

Hello Mosiac,

Please email me on: cherif [at] cinklet [dot] com the following -Magento version -Sendy version

I will be able to help you troubleshoot this through email but at first glance the first issue seems a theme-related issue non-related to the extension.

Hello, We can also use Sendy as a standalone application or we need to use it only with Magento ?

Hello dweb, Sendy is fully functional as a standalone without this extension. This extension allows integration in Magento platform to migrate customers emails and allow customers to directly subscribe from your shop’s frontend and much more.

Thank you for your reply ! We need to also to buy the Sendy Application ?

yes you need to buy the Sendy application

Hi. Sendy support asked me to use Sendy with Apache and my magento is running on NGINX. How can I use your extension in this case?

It doesnt matter where Magento and Sendy files are hosted, as long as both databases are on the same Mysql server

Great Product! Does everything we need it to do! Cherif has been an extraordinary help in solving a couple added problems we ran into with our custom theme.

Great Extension—FANTASTIC support!

Much appreciated, glad to help :)

Hi, I’m starring at this plugin for a while. And what was keeping me from buying it is the fact that Magento + Sendy database should be on the same server. I saw in your changelog that you mentionned that this is no longer the case?

Are you Using API to connect Sendy so no need to install Sendy sames server magento website ?

Thanks for your quick answer.

It is recommended that you install both databases on same Mysql server. Failing to do so will cause some backend functionalities to not work and is not fully supported.

Please note that customer subscription is done through Sendy API through the extension and does not relate to the databases issue.

Hi, does the extension works with Magento 1.8.1 and a multi-domain setup?

Development on 1.8.1 has not been tested personally by me but many 1.8.1 users have already purchased and have no problem.

We seem to be struggling with magenta connecting to send. we have checked the logs and its showing below error. 2014-06-29T01:02:13+00:00 DEBUG (7): SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘ascendcl_snd.mg_lists’ doesn’t exist Are we missing installation steps?

It seems you are using table prefixes in your installation. Magento has a bug that forces this prefix with all tables it is querying. Please migrate database removing tables prefix, this should solve your problem.

Hi Cherif,

I found a bug when I used lot of lists (16 lists) on PHP 5.4, Magento, Sendy :

//remove from post lists for later loop of new subscriptions unset($lists[key($lists)]);

And change by:

//remove from post lists for later loop of new subscriptions unset($lists[array_search($subscriberListId, $lists)]);

And you should’nt use the Sendy API, Sendy subscribe API is bugged when we used listId > 9. Cinklet_Sendy_ManageController method save(), you should use direct sql like Cinklet_Sendy_Model_Observer method updateCustomer

Can you fix it?



Hello Sverdier, Thanks a lot for the details and feedback. Please send me an email to cherif [at] cinklet [dot] com

Thanks again

I send you a mail

Comment : Sendy subscribe API isn’t bugged

you should pass encrypted ID and not unencrypted ID API subscribe => list the list id you want to subscribe a user to. This encrypted & hashed id can be found under View all lists section named ID

if ID is 1 to 9 it’s OK because encrypted ID = unencrypted ID But if you have lot of list 16 lists, list ID > 9 return Invalid list ID by the API because it isn’t encrypted

For see the bug, you must add lot of lists (test with 16 lists like me)


Bug fixed, thank you.

Subscription with the Magento Module didn’t do the job. If i’m testing to subsribe with the sendy form on a CMS-Page in Magento ( (without Magento Module) it’s working: the new e-mail address ist well in the database. So: Sendy ist working, the database-communikation is working, but subscription with the Magento Module didn’t do the job.

Please fix it – Thanks.

Hello, I just answered your email.

Dear cherif, thank you a lot – you’ve fixed the problem quickly. Our newsletters in a multi-domain Magento-Installation under e.g. or can now grow …. best regards

Hi, I’d like to understand better the issue with table prefix… I must not have table prefix in the sendy db, in the magento db or in both? If I have table prefix what functionality of your extension will not work fine? Thanks Daniele

There is currently a bug in Magento that affects connections to external databases through core connections. If you install Magento’s database using a prefix in the settings, the external database will use prefix too which is wrong. This Magento bug causes the extension to not be able to connect to Sendy database. You can still remove Magento’s prefix in order to be able to use the extension.

Hi there,

Am very keen to purchase but I have multiple stores that are all on different servers (no SQL database on the same server).

What functions would still work if Sendy and Magento have there databases on different Mysql server? Will it still send emails addresses over to Sendy?

It is recommended to have both databases on the same server. Having databases on different servers can have unexpected results depending on each server settings. Mostly it is the backend migration features (mass subscribe/unsubscribe…etc) but frontend user subscription should remain functional.

hi, can i use custom fields ? will the extension bring them in sendy?

Unfortunately, custom fields functionality is not supported in this extension

Hello, is it compatible with magento ?

Yes it is.

Hello. I have entered Sendy’s credentials but it doesn’t work. Can you please send me your email in order to send you our magento login details. Thanks.

Can you please confirm if you have received my email with the login information? I just sent it to you, using the Support tab.

after integrate with magento and sendy, this extension automatically integrates with Magento newsletter? Can I send newsletter through sendy?

I am sorry I do not understand. Can you send me email to cherif at cinklet dot com

I purchased this script through your website I installed doing as instructions. But unfortunately amazon has not increased sending limits. Now what to do?

Hello, this is a Magento extension whose author is not the author of Sendy. This is an integration solution. Please email Sendy’s author on

Hello, sent you an email regarding users not being auto-subscribed upon check out when using firecheck out. Please get back to me.

Hi, I just bought your extension and I have some issues. It seems that magento doesn’t respect your actions to setTemplate in xml. In footer i have a subscription box to newsletter that i have changed the templates to fit your module and all works fine, but the checkboxes subscriptions, for some reason don’t appear in the site. I just test register and checkout…

Please send me an email at cherif [at] cinklet [dot] com and write to me the URL of the store.

Hi, Sorry. It’s fixed now. The problem was with my theme. Great extension. Regards, Pedro

Hi, Sorry. It’s fixed now. The problem was with my theme. Great extension. Regards, Pedro