Sendy Newsletter Integration for Magento

Sendy Newsletter Integration for Magento

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Sendy is a self hosted email newsletter application that lets you send trackable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). This makes it possible for you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price without sacrificing deliverability.

We recommend you check our Sendy Remote Integration extension in case Sendy and Magento are hosted on different servers.

-Supports Magento CE 1.3 and later
-Supports all Sendy versions
-Supports Magento multiple website, stores and store views
-Seamlessly integrate sendy brands, multiple lists to Magento backend and frontend
-Supports Sendy opt-in options, welcome and good bye emails
-Enable/Disable guest subscription
-Enable multiple lists subscription in sidebar form
-Enable/Disable/Force subscription on new customer registration
-Enable/Disable/Force subscription on checkout for all lists or only those customer not subscribed to
-Enable/Disable subscription on checkout depending on customer being new
-Integration to customer account to subscribe/unsubscribe from any list of any brand
-Powerful backend integration
-Easy few clicks migration of subscribers from Magento newsletter to Sendy
-Migration is straight forward, no need to export or import CSV files
-View all subscribers in Magento backend (Bulk subscribe/unsubscribe/delete from Sendy)
-View all customer subscribers in Magento backend (Bulk subscribe/unsubscribe/delete from Sendy)
-View all Magento newsletter subscribers that are subscribed to any Sendy lists in Magento backend (Bulk subscribe/unsubscribe/delete from Sendy)
-Individual subscribe/unsubscribe customer from Magento backend customer edit
-Supports FireCheckout extension by Templates Master
-Easy rollback to Magento newsletter at any time by disabling the extension

NOTE: Please consider before purchase
-This extension requires both Sendy and Magento to have their databases on the same Mysql server.
-Tables prefix is not supported due to a bug in Magento during connections with multiple databases.

-Important bug fix affecting unsuccessful subscription because of list ID encryption on PHP 5.3+

-Admin router compatibility for SUPEE-6788 Patch

-fixed bug affecting subscribers backend for emails that have orders in more than one website
-added missing en_US locale translation file

-added feature for only showing checkout subscription for new customers

-fix lists with ID greater than 9 for new account, manage account and checkout subscription
-fix bug in manage newsletter in customer account on frontend
-fix bug causing lists customer unsubscribed from not to show in checkout
-fix subscription and account newsletter save URLs in general and in case of multi-domain

-fix bug causing wrong handling of subscriptions and unsubscriptions for lists with ID greater than 9

-system config connection port is now optional

-added system config connection port field (to support initially having 2 different Mysql servers for Sendy and Magento)

-added support to FireCheckout extension by Templates Master

-Enhancement to customers subscriptions admin grid
-Enhancement to customers subscriptions filtering by ‘not subscribed to any list’

-Fix crucial bug causing wrong list subscription from Magento admin
-Fix bug showing all records in Magento admin when no brands are allowed in configuration