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andaonm Purchased

Good morning gentlemen, attached screenshot I still have a month of support for sendroid via envanto. The problem of sendroid happened after the update from 5.2 to 5.4 and not only did we present the problem but other customers of you present the same problems. So I kindly request your collaboration to solve this problem, I previously sent you access to our server. We will thank you in advance. This sendroid error is foreign to us if not due to the update which was done according to the document provided by you. You can not say that I do not have support, I still have a month of free support.

Hi. First thing… No one ever said you do not have support…I can seem to find such feedback anywhere.
Second: Whats is the problem? I cant seem to find any problem mentioned on your comment.


andaonm Purchased

The problem is the update from 5.2 to 5.4

whats the issue with it please? If its related to database access, please role back to the previous version using the backup you took before the update. We are already working new rel;ease.


ishwar Purchased

i can not access my portal after Upgrade to Version 5.4.0 How do I fix it.

Its something about database right?
Please roll-back to the old version from you backup. we are working on finding a fix.

new update will be released in a few minutes


when I check your demo, I find a message that new version is available.

Why not you update with the latest version, so, we could check all the new features in the latest version ?

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I am unable to understand the difference between SMS Rate setting and SMS Price setting.

Please explain me clearly. Currently what we do is to give a price for a one SMS for a given destination, so, every time a SMS sent, the given price is deducted from the user;s account.

Also, once a user makes payment, we credit the same amount to the user’s account.

Is your system is different to the above our system ?

Kindly explain me clearly.

Also, how could we add new currency and symbol ?

Hope to see your early response please.

Best Regards,

Hi. This is achieved by combing the dynamic SMS rate definition and Custom SMS pricing features on sendroid. I cant give details yet but that is what every single Sendroid user out there does. That kind of support is only available for customers who has licence and are supported.


Thank you for the response.

I understand you.

Now I know that you give the support to me, once I buy the script. Also, clear that I can apply the rates as per my above listed requirements. That is quite ok with me.

I will make the purchase and let you know to proceed further.

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You can use the documentation available at ynetinteractive.com/sendroid and test it with the live demo. We always give support if you have license. (as long as the issue is Sendroid related)

Hello, I would like to change the App Name and Vendor in System Information.

App Name: Sendroid SMS Portal Vendor: Ynet Interactive

Kindly suggest, how to do this.

You are not permitted to so. The script remains copyright to and an intellectuall property or Ynet Interactive.
Even at that, I wonder why you want to remove an information that is only seen by admin (hidden even under settings)??


When we use the payment gateways (already find in the system and customized gateways), does the amount is auto added to the customer / reseller ?

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For Online payment gateways such as Paypal, 2co, etch, credits gets automatically added to customer but for offline gateways (Custom gateways), you need to approve the transactions manually.

Dear developer, how can user subscribe to specific marketing or address book list by sending text messages? Is it pissible to suscribe and unsubscribe from Marketing or address book list by sending SMS?

Then it will be hard to give you the answer because its gonna be hard telling how to do that when you do not have your portal. All i can tell you is that the feature is accessed under Contacts -> Marketing List.

I can access your demo portal and I don’t see opt-in feature under contact Marketing list. Where in the marketing list I can add opt-in keyword?

create a marketing list


DialRound Purchased


How could I change the banner in the admin panel please ?

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what banner?