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hi i have purchased this from your site a few months ago when i used to use another hosting service with webfaction. i recently changed my hosting to hostgator, now the license is not allowing me to install anything on this hosting site. can you please help me with deleting the old license and give me a new one to start my project. thanks do reply here or to citycarddeals@gmail.com

Pls provide your current domain name and full URL to the script. If your domain name changed, please state the old domain too.

the domain is the same domain we are using its www.masstext.co.uk. the only thing we changed is the hosting where we used our license initially and now all those files are erased as we are not using the same hosting.

I need full URL of your sendroid installation


diclar Purchased

Hello, it’s been a year since we bought this system but we did not get to use it, we gave up everything because we had no response from the author. We need the system in Spanish, as we also have problems adapting the costs for countries.

Hi, sorry about that. The script as it is and as it is sold is in English Language. However, you can use the integrated Google translator to translate to other languages

Hi I just purchased your script and tried to install the script on my host and seems to work fine. Though I got a problem with the General settings it doesn’t update the settings.

I filled every filled and every time I clicked update settings a message popup saying to click to refresh upon clicking nothing happens and still the settings were not updated

username and password for? sendroid script or nexmo sms gateway?

Hi can you send me a fix for the nexmo gateway. It seems twilio is working fine but I want to use nexmo. please send me a fix for this error

Message sending was interrupted. Please report error to your admin. ERROR: { “message-count”: “1”, “messages”: [{ “status”: “4”, “error-text”: “Bad Credentials” }] }

That is not a bug so You need to study the documentation to find out what you are missing…. setting up nemxo should be straight forward as its all about replacing parameters.

it keeps telling me to Please configure your SMS portal before you continue. even after i have setup everything

share your email


ishwar Purchased

I installed the script i configured the portal and saved it now it says please configure your sms portal.

also how do i configure twilio?

share your Full sendroid URL and admin login via the contact form on Authors Profile


ishwar Purchased

just sent you a pm


waqas515 Purchased

hey how r u ? i am getting this Error Message sending was interrupted. Please report error to your admin. ERROR: 2601|447857185032|c02fd97b-40ed-4b3e-84fa-bc699da6bc0f|4.90,

and sms has been received and also gateway saying sms send but still this error and my web show 0 sms units been used because of this Error but i have received sms

you must have set an incorrect success code or word for your gateway. Please refer to the API documentation of your provider for the correct success code

Hi, I have very IMP update for your next update. 1) Processing is very slow for large numbers. Its showing processing for 20-30 minutes for 3K sms? It should show Sent immediately & can process sms in backgound. Make this change. 2) In customers page, Reseller’s customer is showing as Resold Customer. But its dificult to know which Reseller’s user he is. So, there it should show his Reseller’s name also. 3) In sender ID page, its showing user’s name. It should show user’s username. 4) Add Delete option to sender ID, for users & Admin. 4) All the messages are showing in scheduled messages? Users are confusing, please don’t let all sms to show in scheduled messages. 5) You should work alot on Design & Pagination also. 6) Panel is working slow even on very High End Server (SSD Drive, 32 GB ECC RAM, Xeon E3 8 core CPU), should check this. Thanks.

Can i include sms number from google contact?

Am still not clear with your question. However you can import recipient from CSV file as you see on the demo

I dont want to import from CSV, I will Just login my google contact and all my contact will import or show at my List

No. Its not available on our system

Hi, Iam already updated to 5.2 & still its showing to update when log in. When click the link to your update download page its showing, your Sendroid is Up to Date.

There are 2 issues i want to log, 1)1) if you send sms in large quanity, it keeps saying processing, i thought it is suppose to be processing in background,,...... and cron job is working

2)when you send sms sometimes it says failed but when u check your infobip dashboard, u will that the sms went but the user wasnt charge on your own website… this are my major concerns

as for the infobip, No, it is still showing processing too for large number and scheduling is working

infobip gave me their own API

am waiting for your response.. Your feedback is very slow and my business is at stake


wam254 Purchased

hi how do you use the expandle function to create a customization of the system

Not yet supported. Will be announced once we are ready to start supporting that feature


fago_1 Purchased

Hello.. themes new function still not working as you offer here.. any update?

There is only one theme which is the default. Its working


fago_1 Purchased

How can I create a new one? How can I download current theme to create a new one?


fago_1 Purchased

Hello i have an issue with excel plugin, erro: “error remote server (404) not found”

Please watch the video tutorial on sendroid page: www.ynetinteractive.com/sendroid


fago_1 Purchased

That’s what I am doing.. when I click play button I saw the error.. please your help.

I read the docs but somehow I missed the birthday part. But I have a bigger question in regards to running a sales team and monitoring the sales that they do. How do I so that y sales representatives can sell the products and manage their customers? Mobiketa looks to be more user friendly. Is their really a difference between the 2? Can I get the template for Mobiketa to use. I also did not see any themes as mentioned in the sales page.

hey nice application, myself from India and do ur application support payment gateways in india another thing one of client wants to use his mobile contact lists to store iin the application and retreive to his mobile when needed. can this be possible