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Hi there, your demo is in a loop of “You have 1 unread tickets”. I raised a ticket as a resellers customer and the message is now coming up in the administrator portal, but because the ticket is for the reseller there is no way to get rid of the message. To reproduce – 1) Login as Administrator and create a new reseller 2) Login as reseller and create a new client 3) Login as the client and open a new ticket 4) Login as reseller and you can see the ticket 5) Login as Administrator and you get a notification but can’t see the ticket

ok. will notify. thanks

Hello Author,

Please how do i use SMPP on the sendriod SMS apps, because sending SMS through http is not a very good option. Most SMS providers limits http to 500 messages at a go. and if you send more than that an error begins to come up on the software. Also the http does not provide delivery report and this is necessary, so how can we switch from http to SMPP? Thank you,

- SMPP not fully supported (Still a BETA) as stated on the description
- Delivery report not on Sendroid. Customizing is possible but note that we do not provide support for customizing
- You will be charged to have a webmaster do that for you, provided you have done what is required
- No, reseller cannot add payment gateways.

Do note that you only have “Problems” with the app if you do not get things right about the app. Many users make assumptions and that is where they mix things up.

What types of an SMS software is this? SMPP is not supported, we have to pay and customize it separately? 2. Even when using http, it dosent show you the delivery report, you dont know if the customer received it or not. It only says send successfully. That is not a delivery report. We need to know if the person received the message or not. This is how every other software functions. Do we all have to pay you separately for that? 3. And don’t try to cover up, that if i dont things right, it wont work. I have done everything right as stated in your documents. I have even upgraded my hosting which cost over US$200. But yet the pointing is un-successful. If i need to do customization i know what i have to do. But all the above mentions issues are suppose to come with the software. PLease respond on how you intend handling this issue.

Well…. Sorry if you assumed that Sendroid does all those but We well defined what the software can do. As per pointing your reseller to Sendroid, I dont know how else to explain that to you… You need to Tell your Hosting Company to setup an IP Address that RESOLVES to Sendroid Customer Login page. Once that is done, you can give your customers that IP to use while setting up their A Record, plus other configurations to be done from the reseller settings.


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under infobip how do i set that up to use for the 2way messaging i dont see a way to do that

Its more of setting up your infobip account to push messages to sendroid…. You need to edit the infobip gateway, then copy the URL supplied inside the “API URL for Incoming SMS Push:” field and use it as your Callback URL at your gateway. You gateway provider can tell you how to setup callback URL for incoming SMS
After that, you need to go to Incoming SMS Gateway settings and configure the parameters names as specified by your gateway
Refer to documentation too


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do you now the Sender Parameter Name for infobip

Not sure but for outgoing SMS should be to


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Hello, please I am having issues with message scheduling. When customer schedule messages. It does send at the appropriate time but loops and continuously exhaust the sms credit…

Hi. Hope you do understand that you are not supported.
Make sure your script is up to date and you set your message cron job at the right interval (5 minutes)


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how do we create a auto responce message for incoming 2way message say they message the keyword to the shortcode how do we send back a auto responce

Not featured on Sendroid. However, you can set up welcome SMS while creating marketing lists


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where i dont see that feature

If you mean creating marketing list, check under Contacts… See Documentation for list of features / navigation structure

this web application and mobil app 60 dollar right !

No. Just web app

this web application and mobil app 60 dollar right !

No Just web app

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As i stated in my comment, We dont support that .. Technically speaking, We dont make that features public because we want to avoid situations like this.

To your question on Reseller…. I have done the best i can to explain what i know to you. Creating and pointing domain DNS records is not in any way a Sendroid feature. I can only give pointer. You can look at https://ynetinteractive.com/blog/How-To-Setup-a-White-Label-Reseller-on-Sendroid-SMS-Portal-12 if it is of any help

Hello, Thanks for the article it was helpful. But Now we are having another problem. The domain is asking us to enter the Sendriod Product Key, and every time we enter the Sendriod Product Key, Its Say’s The Following: Unable to validate your code. Please check your internet connection and try again. Kindly take a look sms.paylesssms.com I spoke to our host yesterday and they said instead of giving the IP address to somebody, i should give the person the above sub-domain to point to. So please let me know what to do. Thank you.

definitely because you are accessing Sendroid from a different domain than licensed. You need to request for Transfer of license.

Hello Author, I would like to transfer my license from paylesssms.com/SMS TO Our Sub Domain, sms.paylesssms.com please kindly assist us with the process. Thank you.

Please use the support link to request for the transfer.
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