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hello, is it possible the Android APP with my logo ?


When you order the mobile app, You will be requested top supply your Brand name, Sendroid URL, Business phone/email and Logo . These will be used to build your mobile \app.

is it mobile app free or i must by separately ?

It is not Free. You have to order for that as a separate item if you need it


Sujayee Purchased

Hello I have purchased sendroid 1 week before and till now. Everything working fine. And now it is showing license error. Kindly can you let me knw regarding this

What license error do you see?

I reinstalled the software on a sub-domain within my site. When I try to activate it, I am getting error: “Unable to validate your code. Please check your internet connection and try again.”

Of course I have internet connection, I am sending this request. :)

Thank you

I just looked, your authorization site is down: https://ynetinteractive.com/ getting error “unable to make DB connection”

Please fix

Yes. We are on a routine

Still can not activate, getting error: “Unable to validate your code. Please check your internet connection and try again.”

I see. You are trying to revalidate your license. Please open a support ticket with Ynet using the ticket link here on codecanyon (thus the link on Sendroid description page here)

All done, my reg code was reset and everything works perfectly. Thank you!



andaonm Purchased

I can not update android gives me error

What error?
Hope you do know your support has expired or maybe you didnt purchase support plans at all


flepz Purchased

Hello, I just paid and I could not validate using the purchase license

Its for the front end (customer portal). same with logo but the color customization is for both.


flepz Purchased

Great! That’s awesome! Please, another question. But I’ll send that privately. Thanks.

We are having a big problem with this software. It doesn’t matter any gateway you use, it keeps giving us errors. It says can not connect to gateway, please contact your administrator. It even displays the name of the providers to the customer. This is destroying our business. When you are sending bulk messages in from 2,000 above the errors start coming. And the error will remain there until after 48 hours. This is the 2nd time i am experiencing it. Is there a limit the software can send per day? There are other problems but i am not going to mention them now. Because once some lists all the problems with you, you don’t reply to all individually, so i will take them each at a time. Right now we have a holiday coming, so many people needs to send messages for the holidays, and now we cants serve paid customers! This software is so in a mess!! That even the icon on the browser is sendriod. And when you close and re-open the browser, the sendriod logo and the name is there. Telling all our customers that we are using sendriod. I though we paid for the software? We need answers to all this immediately please!

it dosent matter either you ares ending one or 2,000 nothing is getting through, This has nothing to do with the host provider There is something wrong with the software. The website and the host still has enough monthly bandwidth. We have been using it for more than 2 yrs now, until some recent updates. It is a bandwidth problem, the site will be down completely.

AM using SMPP know and it sam all i get it Connection refused (111)

Please as stated on the description… SMPP is a BETA feature which is currently not supported. It may or may not work with your server/provider


flepz Purchased

On the item description of this software, I see ‘responsive’ design. But I just bought the software on Friday and I decided to see on mobile and it’s not responsive at all. I have two questions:

1. Is what I’m seeing on mobile what you call responsive or am I using a lower version? 2. If what I’m seeing is not what you call responsive, how do I active the responsiveness of the software.

Thank you.

No. Just CSS. I’ll figure it out then. Seems I’m the only one experiencing it. Probably the screen of my phone is the problem. Thanks.

Also, I’m just curious. The login box on front page of smskit.net, is it custom built or something that comes with the software? I really like it.

There you are… You have modifies your CSS File… That is a modification.
I cant answer your second question as it is unrelated. Thank you