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Hi there, your demo is in a loop of “You have 1 unread tickets”. I raised a ticket as a resellers customer and the message is now coming up in the administrator portal, but because the ticket is for the reseller there is no way to get rid of the message. To reproduce – 1) Login as Administrator and create a new reseller 2) Login as reseller and create a new client 3) Login as the client and open a new ticket 4) Login as reseller and you can see the ticket 5) Login as Administrator and you get a notification but can’t see the ticket

ok. will notify. thanks

under infobip how do i set that up to use for the 2way messaging i dont see a way to do that

Its more of setting up your infobip account to push messages to sendroid…. You need to edit the infobip gateway, then copy the URL supplied inside the “API URL for Incoming SMS Push:” field and use it as your Callback URL at your gateway. You gateway provider can tell you how to setup callback URL for incoming SMS
After that, you need to go to Incoming SMS Gateway settings and configure the parameters names as specified by your gateway
Refer to documentation too

do you now the Sender Parameter Name for infobip

Not sure but for outgoing SMS should be to

Hello, please I am having issues with message scheduling. When customer schedule messages. It does send at the appropriate time but loops and continuously exhaust the sms credit…

Hi. Hope you do understand that you are not supported.
Make sure your script is up to date and you set your message cron job at the right interval (5 minutes)

how do we create a auto responce message for incoming 2way message say they message the keyword to the shortcode how do we send back a auto responce

Not featured on Sendroid. However, you can set up welcome SMS while creating marketing lists

where i dont see that feature

If you mean creating marketing list, check under Contacts… See Documentation for list of features / navigation structure

this web application and mobil app 60 dollar right !

No. Just web app

this web application and mobil app 60 dollar right !

No Just web app

I have a lot of problem when issue the SMS, i have already setup according to the guide listed. it keep poping up the error: Recipient not supplied. please reply, as i tried setup for many times still not working, Melanie

Hi. This section is for regular questions. You can get support by clicking on the Support tab : https://codecanyon.net/item/sendroid-bulk-sms-portal-marketing-2way-messaging-script-with-mobile-app/14657225/support

if you are not replying and not works as mentioned, it can be delivered with unlimited messenge,please refund to me.

i am not sure i understand you clearly.
I gave you a link to were you get support from. However, I cant see anywhere we have such information as ” delivered with unlimited messenge”. Sendroid works as described, You buy sendroid, use your sms providers api to setup sendroid, send your message.

dear sir , no one reply me about the problem!

Please give me the date of the chat too so i can follow up on this at once. If the agent gave you a misleading info, we will refund you.

Meanwhile, only conversation i found here was with another agent and here it is
You said: i can send as many sms as i can there is no limitation ? would there be blocking of sms ?
Agent said: there is no limitation
You said: just for sms if cannot send then can refund ?
Agent said: I dont understand that pls
You let

Can you use sender ID (e.g. business name) for SMS messages?

Sendroid allows that but do note that it also depend on your SMS Providers policies

can you suggest me cheap and compatible gateway with your system..i am from Pakistan…

I am not so sure about cheap but check inforbip.com.


My current version is 602 and tried to update the system, but getting an error message.

Even though I have installed and configured our custom gateways, so far have not sent any SMS.

As such, is it ok for me to install the latest version of the script, after downloading here ?

Since I have configured custom gateway, domain & DB, is it necessary to download any files prior to that ?

Please let me know.


ok. go ahead.

should I download any files from the current version to upload to the new version? Especially the gateway settings

I am not sure of what you are trying to do but if you want to do a clean installation, download a fresh installation file and run the installer
If you want to update an outdated script, follow the instructions on the Update prompt on your dashboard or download an Update Pack from main sendroid web page. Read the read-me file inside the update pack before doing an update.

What will be the cost of adding a custom payment gateway ?

it all depends on the nature of such payment gateway API. The cost could be anything from $25 – $150 depending on complexity of the integration work


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I can’t even set this up simply … headache

have you read the manual? If you follow all instructions, sendroid is very easy to setup. You will face problems if you make assumptions.


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https://cloudup.com/iy-O1uyrSDF That is what I get after entering database data … I don’t see anything in the documentation that addresses that.

Surely there is. On the quick-start, documentation and even on the description here. Please check the system requirements

hello we see the 3 login customer , re-seller and admin put what about how page can we create home page the the offers for sale sms

Sendroid is not a website. It is only an SMS rteseller tool. You have to build your website to server as your landing page if required.