Send Vendor SMS with OpenCart Waabay Multi Vendor

Send Vendor SMS with OpenCart Waabay Multi Vendor

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Simply, this is an Opencart extension and add-on module for Waabay Multi Vendor / DropShipper 2.0 (vQmod).


Waabay Multi Vendor / DropShipper 2.0 (vQmod) is a commercial extension and one of solid multivendor solutions for Opencart that you can find. This module is providing dozen of essential features to convert your online store to ebay like multi vendor platform.


As a part of the ordering process, the system is sending out emails to all vendors related to an order, when they have a new order or when there is a status change in an existing order. But this is bit far away from the reality as all sellers may not tech savvy and they might not checking mails frequently.


So the best solution is sending a notification SMS in such cases and that will trigger the seller to check his emails to find details or take actions. This extension is introducing that key feature to the Waabay core extension with the support of ClickATell SMS Gateway services. In each case vendor will receive both SMS and Email at the same time, so they don’t want to keep their eye on emails regularly to check new orders or order changes. This will be a key marketing point to attract sellers to your platform and you’ll receive the benefit of spending few cents per SMS surely.


This extension required following extensions or services to work with it.

Opencart 2.x

Tested with version, should work with 2.x versions.

Waabay Multi Vendor / DropShipper 2.0 (vQmod) Extension (Commercial)

It is a MUST you have installed and enabled this extension before you install SMS extension.

ClickATell SMS Gateway Account with SOAP API (Free to start)

Signup –

It is a MUST you have created an account with ClickATell and created the SOAP API ( there and have account details ready to configure the SMS extension.

vQmod Opencart Extension (Free)

If you have enabled Waabay Multi Vendor extension already, this extension should be already there as it is a pre-requesite for Waabay extension.

Previous Experience in Installing Opencart Extensions, specially vQmod extensions

Anyway you should be familiar with this already, as you have a system already installed Waabay Multi Vendor Core extension which is using same vQmod extension


Value added services for your multi vendor platform

Great marketing point to attract sellers to your site

Very convenient feature for sellers

Easy configuration through backend store settings and individual vendor settings

Send SMS to all vendors in an order

Send important details like, Order ID, Order Date and Order Status with available tokens

Customise and tokanise the message as you need through admin panel

Separate SMS log to store each and every SMS gateway call with response or error messages

Well guided documentation

Paid development support, if you want us to add this feature to your site

Very cheap when comparing with most of the Opencart commercial extensions