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Pre-sale question: Does this plugin have any unsubscribe feature? Is it possible to see any statistics?

No plugin not have any unsubscribe feature


we have added unsubscribe feature in can purchase now if you still looking for plugin

I need a plugin that works with native wordpress user function. I want to customize the message to user and admin for new user account and password reset. I can’t have the message get blocked out of any email account. Will your plugin do this or do you know one that will?


Our plugin will not do that

Hi Does this create the subscribe box like where you just leave your email please?

and does it email notifications automatically?



Our plugin will not create subscribe box and dose not send notification automatically.

This plugin send notification by admin whenever new post or page or custom post type publish.

Will this also work for NEW WooCommerce products that get posted ?


yes its supported


Will it suopport ONLY sending out to people who subscribe to a specific product category ?


you can send it by specific product wise.

Does it works with multisite, meaning it should send mail to users on a particular sub-site only, not to every user on the multisite.

I would like to buy and try it out. But will you authorize a refund if it does not works? Thanks.

Also in Multisite we do network activation or activate in each sub-site individually?

You need to enable plugin for beach site individual.

For refund, we are not able to process refund as we are seller of envanto. You need to submit request to envanto for refund. We will grant permission to envanto for refund if plugin not work for you. Also we will provide support


pre sale question : I have different user role, and different post news category. Is it possible to select a category post to specific role user ? thank you

Hi there,

I’m wondering if I can send basic emails to user roles without having to send a particular post?

Also another question I have, does this plugin have SMTP settings, so I can change it to use my servers?



I brought this product on Jan 7th. I have tried it out tonight before the site goes live however I sent the email at 6pm (time currently 10.20pm) and have still not received the email.

I have checked both inbox and junk folder. Am I missing something in the settings page?


Sorry for late reply

Please use SMTP Plugin ( ) for better sending emails.

Hello, I have purchased and installed the plugin, but i have a question:

in my wordpress, the post are not allowed to all roles, some roles can view one post but can not view another post, and i need the email only be send to allowed roles. it is possible??

maybe you can tell me in wich part of the code is sending the email in order i can check the user of the post…


I’m looking into your plugin and I’m wondering if it has the following features:

1. Display featured image and links to latest custom post types from the past week 2. Display links to 5-10 randomly chosen articles from custom post type of our choice 3. Manually add text and links (preferably any html) to new sections. For example, we would like to add a special announcement that is not included in any post.

Does your plugin have these?

Thanks, Marcus


Our plugin will not do that


I just purchased the plugin and installed it. I have tried the options so that the box appears to send in posts, pages, etc. And the box does not appear to be able to send by mail what you need to the users.

Why does not the box appear with the send button to the users?

Thanks and regards,

Rafa Mir


Sorry for late reply

Please select posttype in the General tab within the settings page. Box is shown for the posttype which is selected.

Well will this work for latest woocommerce? and i am your existing customer using other plugin whatsapp share :)

It seems not updated more then a year?

yes it is work with woocommerce