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Dear Customers,

I notice that many of customers are visiting this module but getting confused with


I would like to inform all of my dear customers that carldeary had not followed proper installation instruction that is why he was getting error.

This module is working absolutely perfect and supporting Magento admin to handle sales order of the Magento site.

I would recommend to purchase this module, which is available with very low price in the world.

Enjoy… :)

Very nice addon. May face problem with admin email sending, even though Magento has this inbuilt , but I hope, this addon will make life easy, in case Magento fails.

Yes, you are right Qubesys.

Magento default feature does not provide option to set different new order email template for new order but this extension allow the admin to set different new order email template.

This extension also provides feature to set multiple email address in ‘To’ field of email.

Its all about extra than existing feature in default Magento.

Enjoy the life :)

After installing all the setups are coming out, but does not send eMail. What’s the problem?

Dear Sir,

This extension will be working with Magento. Have you done any customization on sales order process?

If you wan then i can check your site code to determine the issue.


I have investigated and noticed your Magento site sending all email into spam. i would suggest you to use SMTP module to prevent spam mails.

Very nice extension. It does EXACTLY what I needed. Only I receive two email instead of one. How come? (better 2 than none :) ).

Thanks in advance.

OK, thanks for your reply. Now I know why I receive two emails when I get an order. Because there are two status updates (pending and processing after payment). Also when sending an order the same email is sent, wich is not necassary. So I receive three of the same emails with this extension when only one is desirable. My advise is to add an option to select in wich status you want to receive the email (multi select). Is it possible you code this for us? Of course you can charge us for that.

Yeah sure, i can do this.. Please send me email on nitin33singh[at]gmail[dot]com

I have also updated here the code to prevent sending duplicate emails. Right now code files given to reviewer and soon, it will be available for your download.

Perhaps, if you want to add order status in Magento admin to send order email then please send me mail at above email address. I will do it only for you.

G’day, I bought this extension and it worked on my test environment very well (I received the email confirmation) but when I installed to my website it does not work. I didn’t receive the email as “owner” only the “buyer” received. I rather receive 2 emails like the person bellow is saying :)

This module send mail through default functions of Magento and Magento use either server email functionality or SMTP setting. Hence, spam mail is not fault of this module. You need to check your server and site setting for the same.

thanks for replying after 1 year! I’ve got this fixed already long time ago

Good to know you got fixed. Sorry, as i missed to reply.

I am having an error with this plug in.

When it’s enabled, if a customer hit’s process this order on the check out, it loads, and then just goes back to the normal button. The order is not generated and the customer is charged.

I think i had resolved your issue.

Disregard my last comment, this extension works great!

The problem I am having is, I am trying to have a SKU show up in a plain text transactional email..

do you happen to know if its: echo $item->getSku(); or echo $product->getSku();

you can use this code to show sku in order email template $this->getSku($_item) or order_item_object->getSku();

Hope this solution will help you out. :)

Hi, I’ve downloaded directly the zip from your link and I’ve installed directly to magento, everything worked just fine during the instalation process, I’ve configured it ( the template and the email) , but when I send an order I don’t receive any confirmation email. Can you give me some ideas ?

Okay, please share you server FTP & site admin credentials through my mail id. You can get my mail id from my profile page.

I will check whats the issue.

I am sure this issue is related to some of customization on your site. Please let me know if you want get assistance from me.

I have tested the order and this module is working well on your site.

Hi – just wanted to make a note that this is a great extension, it just works, and at this price, it’s well worth it.

One personal request..the email sends when the order is created, not when it’s paid, which does mean you can get a lot of emails for orders that aren’t actual orders because checkout did not complete. It would be better to send the email when checkout is complete, to match how magento default order email works. Is this an easy thing to implement? :)

Dear Sir,

Thanks for praising this extension and purchased this one. :)

I would like to inform you that this extension works same as Magento default order email. If you are using payment gateway which is redirecting from check out page then you will notice Magento default order mail also send the mail on success page. Same action does this extension.

I have not implemented the function to send the admin order mail when payment is paid by customer because every redirecting payment gateway behave differently as per their functionality. Hence, it would not be appropriate to implement this functionality based on any one payment gateway.

I have implemented the same functionality for one of my customer as per their need. If you wish to do so with your payment gateway then i can implement the same functionality.

Please let me know your inputs for the same.

Thanks & Regards,

Worked perfectly and as intended. Thank you for saving me hours of coding.

Wanted to point out though, the “send email function” from the order//sales screen does not resend the email to those listed by this plugin. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or what, but it makes it more difficult to customize the theme. I’d have to do it first as a basic template and then apply when I’m happy with it.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for purchasing this module!

As per this module name, it sends only new order email to admin. its function automatically. If you are looking to send email from Magento admin then this module does’t send email.

Perhaps, if you wish to send order email from magento admin then i will have to add more code into this module and this would be billable job.

Thanks, Mage Magician


I would like to use your extension to prevent customers to receive an email from an Order.

Can I deactivate the customers notification into sales emails but the admin still receives an email with your extension?


Yes, you can deactivate default Magento order email method but this module will send order email to admin.

Sorry for delay in response.

Happy shopping.

can you make this extension work for a magento 1.9.2 ? I would give you direct access to the website and hosting.

Thanks for purchasing this module. This module works with Magneto 1.9.2 version as well. You just need to install it. If you want me to install it for you then also I can do and you can buy me a beer. :)

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales