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Where do i find how to change the background from gray to another color/pattern?


Thanks for purchasing.

All the styles that you will need to change is into css/custom.css. You want to change the menu or body background?

If menu go to custom.css and find the following line:
.navbar-inner {
  background: url(../img/pt-2.png);
... }
If body go to custom.css and find the following line:
body {
  background: url(../img/pt.png);
... }

This is great so far from what I can tell, I am having a slight issue with the dropdown hover. I notice that this is on the live demo as well, ‘most’ of the time it drops down when you rollover it. But there’s a stutter step sometimes and it doesn’t drop. I understand Bootstrap itself doesn’t really lend itself to the hover by default, it seems to work ok with this though: I don’t know if there’s something you can implement from that to fix that little glitch.

Ok. let me bring the demo back and we will talk about that.

The demo is back.

The issue in Firefox with the dropdown not responding correctly is still happening, this issue was never fixed and makes this product unusable as it’s not user friendly to have to roll over a menu multiple times to get the menu to work correctly.

Hi, I am trying to do a navigation similar to and Would this work?


I do not think so.


“If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file”...

Seriously? The doc file is empty! What kind of scope are you talking about, zero?


Thanks for your purchase. I usually put a short video in my help file, but because it is a bootstrap menu, you can find the documentation in bootstrap site.

If you have any problem, just ask. I try to help you.


Does this work well with Bootstrap 3?


I have not updated the menu for BS3 yet. When I update the menu, I will add a line in changelog.


I bought this, and when I use navbar-fixed-bottom it goes totally haywire..

can you please post a navar-fixed-bottom.

Thank you for your reply.. I used 2.3 and I can use bootstrap.css now.. but when will this be updated to BS3 like noted above 1 month ago..

Also.. Can you at least point me in the right section of the css to change the width of the nav menu to use a full 1920px bar( I am using navbar-bottom-fixed).. with smaller screens still retaining it within their resolution also? (it is mobile responsive right now, but I need 1920)

what class is it in?


Sorry for late response,

I am not sure if I can provide BS 3 or not, because I am creating my new items in a new account.

Please provide a preview for me, so I can help you to reach what you want.


I fixed the above issues on my own, so no need for preview on those. thanks for this one

Ok, so Apparently the bootstrap.min.css that is with this has been modified.. because when I try to use bootstrap.css instead of minified so that I can make some changes it doesn’t work right..what is the exact version of bootstrap that should be used with this.


please refer to you previo threat and do not open new threat for your issues, simply reply to it.


It is now bootstrap 3

Is this Bootstrap 3? If not, could you give me an estimation on how difficult upgrading the code would be? I’m experienced with BS 3, JavaScript, and jQUERY.

Nevermind. I’ve converted the circular menu. :)

It is now bootstrap 3 ready, enjoy.

How can i change the dropdown menu from clicking on it to a hover effect for opening the dropdown menu?