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Great looking selling app. Questions No map and only admin can sell?

Yes there is no map :) If you need then send us customization request on mail

Comparing yours to OLX is like comparing candlelight to the moon light.

Yours is merely a master-detail listing of products.

Thanks but i just suggest to my buyer that this product is selling product using admin panel so i declare as ….

Did support push new news?

Did support arabic ?

Did support rigester user and comment and upload image camera roll

Thanks ,,

There is no push new news. Please contact on mail for your customization

I would not pay any other amount !!

If the app support will be buying from here

Thank you ,,,

just contact me on mail we are discuss on there all about it . no sorry for customization you have to paid extra charge definitely.

I tryed ur demo ,but did not find any option to add Items by user, only by Admin.??

yes sure there is no authority to user can upload its item only admin can sell his item using admin panel

Good luck for sells.

Thanks :)

hey i am interested this app with some costomization

give me your skype details for more info

yes sure Skype id : kaushik.patel1991

Vendor quorum want to recover the money now

hi plz contact me by email bahapp (at) hotmail (dont) com or by upwork.com “Bahapp”

Pre-Sale inquires: 1) The demo links given are not working. 2) No demo for the app. 3) Whilst the app was mentioend to be like OLX, the design and look seen in screenshots are not looking like OLX. Perhaos the functinality would be, but the look is too far from OLX.

yup my server is crashed so demo is not worked please contact me on mail for more information

i would like try demo of your app. links dont work. how can i try

Please contact on mail for customization OR we will update our all app Asap


Can I work with android studio?

Its eclipse base app

Please contact on mail for customization OR we will update our all app Asap


Hey, can you add image recognition feature, like when someone takes a picture, the title of the product gets auto completed based on the image? Like this guys over here: http://pssthemes.com (check their Classifieds app)

yes we can customize it as you want but for that you should contact us on mail