Discussion on Sell and Buy Today (App and Website)

Discussion on Sell and Buy Today (App and Website)

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Can you creat membership package also…

One of the best script and apps here! see the price also when you review this script… Respect to developer….


bemtele Purchased

Please work on the location picker. Kindly let admin add locations so users can select one or you can use Google location autopick or auto complete.

I have bought this script but because of the location I can’t use it.

Even I as the website owner I’m finding it difficult to use the location during testing. Imagine what the end user will feel.

So with due respect, kindly work on it. Thank you.

Added Google Cloud Vision? Who needs that? The most critical flaw with your app/system is the location picker. You need to change the way you implemented it because it very broken. Just use Google autosuggest or autocomplete so the user can start typing their location and choose the right one. This map picker thing you have does not work like you think. Most times it is not in the right location when user is trying to post an item. Imagine having to move the picker from Australia to Denver, Colorado! It’s a complete mess. Please work on this. Many customers have been telling you for a long time. Please study the issue and come up with a better option.

“Many customers have been telling you for a long time” – Excuse me, but what does this have to do with you, dear user of nulled sites? You don’t have to answer) Your opinion is very important to me and in the coming days I will not sleep and think about how to do it for you!

Thanks for the comment! Have a good day.

Hi Team it’s Great work, I want to buy Both Android, iOS, web and Admin panel….and is Android $69+ iOS $69 = $ 138 including web and Admin Panel.

what you are offered providing on extended licence for end to end product client.

How can I make an optional photo field


I’m sorry, I didn’t understand.. So many photos can be added right there.. What kind of additional photo?

1) How can I fix it? can you write the path to the file ? 2) I have problems with photos how can I make a string of photos optional!

WORK with PHP 8 ?


My demo work on server with php 8.1

Hello when I try to install it gives me error 500 please help me

i check all details in file all are correct and also create db also check .htacces file is in root folder and all files in root folder i read documentation and follow intruction but it give me error 500

Hi there, user signup and login is not working could you please help me


“not working” – website or app?

How can I make an optional photo field

Is there a chance to remove the location selection from the mobile application?

And how do you suggest choosing a location?

We are making an application that provides shopping within a certain area. location will not be required

bikeko Purchased

hello can u install it for me

Adsense error mb_convert_encoding(). solved go to apanel/ change 44 a 48 and 56 a 60 to this code .....

if (strlen($adsense_wide) != 0) { $oldEncoding = mb_detect_encoding($adsense_wide); $adsense_wide = mb_convert_encoding($adsense_wide, ‘UTF-8’, $oldEncoding); file_put_contents($f_adsense_wide_block, $adsense_wide); }


if (strlen($adsense_square) != 0) { $oldEncoding = mb_detect_encoding($adsense_square); $adsense_square = mb_convert_encoding($adsense_square, ‘UTF-8’, $oldEncoding); file_put_contents($f_adsense_square_block, $adsense_square); }

have in app purses? or montanize google play?

sign up won’t work for me ?

both of them non of them working

for web version: file “html/item/”, line 81, set second param in function “isImageFile” to true

if (!$error && !$imglib->isImageFile($_FILES['images-upload-input']['tmp_name'][$i], true, false)) {

tested again 1 minute ago – its works for me

Thank you it worked for the web ….. but i still have the same prob for the APP?

bijaan Purchased

hi, please can we change the maps, to a liste of cities ? ( in the filter page and when posting something )

bijaan Purchased

i sent you an email , can you please reply


email answered

i want to buy this app support Sdk 32 ?


its SDK 32

Hi Dimitry, Why does the page session expire after 7 days? even if the user is active. How to solve so that the session does not expire if the user is using it continuously?


Session lifetime depends on server settings.

In the script, during authorization, cookies are set and their lifetime is set to 7 days

dear sir, I have already purchased the buy-sell app from Codecanon. Several other errors are showing including the below error. Please solve it.

Please enter your whatsapp number.

You email answered

Hello, can I see the docs, please?


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