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Hey, I have a music site http://kingdombmg.com and I was wondering if your plugin could work for my music site?


I need music player added (i’ve designed entire UI). I’m just not sure if I can implement it or if you can. Very similar to google play music store. All music will be fetched from site.

can you contact our sales for the same. our email is info@wohlig.com and we will get the customisation done for you.

Thanks, just sent email.

Hi, Can you elaborate on this please ?

Hello, do like you to clarify if you are using the official WP Json api or jother json api

We have used Official WP Json API

its compatible to our own web application?, its using laravel,and have owned api using json

No, currently its only compatible with wordpress and flickr. Thank you.

Hello. Are the User Pages fetching the json data using the JSON API or are these merely static pages? In other words, are the user pages dynamically populating the user profile when logged in? Thank you in advance.

Hello, There are user/static pages, but they all are static, but you can customise them.

Thank you. So just to be sure, which pages are not static and pull information from Wordpress?

yes it can pull articles from wordpress

Pre-Sale question,

The app looks beautiful and everything, I’m trying to do something like a catalog where I can show products ( No need to sell them ) Is this possible?

Also, instead having the blog as home page, can I change it to the Gallery?

Hello, You can customise and change the homepage to gallery, there is no specific design for e-commerce product page, but you can use the gallery page to showcase your product.

Hello, You can customise and change the homepage to gallery, there is no specific design for e-commerce product page, but you can use the gallery page to showcase your product.


I would like to know which info is pulled from wordpress? I mean, login, user info, post, post categories, pages?

Also the login form in your screenshot that include facebook and twitter is already implemented?


Hello, you can pulled from wordpress api user info, post, date, category and pages. And in the login pages facebook and twitter is not implemented.

Thank you

The app is crashing on iOS after clicking “sign in” on the start screen. Do you know of a fix? Also your Documentation.pdf file is… rather useless. It’s just 9 pages of listed features/documents yet there’s no links to anything and no actual content on those lists.

Hello, The app will working fine in ios. I think You can reinstall the app. Hope it will work. And for the Documentation What do you need we can help you.

Thank You

Does this app have a demo file available?

Also, do you include the documentation for compiling the Android/iOS builds?

Hello, yes we have demo ipa for ios. You can give us Your UUID. and also we include full documentation for compiling the android/ios builds.

Thank you


What do i need to change in order to make it work with my personal web site


It´s already installed the json api 1.1.1 in my site.

I mean what will be the variables for in config

Hope ypo can help me out, please?


I already checked, however with which api should work fine, i mean to nly change in the config file? Or this is not possible?

you will have to had the use the rest api with the required details so please change the services.js according to your details to get the wordpress connection.

we are working of integrating the backend with the correct variable insertions, so that self hosted wordpress can also be easily configured. will release the update soon. Thank You.

The http://assets.tumblr.com/javascript/tumblelog.js file included in the index.html file seems not available?

Hello, This file is not needed you can remove it from index.html. We will also remove it in the update.

Is there any android demos available?

Hello, Sorry we don’t have any demos.

you can see demo through ionic app id please take this Selig – Ionic App Id: 30b461c1

Please help me … im not a hardcore developer i thought the app runs on phonegap i don’t know how to use it Ionic is very hard to work with I don’t know how can you please guide me through a simple process to run the app. maybe on titanium?

Hello, for running the app follow our documentation. you can easily run the app. if you will face problem. contact us in info@wohlig.com. we will help you.

Hi it’s has been hard to contact you, i have some issues about the video on the home wall… i publish a video on wp and just that, i want to show it on the wall but it seen as blank… please help me

Hi, can you send me your detail. so we can contact you. and solve your problem.

I have bought, but in the guide, I can not understand anything about how to proceed. How can I do?

I purchased this item thinking, from the description, it was easy to use, but I can not use it because I’m not an expert and I can not follow the guide, because it is too complicated for me. Please, can I have a refund?

Hi, what types of problem you faced. can you tell me.?

This works with self hosted Wordpress? What plugin I need to use? Thanks!


Can it work with this module https://wordpress.org/plugins/json-rest-api/ instead to authenticate and also CRUD post type? I understand this module is the future wordpress api.


Currently we do not have crud posting in it. but if you want crud posting as well you can use http://codecanyon.net/item/businessapp-ionic-iosandroid-with-powerful-cms/13217114 it has backend for all such features as well.

this app work only with sites.wordpress.com? can apply to wordpress.org?

Could this app can sell products if I have an wooecommerce in my wordpress site? Could this app can show wordpress pages or only article? Could this app UI can show Chinese? Could this app can show any thing as same as my wordpress web site? DO I have option to choose which wordpress plugin data show in this app? Could you please send me wordpress backend for test ? Could you please send me an app (android) for test ?

thanks so much~

No currently we do not have any integration with woo ecommerce and you can surely get your wordpress articles in the application. this app can show chinese as well.

I have wordpress blog i need only the screen of the articles and read more to read the full article , without any registration it’s possible with your app ?

you can enable or disable login using the backend. And you can also have wordpress articles and full article view in the app using the backend itself. add appropriate details in backend config and your app will serve it.

1. I get some panel in my wordpress to manage that app ? 2.The app have push notification ?

There won’t be any panel within the wordpress. You can use the backend we have provided to manage to application. Even push notifications is preintegrated with the application. So you can send notifications from the backend and push notifications will be generated for Android and ios