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Good morning, beautiful app! Is it possible to make comments, search and sharing available on blog posts? Thanks and congrats!

Good morning, thank you virtualgraph, comments can be integrated externally, currently search and sharing are unavailable in this version.

Hi, is multi-level side menu supported? Thanks.

We have given full html support in menu so you can even add multi level menu in the navigation system.

hi im very interest with the app, but can you make it use android studio or native android app? because it not smooth as using android native app,


Fine we will be working on it but it will be a separate item on CodeCanyon

Kudos on adding WP… Please explain your comment to “VirtualGraph” regarding what one can do and not do with WordPress and Selig-Ionic… is it leveraging WordPress REST JSON API and if not when? Thanks in advance

We are using Wordpress REST json API. Comment can be added externally using Disqus or other such external plugins. Search and sharing the content on external application is not developed but sharing can be added using share this plugins as well.

Thanks for your prompt response.

Hey, can the user open his camera/gallery from the app in order to upload something to wordpress?

I guess it doesn’t have permissions to access camera when I downloaded the apk to test. Can you please add that feature ASAP? Also the facebook login is not working as your FB app is still in development mode and guess its not opened for public.

Fb native can be added using Facebook login in ngCordova

this app work only with can apply to

We are updating the documentation And it will even have the documentation for self hosted WordPress websites.


Hi, can you tell me if you can play embebed youtube videos?

I’m a little bit confused about the wordpress integration. I just need to use the Wordpress API and it will sync?

Are you thinking about add support for push notification? I think it would be great.

Another question:

Is it posible to avoid the login screen? I only want that people can read my blog post.

We can plan embedded youtube videos you get the code for the same on the youtube embed link. For integrating to WordPress all you need is WordPress api and that will sync your app. We have added push woosh push notification so if you wan to use push notifications you can use pushwoosh. If you want remove login screen all you have to do is add homepage as the default scren.

Namastey Admin,

I want to integrate this site in your app

it is build in wordpress plus other plugins are used for the core functionality. Can this be easy task to add the site with your app.


the basic wordpress content and blog will be working properly. Even if you add any plugins it will work properly. So your site content will work fine on your app as well.

Hello, i have install jetpack json api plugin and whit this the app work calling data from my wordpress hosted site, i test in the local server the app but the profile is not work, how can make this calling the user data

User data is not required in this application yet if you want to call it for some reason. You can call any api using the services. you can use this link for more details$http

Is this skin for wordpress ? wordpress work with this theme on mobile ?

What is this ?

No its a App for Wordpress Website or Blog. So if you have a wordpress site you can use this item and this will fetch the content from your wordpress site using wordpress REST API and create Android and iOS application for your site.

Hello enjoyed the work would most like to see a demo before buying you could publish the apk to adroid, demo html or video to see the app working?

We had apk installed but users where able to extract the files from the apk so we had to take it off. Anyways we are working on Video and we will get the video done. Thank You.

Can you show admin demo? Can I import all web posts for that App? Is it sync?

It will sync. You dont need an external Admin you can use your wordpress admin post your blog using the same wordpress admin panel and this app will sync with it and get the posts updates instantly using rest api with in wordpress. Yet if you have any issue we are here for support.


I have a website can you turn it to a native iOS/Android app with this script. My website support developers api

if this can be done please let me know.

thank you

This can be done but with some customization


I have a website can you turn it to a native iOS/Android app with this script. My website support developers api

if this can be done please let me know.

thank you

This can be done but with some customization

This can be done but with some customization

Hello is it compatible with woocommerce?

No its not compatible with woocommerce and its not for ecommerce.

Hi! Are you available to make special features on this app???? Contact me please… Skype ID: Atrevida Woman Regards!!!

What kind of special features are you looking for.

It is possible to log in with WordPress?

this can be achieved using some customization.


I just bought the theme, However i cannot find the page which is shown in the below screenshot.

The one where we have full images and caption below

This is the basic home page which home controller page. The top navigation might be different but can be changed using views->home.html page. Thank You.

Sample Apps Please ??? Can you share Ionic App ID, so i can trial on Ionic View. Thanks.

So you say, all android apps on google play market is able to crack the source code ?

How i can i believe you, you only show me a bunch of image, no demo, no video, this is not right. Are you trying to deceive us ?

We have provided ionic view now

Hi, beautiful app! a few questions… :)

    1) Button WP login function?
    2) I need embed this function into the blog post and load the images from each gallery standart blog post, is possible? If is possible, the JS controller need be modified to work with the wp json api??
.controller(‘CardsCtrl’, function($scope, TDCardDelegate) { console.log(‘CARDS CTRL’); var cardTypes = [ { image: ‘' }, { image: ‘' }, { image: ‘' }, ];
    3) can expand function whit woocommerce REST API?

Thanks in advance,

Hello, This app doesn’t support WP login or woocommerce right now, but you can implement Tinder cards.