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is this built with android studio ?

Built with eclipse and can be imported to android studio if you want.


I’m interested with your app and have some questions before I buy. Here they are:

1. If I bought your app, can I change your app name with mine? (I don’t want to use Selfi name as this app). 2. Will you give me a full support until this app can run on my server?

I’m waiting for your reply A.S.A.P…


Thank you for your interest in my app

1. If I bought your app, can I change your app name with mine? (I don’t want to use Selfi name as this app).?? You can change everything you want in this app, name, colors, design, you can change a do whatever you want.

2. Will you give me a full support until this app can run on my server? Yes, i provide Full support for my items But this app is running using Parse.com as backend Not a PHP server, i give you full support until your app is up and running.

Thank You !

How do I import this into android studio?

Never mind I believe I’ve managed to do this.

How do I move the logout button to the main menu?

sorry not from the top bar, I mean from the extra options

that’s required some work in couple files

i will include it in the next update soon.

but if you want it now you need to contact me by email.

Thank You ~

Hey I have question about the navigate inside the app. When a picture is opened from the peoples pictures (community section), I would like it to go back to the peoples pictures when I click the toolbar rather then home (my profile in my example). How would I achieve this? Here is an example: http://i.imgur.com/oKd1KU8.gifv

is there anyway to fix this?

This is required customization, please contact me using the form in my profile page

It is possible to moderate the content? I saw the app in google play and there are only pictures of penises and vaginas.

Yes But you have to do it using PARSE.COM Backend.

I love your documentation. But, you left out so many details. You should go all the way to production and full apps on google playstore. Is there anyway, you can write a documetnation that take us all the way to the user playstore and not stop at the development stage.

thank you,
No at this point, user can’t invite others.

please add it. Because apps are useless if users cannot invite others or share the app. It will not grow.

doing what you need is simple, you just need to google it how to do it and you will be all set.
look for Google App Invite Android.

Is this product still usable? Parse is now going offline, and no new users will be allowed to sign up. Do you plan on releasing a new version that addresses this issue?

Yes it’s still usable and you can do as this link say’s https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/deploying-a-parse-server-to-heroku

can you send to me a user and password for runing app on parse

You need to get these informations from your parse account as the documentation say’s

I bought this and went to sign up for parse.com and it’s shut down… can you help get this up for me elsewhere? I’ve just hired 2 persons to do it and it’s 1 joke after another…

I would like my money back please

sorry for late response i was away from the account.

you can use the Heroku
and if the 2 persons didn’t know how to do it you can do as this url say’s https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/deploying-a-parse-server-to-heroku


May I know server requirements for this app ? What server/hosting with what configuration will be ok ?


Using Parse Servers, u can find it all on here

hello, can this app work with, php social networking sites like socialkit, wowonder etc?

No, it’s standalone script usig Parse sdk and Server But with some modifications you may be able to implement in ib such scripts.

why did you stop make update ???

Have you updated you app like the one that is on Google Play?—> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twaa9l.selfies

And are you still using Parse? Please use a private server.

Thank you

Yes Parse works perfect with this app, and i can give you 10$ server to publish on it for free, Email me for more details.

Hello there, I’ve to buy this script, before I buy this can i know some thing about it?

1: I don’t know how to use apps like this so will you help me to view it live by my name and domain, www.selfiegrids.com. I mean how i can publish it/you will help me?

yes, i can help you publish it (Paid server) and i will give you a head start with 10$ server (enough for a month) for free

I don’t understand, mean then I’ll pay monthly charges of 10$ each? Or just once

Can I integrate it with Onesignal????

no. it’s using Parse.

Hey you have a great app. Can you tell me what format it uses for its video feature? Does it use MediaRecorder, MediaCodec or Ffmpeg? Also, I’d like to know the average size of a 10 second video clicked by this app.

I am building a photo video sharing app , and the size and format of the video is very important to me to minimise the time taken to upload and download from the cloud. Thank you!

I am interested to buy. Does this run in Android 6.0 ?? Do you give support for this application ?