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Very great app! Will you create other CMS versions like Android ?

Can I add iAds or admob?

Ps – I want an android version also :)

Yes you sure can add iAds, Admob, and even revmob if you wish. I usually double my ads with Revmob and Chartboost to generate more ad revenue. I can do this for you if you would like. Please send me an email at info@goldhydrogen.com

How much will you charge for re-skining and making the app ready for submission in my apple account, as i don’t have mac to make code changes and test etc.

I charge $300 to do a full reskin and submit to the Apple Store on your Behalf. I will create 3 icons and 3 Splash Screens to choose from and also will create High Quality Screen shots. Please send an email to info@goldhydrogen.com

Hi zzznetworks please send me an email at info@goldhydrogen.com and I will he happy to discuss this with you. Thank You!

Isn’t this Aviary?

Hi Condor5, This app uses the Aviary Editing tools, but this is original coding. Thanks and I am here to serve you so if you have any more questions, I will be happy to answer.

I’m new to app dev. So on my mac i can reskin this in my preferred aesthetic and then submit it to the app store?

What programs do I need?

Hi Kreativ31, All you need is xcode. This is free you can download it from the app store.

Also we do have already made apps for sale. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/super-felix/id838314884?ls=1&mt=8 If you are interested send me a message at info@goldhydrogen.com and we can simply transfer the app to your itunes account.

It is possible to add Admob at end? What about the reskin? I can change all the images (ex. loading image etc)? Do you sell an Android version here? Thanks

Yes it is possible to add admob at the end or any other ad network of your choosing. Yes all of the images you can change. I am currently creating for android. I can offer adding ads and do a reskin for you if you are interested.

thanks for fast reply, I waiting the androind version too

I just purchased, not seeing in documentation on how to reskin this and package it in Xcode? or am I not looking in right place?

Also, is it possible to have it do what instasize does? Where when I gets shared to instagram it automatically puts a specified hashtag in the caption field?

How Kreativ 31,Thank You for your purchase! This is probably one of the easiest reskins you will see. The only thing in this that needs to be replaced is the icon, splash page, name, and screenshots (optional change).

Yes it is most certainly possible to have it do what instasize does, I will be happy to code that for you. Please send an email to info@goldhydrogen.com

sent you an email and did not get a response. Is this IOS 8 and new phone size compatible? Also had a question about some coding. Ready to buy if you could respond.


Hi Sunshyne,

I apologize as I did not receive an email from you. Yes the app is IOS 8 Ready. Feel free to ask more questions, as I am here to serve you.

Will it also run on iPad?

Yes it will run on iPad, though it is not universal app.

I bought your app, but it’s unable to compile. Error message is ”#import <AviarySDK/AviarySDK.h> no found”

Can you send me Aviary SDK to my email “alrudak@gmail.com” ?

Yes of Course. I will send that now. Apologies for the delay I am just seeing this message.

app has 64 bit support and iphone6s plus resolution support?

its amazing work mate

app is not compiling. we are on iOS11 now. app seems to be too old.

App is deprecated and cannot be compiled cause is still 32bit. Seller wont answer and wont provide refund, Neither would Envato. so STAY AWAY.