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This application is already adjusted to new version google-play-services_lib Admob?

The app is very useless, it’s just a front cam! very poor (and bad) effects, even when you try to use those bad effects you can not see the result unless you apply which is very annoying and useless.

If you can add more effects (instant and real nice effects), I’m sure the no. of buyers will be multiplied by 10 (including me)!

Also I suggest to make separate FB share option (using the FB SDK not the android multishare option), because when you see a photo shared via Smart Selfie in FB you’ll give it a try and the app will spread fatser.

PLEASE, don’t reply with ” for customization PL send DM” because we don’t need customization, we need a better app to buy.

Ok, we will add your points in next update

Would you tell me if the current version of the app will post to instagram and facebook as is without extra coding to be added?

Thank you.

Pl. download demo APK and check on your device – http://mobilemerit.com/selfie-android-app/

In the strings.xml you can insert only the id of admob banner. Where is the file where i can inser id for interstitial admob banner?

Pl. send DM, it is a long explanation

Hi, I sent you email yesterday could you please reply back regarding Admob…


pl. send DM (Direct message)

Good if added push notification… If needed I can add for you push notifications.. skype me salbiz@live.com

Ok, we will work on it soon

We Bought the Code, but I use Android Studio, how can I import to android estudio? what is the best IDE to customize?


Android Studio is the best ide for android app development. In eclipse you can generate gradle and than you can use it in android studio.