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I bought on your site, but within “My Account” does not appear to me to download.

my email is: jmcastillo507@gmail.com

We sent you mail

Hi there, I am having issues with your plugin. Tested it on 3 different websites and just even on a new and fresh install of wordpress. But after installing I get a blank admin page. Had to remove the plugin to get back to normal again. Php version 5.5.29 I am a bit lost, can you advice?


Please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com and we will provide you instruction what you need to do to identify the problem.

From our previous experience that problem can be caused by not fully uploaded plugin when upload via FTP or when you have another plugin or feature that uses social API without checking if it already exist.

Once you contact us we will provide you instructions what you need to do to find the problem.

Mail send


We did not receive any message from you. Can you please use our contact form http://support.creoworx.com/contact/ or do this when you open our profile and select to contact author with form

Hi, I just bought this plugin but I have a question,

How can configure in server side? I’m using nginx server, so I couldn’t any information about different domain in help document.

I added my short domain into main domain conf file but always going to my front page

Thanks in advance


Hello Akin,

We need to take a look of settings you have made. Please start a topic in our support system http://support.creoworx.com and in section for Easy Social Share Buttons start a topic and in private reply provide temporary WP admin access – we will login to check and provide further steps in settings you need to do.


Seems to be a great addon. I have a prepurchase question. When you create a manual short url it is possible to edit the destination afterwards? For example if a shorten blablabla.com/test/testing to bla.com/short, and then I need to edit the source of the shorten url in ordet to point to blablabla.com/test/anotherurl.

Many thanks. BR, Jose


Currently we have no option to edit the generated short URL but you can delete that custom short and add it again with new outgoing address

Thanks, that is great.

I want url shortner for only my use not for public use

Like my url shortner service is XYZ.COM and i create url fro 12345.com using xyz.com

i created this using admin panel but when anyone open xyz.com it will redirect to 12345.com


The short url service allows to create custom urls that may not be connected with your domain. You have also option to use short mirror domain. Please send us full description of your case and sample urls and scheme that they will redirect to appscreo at gmail dot com and we will answer.

Hi there,

Can we edit a short url? We need something like site.ru/video1 / site.ru/video2 / site.ru/interview3 / site.ru/news35 and so on. The main idea is short url should have a sense.

Second question: can we edit url inside an admin of particular posts, pages? You don’t have this screenshot.

Thanks, Igor

Hello Igor,

Yes you can edit the automatically generated address for each post or page http://prntscr.com/ba6ztl . Plugin by default will generate you automatic address based on your settings and you can change it any time with writing your own custom (edit and update post). http://prntscr.com/ba70yg

We also give you option to create custom short urls in settings. Those urls may to be connected with any page from your site – ideal to hide affiliate URLs for example http://prntscr.com/ba70to

Great, thanks

This plugin works in conjunction with social easy share?


Yes the plugin is addon for Easy Social Share Buttons – to run you need ESSB installed. You have option to use shorturls separately from ESSB but to run as we write you need to have ESSB installed.

Hello to a future update, may be added to create a url does not follow. This It is ideal and recommended to avoid negative seo affiliate links.


Thank you for the idea. We consider into next updates to add URL groups that will allow better url handling and different redirection types for each group.

Great, thanks.

Hi, I have the ESSB and want to buy this extension. but I don’t understand whether these self hosted shortlinks will be displayed in the social media sharing only or change the address displayed in the Browser status bar too?

The reason I am asking is because my permalinks are in Arabic. so when people copy the url in the status bar and paste it in Facebook, they get a huge link as all characters are percentage encoded. I read something about this in the documentation of this addon but did not fully understand what will happen. can you please explain more? thanks


The self hosted short URL will create short urls automatically to posts that you can use with share buttons (for recommended all for all social networks). This will not change URL that you will display in browser (users will still continue to see the full permalink with Arabic characters in it).

Hi team,

Do you support this plugin?

Almost 5 weeks ago we send you a ticket describing 3 main problems with a plugin:

1. First problem – This addon and Easy Social Share Buttons – don’t work together! We tried all social networks, and only default url shared, not created with addon.

2. Second problem – Whenever we choose (auto-generated or manually generated mode) plugin creates hundreds of short links for each file type, taxonomy and even for deleted posts. And if you imagine a blog / site with hundreds posts, you’ll get few thousand of absolutely useless free short links.

3. Third problem – A module for creating a short links (which you’ve mentioned in documentation) not appearing inside posts’ and pages’ admin pages.

We send you all password and login details and didn’t receive any reply almost for a month.

So our question about support.

We have 2 big clients’ website in development stage, and both agreed to use both of your plugins which we promoted to them. And we need an assistance from your side to make everything working.

Idea of addon is great, but the working plugin is really needed!

Hoping for your understanding.

Kind regards,


P.S. Please don’t delete this comment before we solve a problem. It seems your support system bugging.

Hello Igor,

1. If you use default share placement and in settings you activate usage of short urls plugin will automatically assign to be shared short URL (the setting is in menu for short URL integration of ESSB where you choose recommended or all social networks). If you place buttons inside content with shortcode or into theme with shortcode then the short URL will not be automatically assigned.

2. To avoid generation of many short URLS the automated generation should be turned off. In this case plugin will assign short URL on call of share buttons only. This will disable option to personalize the address that is generated – only automatic generated short URLs can be used. Personalization is possible only when automatic generation is ON.

The generated short URLS are two types – assigned to post and assigned to URL (manual). If the URL is assigned to post ID then you get the address by this post ID and plugin will not generate any more for it. If the address is assigned to URL then plugin can generated multiple addresses same time – the feature is left for those customers that generated multiple short urls for one page.

3. The generated short URL appear on the top of post just above the editor.

Please forward your details to our mail appscreo at gmail dot com to check them.

We do not provide support via comments system – support is provided only via mail or in support system


for the custom urls is it possible to set a url of mydomain.com/s/...

so the generated url shorten part is always prefixed with the above.


Technically it is possible but it will require a tiny change in plugin code as option that we have right now is for custom domain only (short url domain that is mirrored to the main).

With a little change in two lines you will be able to display that prefix appearing in the short urls and parsed via it. All short URLs after change will work only under prefixed address.

Hi. I want to use this addon with ESSB and AffiliateWP. My goal is that affiliates are able to share a post or page (share buttons) with their affiliate code and then shortened with this addon automatically. Will this work? Thank you.

Yes, the add-on will work just as you want.

At ESSB settings you will have to set short URLs for all networks and to choose Self-Hosted Add-on under Short URL type. Then with the add-on you have to set up only how your addresses will look like – if they will contain letters, numbers, etc.

There is something very important! If you have counters activated already the change at the URL (adding affiliate ID practically creates new URL) means that all the counters will be lost and will start count from zero.

I use Magento. Can I use? Please answer.


Sorry it is made for WordPress only.

Hi Guys, Can you use a custom domain name if I purchased one? Like you can use branded domain names with Bitly?

Yes it has option to fill your custom short URL domain http://prntscr.com/dcqib7

Your custom short URL domain should be additional domain attached as mirror to original and once you fill the field instead of http://longdomain.com/aXSa you will get http://short.domain/aXSa which will load the post.

Will this work for you?

Thanks yes that would work. Is there any analytics included?

Unfortunately currently now – we have plans to add such.

Drop us mail and we can prepare a test for you of the add-on to see its functions.

Can this hide/rename Ebay affilate URLS to a custom domain? Then redirect the clicked link back to the affilate URL to ebay?


Yes, Self Hosted Short URL can do that. You need to use Custom Short URL, when you prepare your links and they will work exactly as you expect.

Hi, if using this buddypress, can be applied to user profile links? i.e. site.com/member/username—> site.ab/username ? What about shared media to activity feed/user galleries since they are not connected necesarilly to a ‘post’? Thx.


Right now the add-on is integrated to generate short URLs automatically for posts. You have option to generate manual short URLs into plugin settings but it will not automatically trim buddypress profile links.

Can this feature be provided to registered users. So that they can log in the front end of the website and be able to shorten their own links as well?


Not it cannot be used for this. The add-on is made to operate into backend and support for custom generated short links is limited for administrators only.

Congratulation , Good Luck With Many Sales My Bro

Thanks :)

Are you sure that this plugin now is still working with the last version of PHP and WordPress?


Till now we did not receive any reports for incompatibility with PHP 7. On our demo we also use PHP 7 for almost an year and no issues were detected.

Is it only working with posts? What about custom post types?

Perfect. Thank You :)

Any problems with SSL domains?


No there are no such. On our blog we use it that way.