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Hi! I bought this a few months ago and at the time had it installed but we are moving web hosting services and I nee to re-install. The person who did it the first time no longer works with us. Can I pay a fee to have you install for us? Thanks!

We have a $149 premium support package available which comes with several hours of customisations which we can spend installing the script. For more info, please check

Hey just so you know, the live preview takes me to the index of the directory which has a file, which when downloaded was able to be installed. You might want to fix this up…

Thanks for letting me know. We were in the process of setting up a new demo, hence the ZIP file. All taken care off now, thanks again!

Hi how can I add this script to Site Builder so all my users can use use Submit API with forms?

You would have to integrate both scripts to make it a seamless experience; you would need a PHP developer, preferably with Ci experience.

First of all great script. This is what I was looking for as I don’t like to get involved into big forms and then php coding etc.

This is amazing. I have successfully installed it, everything working great.

Except one thing, I want to know is it possible to change the email heading ? When we receive a form to an email it contains email heading “you have got mail!”, I would like to change that Online Booking. How can I do it ? Which file is it. ?


Thanks for your kind words :)

I think this is the file you’re looking for: /application/views/email/text.php

If you require further assistance, please feel free to submit a support request through our support desk at Thanks!

Wonderful. Thanks a lot. Worked like a charm.

I have noticed now auto response is not working for some reason. When form is submitted, user who submits the form doesn’t get any confirmation. :|

Is it possible to host the API, and charge people a fee based on usage? For example, I host the API and charge the end user, $5 per 1000 emails 10 per 200000 etc…

Yes, that’s possible. However, you would need to implement that functionality yourself. I hope that makes sense? In addition, you would need an extended license as well.

Can this script print the client info that caputre?

Not directly, but you might be able to print out details from inside the admin area.

Hi, can this be used together with databased personal? So everytime user add a new input the admin will get the email notification and the data entered in the form is saved in the database

In theory, it could. However you would have to write some code to make it work.

Ah ok. Wish it will be available out of the box. Anyway, one more question, does the form support recaptcha or I have to implement it by myself?

Hi, this came with the new version of the sitebuilder. I decided to ask here… I successfully installed. But now, I can not go to the setup, after installation I press the button but does not open the login page. How do I do to get into the panel? thanks

Please submit a ticket through our help desk located at Thanks!

Hi. I am looking to buy this but have one question. I create websites and want to use this function for websites of my clients. Do I have to purchase an extended licence. I won’t charge for this service but as it’ll be easier for me to create a contact form and link it here. I would charge for the website not for this.

If the end users are paying you for using the product (the product of which SiteBuilder would be a part) then yes, you would need the extended license.

Im very interested in purchasing this script, however, I noticed that there are many errors with the demo. After submitting a test on the form at the bottom of the page, the page filled with error messages.

Do you plan to fix these problems?

If so, I plan to purchase.

Hi Mavrik,

Yes, you can use SentAPI with multiple users. Furthermore, you are free to add whatever features you like to the script.

The message means that the receiving email address has not yet been authorized. This is a built-in security measure (which can be turned off if needed) to prevent spamming through the API.

- Zoe

Brilliant! I’ll be purchasing this weekend.

Are you available for freelance? I would like to pay you to allow “premium members” to use advanced features, and standard users only can use basic feature.

If available, I will obviously purchase extended license.

Thanks for the great support!

Hi Mavrik,

Unfortunately, we do not currently take on customization projects. That said, the API is properly coded and documented, so you should have little trouble finding a developer who can implement whatever additional features you’d like to have.

- Zoe

Hi there,

Just wondering whether your script could be used to add a field that validates against a list of unique codes i.e; for competition entries? It would need to be a few thousand unique codes long so possibly in a csv file or php array?

Hi tin_soldier,

Yes, that would definitely be possible with some minor modifications to the API code.

- Zoe

Is it possible to integrate Sent API to work with SendGrid or Amazon SES or some similar third party service? If possible, would I need to add the functionality, or is it already set up?


Hi Mavrik,

Basically anything is possible, however this won’t work “out of the box”, so you’d have to do some coding to make this happen.

- Zoe

Hi again

How can i add reply to ? I mean when i get the form, i click reply button in the email then it is set to reply to my own email address set in the administration. I want to reply to who ever submitted the form, so that they can see all the submitted details and my email answer with it. Many thanks :)

Please ignore this. All emails reply working now.


Is it possible to change the Database password for mySQL i changed it on myQL, but how to change on Sent API. Which file do i need to edit ?

Hi desimc,

I’m afraid you’ll need to submit this through our help desk ( so one of our developers can answer this for you. Thanks!

- Zoe

I sorted it. Thanks

Is it possible to use Google reCaptcha with this ? I have implemented it, but for server side integration, i need to modify action file, but we are using sent api key there. What do I need to do. ?


Hi desimc,

Unfortunately I have no experience with Google reCaptcha :(

- Zoe

Hi Zoe Thanks for your reply. Thats okay, neither do I. I have now removed it and used a must “checked” box to accept our terms. That does the job. Thanks


We’re interested with your script.

I have a question here, How to add custom fields on this form?

So, maybe it will be input name, email, custom field1, custom field2, text, file upload.

Is that captcha feature supported?

Thanks for the answer.

Hi satsuke,

You can add form elements simply by editing your form and adding the proper HTML using your favorite text editor. I hope that helps?

- Zoe

How to remove powered link on footer?

Hi satsuke,

You should be able to simply edit the template file. If you need more guidance, please submit a ticket through our help desk located at Thanks!

- Zoe


It would be great to have logs, like how many times the form is submitted. If so, I’ll definitely buy this script!


Can it forward the form details to more than address?

I don’t want the forced confirmation – how do I go about removing this restriction?

Error message when logging in:

No input file specified.

Error message when confirming link in email:

No input file specified.

How do I disable the confirmation? Firstly, it adds an unnecessary step for the client to send data, and secondly it doesn’t even work anyways.

Nowhere on your product page does it mention forced optin:

I never mentioned it was listed on the CodeCanyon page, did I?

I again refer to the screenshot posted earlier clearly stating the feature on the sales page/demo.

Not interested in turning this into a pointless back-and-forth, so this will be our last reply regarding the matter.

Neither am I, but it does not mention Forced optin on your main product page. I cannot use it with forced optin.

So instead of just refunding me you vehemently defend your product, totally disregarding the fact that it is unsuitable for my purposes, and I was not aware of the forced optin at the time of purchase.


sifurr Purchased

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