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cyberbuff does not currently provide support for this item.

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But :

1. checkbox doesnt actually function in the demo, i can type in email if its clicked or not.

2. wouldnt it be better using show( ) and hide( ) on the form elements

Good luck

Thanks. :-)

1. That’s the only issue with this plugin. Next version will not have it :-)

2. It’s about choice, I guess. Also, that can be a lot of coding for some people. The plugin takes only two parameters and does the magic :-)

Just a quick question – why is it filed under ‘javascript/calendars’, and after first writing this I double checked and there’s some whacky ones in odd categories. But good luck with sales it looks a sound base and can see it being implemented much more after STW ’s first point has been adressed. :)

Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I have opened a support ticket regarding the issue. Hopefully they will fix it soon. :)


Your documentation shows how to enable/disable one text field based on the user input using a radio button. How would I enable/disable several text fields based on the user input in a radio button?

The feature has not been implemented as yet. Thanks for this, I will surely make it a point to get it in the plugin, in the following versions. :-)

Just figured out: Yes, you can use the plugin to enable a bunch of text-fields. All you have to do is to set the class-name of all the text-fields to the SAME class and activate the plugin on them (as documented). At the moment it doesn’t work with different class-names. Since you can add as many class-names to the same element as you want and it is standard, I hope it won’t be a problem. :-)

question – can i set radio buttons to enable/disable different form fields? for example in your demo – are you employed y/n – yes enables the drop down and select. could i add so that no enables 2 different fields as well…while keeping the yes fields disabled?

Yes, that is very much possible. Once you purchase, if you find any trouble setting this up, please drop me a mail from my profile page. :-)


How do I reverse this so that when a certain checkbox is clicked, the two below it go dim and are no longer clickable?

Hello, Thanks for the purchase! Could you please shoot me a mail from my profile page so that I can help you? Regards

Can I put more than one value for the select option in the acceptVal?

Hello, Thanks for your purchase. I am afraid you cannot put more than one value in acceptVal. But you can create two “instances” like this:
That should work. Cheers!

Is it possible to add some code to the css to make the disabled boxes grey out in IE, i believe the required code is

textarea[disabled], input[disabled] {background-color: #eee }

However that doesnt seem to work with this particular code ????

Hi, great script. All is working, but when i put inside the selected = “selected” option with PHP. After page refresh the script is doing nothing. How can i solve this problem? Thanx.

Hello, Thanks for your purchase! Could you please send me a link of the page where you are trying to implement it? Please send me a mail from my profile page along with the link. I would love to help you with it. Cheers!

I have two <select> dropdowns, and I want the 2nd <select> to only be enabled once an option from the first <select> has been selected. Does your script allow for this?

Also, the options in the 2nd <select> need to be different based on what was chosen in the 1st <select> – does your script allow for this? If so, how?

Yes, it does. Please read the documentation. If you still have any problem, please send me a mail from the profile page. Thanks for the purchase!

Very Nice work..:)