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Can you make it work with mobile fingers? I mean, can work in a phonegap application.

Hi, unfortunately I don’t think so because there are already a native highlight function on smartphones (eg. if you highlight some text on IPhone, IOS will replace this script by its own highlight system (=copy & paste toolbar)). Same problem on Android/Windows phones.

But if you find a way to remove the highlight function on your (HTML5) Mobile App, maybe you can do it.

Sorry but I can’t tell you more, I did not do these tests because the script is not intended to smartphones web apps like Phonegap.

Thanks for your interest :)

Do you can work this that also with twiter people can share in facebook and google+ text whitch will select?

Hi Tamara92,

Did you mean add a Facebook & Google+ icons on the Tooltip to share the text on these social networks? If yes, you can by adding some code to the script (you need some Javascript knowledge but it’s not that complicated).

I’m currently working on the Facebook sharing feature with the Wordpress Plugin of this script, so I can add this feature in a futur update.

Thanks for your interest.

This work just in wordpress? Do you have skype?

It will work on Wordpress (…because it’s a WP plugin ;)) but you can make it work without Wordpress with this single script and some JS knowledges.

Im trying to integrate this into wordpress but Im having some difficulties, Do you have instructions to add it to wordpress?

actually I figured it out, Thanks, And another thing, Can you tell me how to use the short urls/short permalinks in place of the pretty link?

Hi Pentortoise, I’m glad you find out how to integrate it on WP. What do you mean by “pretty link” ? I made a more complete Wordpress version of this script, if you want it I can send it to you, just email me so we can talk about this ;) Cheers, Hadrien

As Pentortoise, i´m having difficulties. It´s not the typical plugin

Where can i put the files? in wp-content? I don´t understand the process :-(

Be careful, my script is NOT a Wordpress plugin, but a single JS Script.

You need to create your own plugin to make it work with Wordpress (or you can add the script to your own Template). To do this you can find a lot of documentation in the Wordpress Codex : http://codex.wordpress.org/

If you have some troubles I can send you (exceptionally) a full plugin to make it work with WP (email me) but I can’t transform this commentary section to a “Wordpress assistance” here, because my product is a single JS script.

CodeCanyon has rejected the Wordpress version of my script because they say there are a lot of other WP plugins like mine (but in my opinion it’s not true), so, dear readers of this message, if you’re interested in a Wordpress version (and it manages Twitter AND Facebook), please help me and send a request to CodeCanyon to accept my Plugin.

Thank you for your purchase, btw :)

Cheers, Hadrien

Message sent :-)

And i promise send my request to CodeCanyon

Reply sent, cheers! :)

Please add me in skype: tamara.ban2 or send me msg: bantamara0@gmail.com

Hi, first of all, great work

My problem is that I dont want to be able to tweet every text in .Instead i want to be able to select text only from some div.tweetable.

Is it possible?

Thank you.

Hello hacioglu, thanks for purchasing my item :)

Yes it is possible, can you send me an email, please ? (I can’t email you… but as a customer you can)

In my answer you will find a new script with a selectable div named “mydiv”, for the example.

See you soon, Hadrien

Thank you for your email. It worked:-)

You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help! ;)

Cheers, Hadrien

Hi, I’m wondering if I can modify the source because I want to add more functionality

Hi do_ob,

Yes you can fully modify the source and add more functionalities, when you buy the script, it’s yours ;)

Cheers, Hadrien

HI, I have two question I was hoping you may help me with.

1) The tooltip seems to be about 200 px below where it is supposed to be when highlighting text - how to i amend this?

2)My webpage blocks the popups when i use the highlighter, though your demo page does not, how do I disable this?



Hi Alex, thank you for buying my script.

1) I think it’s related to a div on your page that has an absolute position which could shift the tooltip. You must totally isolate the ”.sharetooltip” div (eg: just before the tag). Do not include it in another div and it should work (if not, please email me the URL of your page).

2) This does not come from my script so I cannot answer you on that directly, but you can email me the URL of your page so I can look at it. (…be sure to check if you have any pop-up blocker plugin activated on your domain)

Best regards, Hadrien

Hi Hadrien – Thank you for the quick reply. I managed to get it working, and looks great (well done once again on the script – very nice work). I shall send you the link once the page goes live (next week) regarding the popup blocker. I do have one last question, which I hope you may be able to help me with though – do you know how I may integrate Bit.ly (or any other url shortener) into the script, so that the js call thiss api for the link, and not the very long url which comes as standard with the page? This would be of a great help, as a lot of the twitter characters are being used up on primarily on the url.

Thanks once again in advance, and for providing a great aftercare for your script. Alex

Hi Alex,

Nice, glad it works ! Thank you for the rating btw :) Ok, send me the link anytime.

Regarding the shorter URL, you can use the Bit.ly API to dynamically create your shortened link (the doc.: http://dev.bitly.com/links.html#v3_user_link_save ) and then you can change the var “pageURL” by the one generated by the API.

Look on Google, you will be able to find all the documentation/tutorials you need (I found this tutorial with a full source code to use: http://www.9lessons.info/2010/08/create-bitly-short-urls-using-jquery.html ).

Some JS/jQuery and JSON skills are required, but it’s quite easy to learn. Enjoy :)

Cheers, Hadrien

Hi. The demo-page is down?

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience, the demo page is back online.

Regards, Hadrien

Hi, could you create a version dependency free? like just plain JavaScript? is it possible?

Hi Neuropass, thank you for the purchase.

I’m using jQuery functions so I think it’s not possible to create a dependency free version with the same result. But if you don’t use “animate” or “css”, I think you could make a “lighter” version.

Regards, Hadrien


Is your plugin supports line break feature when sharing in facebook, like when we share post content that should be post as line by line & not wrap to each other. My site contents are SMS http://www.sendmesms.in/

Will it support Whatsapp Or could you please add Whatsapp share option on paid basis.

Hi, my item only supports text sharing through Twitter (it can’t be used for sharing on Facebook), I might update it to include the WhatsApp and Facebook support in the future, but it is not something I am doing yet. Thank you for the interest that you have given to my script.

Nice work, good luck with sales

Thank you!