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any demo ? can i stream video from my video playlist ? Without skip, like a live stream?

Sorry, my mistake. I’ve added a link to a demo now.

You would need to implement your own playlist system, but the player is capable of live streaming (depending on the browser, of course).

So you just upload the files and then add the code to your webpage?

Can this stream from external sources, such as amazon web services?

Indeed. You simply upload the code to your server. For the streaming to work, you will need to have a server that supports PHP.

As for streaming from other sources, it should work, depending on the source’s implementation of streaming and the streaming format. Different browsers support different file formats. Most browsers support MP4. Check out the Video tag support for different browsers for compatibility information.

The video player relies on the browser’s support of the video tag. If the external server can stream the appropriate file format, the video player should work.

what will this allow me to do? I am not sure the function of this- Can you give a real world example.

This will allow you to show streamed video in a HTML5 capable web browser. If you have your own server (that supports PHP) you can stream your own videos. You can also stream files from other sources. This provides all JavaScript and PHP code necessary for video streaming (including seeking). You would need to redesign the player itself, but the functionality for playing and controlling the video is already there.

So is that like Twitch or justin tv? in its core/functions?

Yes, something like that. It allows the users to watch videos from the server and to seek through the playback. Files are streamed from server in chunks.

so can i feed this a RTMP or HLS Stream?

Probably not. This depends on the given browser’s implementation of the video tag. You can check out the following StackOverflow answer to a similar question: Streaming via RTSP or RTP in HTML5

bought this item, it is not working, yes I have PHP. and I tried it in two different servers. please advice, thanks ben

You need to use both PHP files provided. File with the name stream.php is the main file used for streaming content. Take a look at the main.php file to see how to link audio files properly. Also, make sure that the link you provide to the player is publicly accessible.

Also, all the header files must be properly included for the player to work (this means all relevant JS and CSS files). You can also see an example of this in the main.php file.

not working! I uploaded everything I downloaded didn’t change anything. all the files there

Im having trouble. I have uploaded all the file in the root directory. but the video aint playing. it shows a error message on this link.


it shows that the file aint stored in the server. its show ERROR page

Its not a streaming server because it dont actual stream. it just play videos. thats all. A streaming server will output the stream to a different file. this is redirecting

It is not redirecting, it streams files in chunks. You need to have the file in your Videos directory or configure the PHP file to use a different directory. The script searches a specific path for files that can be streamed. You can read the README file for more information. Also, check out the example provided.

Whenever, i am trying to run the script, it is showing internal server error. I looked inside the code & found:

function set_range($range, $filesize, &$first, &$last){

The new PHP does not support Call By Reference. Please update the script & refund my money.

The listed support is for PHP 5.x. However, I tested the script using PHP 7, and could not replicate the problem. The server error you are receiving is likely not caused by this script.

There is a line of code in the file stream.php: set_magic_quotes_runtime(0);

This is creating error & video is not running.

is it possible that the only controls i get will be maximize, volume and when it paused in actual fact can it work like a real life streaming

The code is customizable. You may remove the controls you do not need. Maximization is not directly implemented, but it should be fairly simple, as this control relies on the HTML5 audio tag.

Hello ,

Can i play my videos by default without clicking play button.?

Does this start automatically.?

If i have video of 60 minutes and if i want to play video from 30:30 (minutes:seconds) then does your player able to play from there.?

Please let me know what do you think.?

Thanks, Savan Shah

also where is full screen command for the player.?

To play the video automatically, you would have to add a simple JavaScript code snippet. The player uses the HTML5 audio tag, so you can refer to the audio tag documentation for the code snippet.

The player allows seeking and streaming from parts, so it is possible to start playing from the middle. However, the provided code does not support mm:ss format, so you would have to modify it to allow this functionality.

The player does not have the fullscreen capability implemented.

The modifications you need are simple. For each one of them you can refer to the HTML5 audio tag JavaScript API.

Nice idea! GLWS

Thanks. :)

hi, soport streaming video? html5? i wait your answer! thanks!

The server side script and the player support seeking and streaming. The player is based on HTML5 tags.

I bought this article, it’s not working, yes, I have PHP. I want a refund