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Nice addon , keep going :)

Thanks. :)

Thank you. :)


What audio formats and browsers are supported?

All HTML5 browsers are supported (more precisely, all browsers that support the <audio> tag). On the server side, any streamable format is supported (you could even modify this to work with video streaming). Check out the link for more information: Audio tag.

Looks great, thanks for your contribution, this will come in handy for a site I’m building.

I hope it is of help.

Hi so this will let me have a player on my site that will do a voice over on my music that’s playing. If not not do you have one that i can use to do auto voice over on my mp3’s. So all i have to do is add the player and upload a mp3 file and when i hit play the voice will pay over my music.

I can make a library to combine MP3 files (for example a song and a voice over), if you would like. You can contact me at software@igorsevo.com.