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Nice Plugin and great idea!

Is it possible to translate the questions into different languages?

If this is not possible yet – is there a plan to integrate that feature?

Would be awesome!

Thank you very much and good luck with sales!!

Sorry for late response. Yeah, I do but little bit stuck with regular clients to release a new update. Can you please give me your login? we can implement it directly your end.


It’s multilingual now. and we have added new feature like protect login screen with security questions.


Great work! :) Thank you very much! when will the update be available?

hi, when we make a security question, how about the answer? is the answer set for each user? or how?thank you

Hmm is it set for each user? Or for global user?thank you for very fast respond

Yeah. Each user can set this for own account.

any thoughts for 3.9 compatibility?

We have tested it and it worked perfectly with 3.9

HI Im getting this in the drop down

Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /plugins/wordpress-security-question/wordpress-security-question.php on line 285

Hi, These’re just warning displayed when wp_debug is TRUE though they don’t have any affect on functionality. I’ll take care it in next version.

Also line 292 has this: Please enter your Twitter username.

That’s should be not there. Can you please mail me your wp information so i can check it?

Hi, after the question has been answered on registration, is it posible for the user to change this answer? Or is it hidden from profile change?



Yeah, they can modify the answer from Edit Profile page.


Will this work with Wishlist Member?

yes it’s works.

Thanks! Just purchased :-)

Lines 278, 292, 297, 301, labels are called twitter and descriptions read, Please enter your Twitter username.

I was hoping that the security question could be enabled for login, not just at the password forgotten page. Could you please slot this as an option for further development?


thanks, can’t wait to try it out. I didn’t see an update available for the plugin through the wordpress dashboard though …?

Hello, Plugins on envanto don’t show up updates notification on dashboard so please download it from here and use it.

I installed the update and everything works great! We appreciate the imrpovements, thank you!


How can I add the correct answer the user has to give?

also the translation doesn’t seem to work. I created the new lang files but it won’t change.


Each user setup own security questions and answers on time of registration or if you want to change user’s answer you can go to Users -> Edit and you see there all answered question there.

I’m checking .po and getting you back.

How easy is it to add the question requirement to other pages than the one in the plugin’s options.

For example, I would like to ask the questions in the WooCommerce “Change Password” to ask the customer a random security question before changing the password.

This is the only thing I need to clear up before buying the plugin.



By customization in plugin file in your page form we can achieve this. I think it’ll take max an hour to implement.


Can I generate a shortcode to use on custom login and registration forms?


No, you can’t do this using shortcode but we can customize the plugin according to your exact requirement.


How do I go about getting you to customize this plugin so I can use shortcodes?


Please contact me via email to hello@flippercode.com if you want customization in the plugin.


I see that a similar question was asked before in regards to WooCommerce integration.

Can this be integrated with WooCommerce? If so, how hard is it to do? Were you able to do it for josespinal?

Thanks, do you know when or have a timeframe for this added functionality?

right now working on other products release but we’re definitely sure about the next month mid.



My website uses the WP-Client platform.

As such, there is not the “default” registration page.

Instead, we create an account in wp-admin and a user logs-in with a temporary password. They then update the permanent password.

I am trying to integrate the Security Questions on my WP-Client registration Page.

I presume this would involve inserting the PHP code for the user inputs? Where can this be found?

Currently, they appear on the “Forgot Password” page to enter answers,

But when a user updates their temporary password (we provide this initially), the security question fields are not available.

Thank you!

Any change this plugin works with Woocommerce my-account pages yet? Thanks!


No, This doesn’t work with woocommerce my-account pages.


Hi, I need to integrate this with Gravity Forms user registration, are you available to hire for this customization?

Yes. I’m available. Please email me requirement at hello@flippercode.com

Could you please reply to my multiple emails to you over the past week with questions in regards to the customization you did for me?

Hello Alex,

I was travelling so couldn’t response you back. I’m following you now on email thread.


How do I allow users to update their security questions on the front end? I tried setting up another gravity form with the plugin customization you did for me, but that does not update it in the users profile.


User’s can’t setup security questions on front-end side. They can go to EDIT Profile in the backend and can edit answer there.


How come I can’t just have a user submit another gravity form submission to update them? Is there any way you could add this functionality?


We can customize the plugin. Please email us at hello@flippercode.com with mockup or you create a gravity form and send us link.


I need a function where once the user stays on the website for 20 minutes he will be presented with a security question which we will set at the beginning (like we do for password reset), if he answers correctly he can unlock the screen.


This is not possible with this plugin but we can customize it according to your requirement. Please email us complete details with mockup at hello@flippercode.com and we’ll get back to you with estimation and time frame.



ssgupta Purchased

Need following functions:

(a) Role based to select which roles must have security questions (e.g. admin) while it may be optional for others (e.g. subscribers).

(b) Frontend editing of security answers, our subscribers don’t have access to wp-admin.



Both are great features but not available in our plugin. We’d like to include these features in our next version.