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when a user clicks on google plus to login I get this error

Connect Me!”; header(‘location:’.$authUrl); } else { print “Logout”; } ?>

have added the apikeys and information required in the db.php and conf.[h[

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psbasic Purchased

spent hours trying to figure this out

@psbasic – the GoogleConnect file uses a short code for php on the last opening for php – you will see <? – just change that to <?php and it will clear that error :)

Hi, i’m getting the Could not connect to mysql because error. I’m not sure where to point the domain configuration to. This is in there currently $url=””; thanks sam

Wats the exact error message ? Try giving ip address of the server instead of licalhost

I changed it to the ip address. now i get the error. {result Doesn’t exist”}

Is it happening during registration ?

Something isn’t connecting. I have taken out the email activation because I don’t need it. username, varchar(1000), function dropdown menu blank, value: user name password varchar(1000), function dropdown menu blank, value: password email varchar(100), function dropdown menu blank, value: my email active_status tinyint(1), function dropdown menu blank, value: 1 activ_key varchar(1000), function dropdown menu blank, value: blank

I registered a new user. checked mysql and I see the following

when I login i get the error password incorrect. I’ve checked and it is correct. Is there another place where it isn’t linking?

disregard this mumbo jumbo. it’s working. Thanks

I love this script – I would like to know if you are planning (or if you would consider) adding a “remember me” checkbox so that users who check the box would not have to log in again when returning to my website… :)

Thanks for your feedback. I will certainly add the feature.


vilavi Purchased

In “Reviews”, the NoFxor noticed that there is a security issue. This made me worried. If there is really a problem, may you please mend it timely for me? Thanks

Hi. I had a fixed version ready but I was testing for other feature which I was adding. You can contact over email.

Hi. The new version is now live. Please download the latest version.


Can it be used as registration only and then redirect to url after registration?

Yes. it needs code change.

how do i get support

You can refer to the help file available inside the package.

Refer help.html

Let me know if you still need help.


how i install and after to integrate in my website ?

Regards Gc

You can refer to the help file available inside the package.

Refer help.html

Let me know if you still need help.

This doesn’t let me deactivate there account when I want to . I also want to log user IP’s. Also this product has some bugs was wondering if you could help. It won’t correctly do a password reset and also won’t correctly go to details when i click on it

It doesn’t let me click view details and when i do it doesn’t go anymore. It doesn’t have any roles. I am also looking for a coder and will pay you if you ccan help. It doesn’t have manual activation where I want to have where they type in key and it activates them

Let’s discuss. Please send me email on

Alright, have sent an email


dompower Purchased

I am disappointed. Bcs there is no ‘different level’ user privileges available. Admin can just view user and he doesn’t have any control of activating or deactivating users.

I can add the feature of activating and de activating in the next release


hermi Purchased


I’m very much interested to purchase your script as it seems it has the features I need for my project mostly the login and registration feature I’m after as I have admin already.I’m mostly interested in the front part of your script such as login/registration with validation.

If your script needs some integration to suit my existing script so would you be interested to customize it so it will work well of course subject to a fee?.

More information I can provide if we come to an agreement.

Yes please. Send details on


hermi Purchased

see previous text

Hey man, can I have a refund?

Sure.please request through code canyon

Nevermind, I’d like to work it out, I have emailed you