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Hi, Will you be doing any new releases on this script? Specifically the mobile responsive design.

Thank you, Joseph

Hi ,

Planning to do the upgrades but might take sometime. Do you want soon? Thanks

I saw there was no update since March 2016 so I was wondering if it would be within next 3 months.

Thank you.

ok Joseph. I will plan to do it soon.

How the script works, each user to redirect to a new URL after login successful ? Thanks

How to hide address bar the link members.php to abcd.php or something. Thanks

Not sure what you are asking. Please post me queries on

i meant, hide the file name members.php on address bar, because after login successful then people can see members.php

Can you please create more example after login successful? Thanks

Hey jeyaganesh89, is there any login API I could do with this script?

No. This is not api.

Also is there a file somewhere that I could change the style of this bootstrap since I am using a custom theme.

We use bootstrap and custom stylesheet. You can modify them as you need.

Hello I have purchased your login system a year ago and up until recently it has been working. Now only the email login works. When trying to login through facebook I get a error from the browser because it tries to redirect too many times. I also get a error message from twitter saying “cannot connect to twitter at this time” Note: I recently added ssl for a https connection for my domain

I verified it. I think I have fixed the problem a bit but now I am receiving this error

URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings. Make sure Client and Web OAuth Login are on and add all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.

I am having trouble with which url to add to the whitelist could be a minor problem in config. This script uses standard php sdk from facebook

I checked the error file:

[29-Mar-2017 21:31:50 America/Chicago] CSRF state token does not match one provided.

HEllo, After executing /login/logout.php I am returned to login page, that is ok. But the problem is that after /logout.php I click browser back and it returns me to my app page, but not to the login page. Is it a bug or my headers ?

hi, The code which is in the package will not allow back button to app page. you can test it with the demo page url.



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How to add the user pages, after login? i need customization in this area., Where user can upload and download and read the content

any page which you want to be secure can be possible by adding the session check at the top of that page.

You can refer to member.php page for reference and copy the script at the top.

Hi, I want to add a cell to the table in ‘admin_user_list.php’ but I cant get the sql query to work

$query = “SELECT username, case when activ_status=’0’ then ‘Not Activated’ when activ_status=’1’ then ‘activated’ when activ_status=’2’ then ‘reset’ end as activ_status, ‘email’ as source FROM ” . $table_name . ” UNION ALL SELECT username, ‘activated’, source FROM ” . $table_name_social.”, LEFT JOIN ” . $table_name_3 . ” on ” . $table_name . ”.username=” . $table_name_3 . ”.username_users order by username”;

What am I doing wrong?

Try printing the $query output or share the error message.

I solved it I had to insert the new table also after the UNION ALL SELECT

Hello, in my user list I can not click on further side … I do not come on page 2 or 3 etc. I ask for help

Hi, Can you explain more about the issue or give me screenshot Thanks

Hello I setup the script (good job, beautifull code) and put the facebook key on bd.php. But when i try to log in go in loop and crash. It’s certainly a stupid mistake, but a can”t solve it Can you help me, please ? Philippe

Do you whant to see my “db.php” file ?

The script work perfectly with twitter

But still dont work with facebook

hi i have just purchased the code and was hoping to simply protect a section of my website. i edited the db.php and uploaded it to my cpanel along with the login.php but when i goto the subdomain i uploaded to i get a message -Could not connect to mysql because-

To be honest im totally new to all this and would appreciate if theres a complete step by step you could point me to as i understand you are probably very busy.

sorry dont know how to edit or delete my post, managed to get the page to create the login box , now just need to mess about with it :)

still cant get it to work :( login boxes are there but no matter what i type the page just reloads with the login details i try added to the url bar. im obviously making some noob mistake but just cant work it out :(


Need to see your implementation to figure out the issue. Can you share your url Thanks

Once someone has registered when they login can they change their registration information? For example, Mary Smith gets married and is now Mary Jones. Can she change her last name from Smith to Jones?

Hi, As of not no you cannot change the username as it is unique identifier, I can consider this for future upgrade. If you want to update only for one user then you can update manually in database (one time fix)

Hi, is it possible to add custom fields on signup form? Thanks!


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Not good – the admin user name and password are stored as plain text in the configuration file

Yes agree. I started this as basic version and have added more features. I will certainly upgrade the admin password feature as well.