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Hi!!! Your Script is too good and simple. but I have a problem…

when I login to admin page and click the “User list”

It display error….... but I have create “users” “users_role” “users_social” tables in phpmyadmin

but it sitll display error in User list…........ Thanks

Thanks for trying.please share the error message either screenshot or text. My email is

sent , Thanks

I am new to this and downloaded a copy. However I cannot find the rhelp documentation that is referenced in the readme.txt where is the remaining documentation. I got as far as setting up the database but when the user logs in gets a notice via email tho activate account bu a valid activation code is not generated. What needs to be done next?

Hi. Please check the spam box as well for the activation code.

Help documentation is available in help folder that came with the package. Let me know if u need help. Thanks

I was able to get the code working and it is wonderful. Now that the user can login, how to I direct to a secured page and/or dashboard? Where do I modify the code to direct to the secure site?

Great. For changing the redirect open the index.php file and find where it says members.php and replace it with your page name.

Second step is to add a script on top of your redirected page so that anyone without access should be redirected to login page. You need to copy that script from.members.php ( php part on the top of that page)

hello We can also do these radio buttons vertically right?

In the beginning I need to ask the account if he is retired or not if not then chose one of 23 vertical radio buttons If retired then I ask again if he is still working or not If working he will go to the 23 vertical radio buttons If not working then he will go to a separate 18 vertical buttons This is what I want to do Regards Tell me how i will do this ???? if you have a email tell me so i can send what i need maybe need some customization

Hi sir,

I would like to buy your product.

Is this a php script or plugins; will I need to install on my wordpress website?

I have tried a few registration plugins on the directory theme I bought from this website:

and they have messed up registration engine of the theme. I can do some little coding in php, css and html.

I only need the followings:

-simple registration form (username, email and password and required password) which can be placed any where on my website.

-login, password reset forms

-email verification upon registration and password reset.

-The form should be created based on Wordpress user’s role or users’ roles created by that theme.

-I dont want a new profile page to be created by your plugins/scripts as it may overwirite the default built in profile created by the theme.

-Do you have Google Recaptcha to avoid spams for Registrion and Login forms?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



HI, Thanks for the interest but this script is a standalone login system which is not linked with wordpress. However you can tweak the code to integrate.

I bought already and realise that it is complex with wordpress. Can I cancel it and get a full refund?

Cheers Thon

Yes sure.

Hi sir,

I decided to buy your php scripts for creating registration form on my wordpress website.

I have downloaded your script after making a payment with 1 year support. However, I dont see any step by step guide on how to install your script on my wordpress website or server?

Can you please help me with that.

Cheers Thon

Hi, This is a stand alone login registration system which needs some tweaking to integrate in wordpress.

yes you can either create a new db or use wp’s database. You need to input the db configurations in db.php with the details email config – Change it your admin’s email database password is blank and need to be filled with your own db password url – Change this to the url where your login system resides

its quite complex for me as I am not a php or website developer and it is not intended for use with wordpress; it is just general php script.

Can I cancel it and get a refund.



Please initiate a request via code will find an option on your account


I would like to cancel this product and get a refund.

I cant find a cancellation button on my account?

Can you please help with that?

Cheers Thon

thanks. a request has been sent

One of my customers was asking whether his current internal admin system (developed by myself) could automatically copy some selected data to the internet (also no problem for me) to be accessible by his customers. Meaning :

Customer A logs in and will automatically routed to his directory “CUSTOMERA” for instance Customer B logs in and will automatically routed to his directory “CUSTOMERB” for instance Customer C logs in and will automatically routed to his directory “CUSTOMERC” for instance …and so on

So each customer can only look at his own data on his own directory (data that exists of webpages, files, documents,… that I can provide automatically )

So I am looking for a user login script that redirects the user to his own data.

Per customer more than one user of the same company should be able to login. An admin section to check which customers have been logged in

Can your script manage this situation ? Thanks and kind regards,


Hi, your demo is still not responsive. when you will release the responsive update?

can this login system integrate with other php frameworks?

can this login system integrate with other php frameworks?

Hi, purchase code :cf0a4a6f-ef20-452f-a2ea-40e56c4c3d85

Lovely simple code,

Need help understanding your notifications, if you can please explain how I can add it to other buttons on new pages I have created.


Hi, you have to add Ajax call to your other buttons and bind the response to messagebox css class on the page. Please refer the login and register buttons as reference.

Thanks, so been able to get that resolved, now the system keeps login me out… i don’t get it. once you click on any lick once you login, it logs you out immediately.

Kindly help

Hi your demo access isn’t working bytheway. Love to have a look at it.

Hi , checked the demo and it is working fine . Please check

That’s interesting?! Using admin:123456 on IE, Chrome and Android i get password incorrect? Thanks anyway.

Oh I got it. The admin url is different from the user login. Please Go-to admin_login.php

Hi I’m getting an error trying to run

(errno: 150 “Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed”)

Hi, I need some help. I’ve run the required scripts but the last 2 ALTER TABLE won’t run with MySQL #1822 with Failed to add the foreign key constaint. Missing index for constraint ‘fk_role’ in the referenced table ‘users_role’. Can I get your assistance to solve it please.