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Nice work, Good luck with sales! :)

Awesome. I was looking for something like this for long time. I will probably purchase few license in the near future. Does it has options like merchant hosted or server hosted payments??

This plugin lets you take the payment through Credit Card at your site / store.

I installed the plugin and configured it correctly I think but the payment option does not show up in Checkout, but PayPal still does?! any ideas? – fairyflossbyronbay.com/clone

Thats the message I get, I just sent you a message via the Envato messaging system. Thank you for your help.

NO PROBLEM :) I found another plugin was causing the issue, thankyou very much.

Sounds great :)

Hi there,

Does your plugin accept Diners Club and American Express payment methods ?


Hi, this plugin integrate Securepay payment gateway, so it is up to the Securepay whether they accept Diners Club and American Express.

Just a prepurchaser – once the plugin is installed, what would be the next thing we would need to do? Also, where would it show the payment being processed? On the same page as the screenshot you’ve provided or it goes somewhere else to show the processing?

I spoke to SecurePay and they were ‘hopelessly’ supportive.


Hello there, If you have the woocommerce installed and this payment gateway installed and set properly, it will work like showed exactly in the screenshot. Please email us if you need any more informaiton.

Hey thanks for the prompt teply. Yes I have seen the screenshot and too believe that’s what its going to look like. I just needed to find out where would the processing will be shown taking place. That’s all. :)

Hello, i live in mexico, ca i use this plugin to charge clients directly on my website. Do i need an US Bank account? where does the money charged goes.?


This plugin helps you to integrate “SecurePay: payment gateway of Australia with a woocommerce site.

HI, Successfully got a payment to process, but on Securepay transaction the product is marked as ‘Unknown’. Any ideas why? Cheers

Please make sure set your product attributes and info correctly :)

Hi there

Presale question: I live in New Zealand and am wanting to accept credit card payments from New Zealand customers.

Will the plugin allow for this?

This plugin allows you to take the payment through Securepay, so if Securepay supports New Zealand, then this plugin will surely let you take the payments from New Zealand customers.

Hey mate. Just wondering how does it assimilate with themes native styling? :) It might be a difficult one for you to answer. The reason I am asking because we’ve used some plugins and their styling was more like a FJ Holden ;)


This plugin integrates the Securepay payment gateway for your woocommerce, so it does not have much front end to have design. It get the data from your existing checkout page by woocommorece at your site.

Hi, I purchased the plugin. It worked few weeks ago BUT now i get this error when on “sandbox” account. The error happens when placing an order.

The ERROR is:

EDIT: Author aware CODE removed

Please send your site access information and these error message at support.solvercircle.com

Invalid merchant ID.

And live account ID and SandBox account ID is different.

Please set the Correct information. Thanks

What’s the correct Merchant Id format? We have an active account and keep getting: Sorry, the transaction was declined. Error: 504 : Invalid merchant ID

Please ask SecurePay to give you more information regarding your Merchant ID with them.

Hi my client wishes to use Securepay XML API and I found this plug, just wondering does this plugin use Securepay XML API? and one more thing we are currently using woocommerce 2.4.6 so can I use this plugin?

Yes, we have used XML API for this plugin. yes it works with latest version of woocommerce.

Hi, I was wondering if this plugin supports Preauthorisation.

We are wanting to use this feature (within SecurePay) so that after the customer enters their credit card details on the website, we can check if we have products in stock before taking payment. If we have enough stock, we will process the payment within SecurePay.

Is this SecurePay service supported by the plugin?

Hi There, this plugin provides the payment processing through securepay at woocommerce Checkout but Preauthorisation.feature is not supported at woocommerce I think. And stocked is checked while adding item to the Cart for woocommerce and this plugin does not have to do anything with stock management.

Can i do recurring payments through the plugin?

sorry, this plugin is just to process the payment through woocommerce checkout and securepay payment gateway, it does not have any internal process to handle whether the payment is one time or recurring.

Before i purchase this plugin i would like to confirm whether this plugin can handle taking payments in USD. My secure pay account accepts USD

Hi, I have installed this plugin and check out page there’s secure pay category but when try to finish shopping, says error 504 Invalid merchant ID, Is this because of wrong ID? Is ID usually 3letters or 5 example like 3AB or 3AB00 or 3AB-comanyname? sorry If question is confusing,,

Can you please ask directly to Securepay support, regarding your valid Merchant Id and format that you should use.

Hi there

does this plugin support securepay accounts with fraudguard

Hi, The purpose of this plugin is to allow payment to be processed through securepay. The fraudguard is beyond its features.

Hi. Can i use for “carte bleue”?

Sorry, could not understand your question, please paraphrase the question.

Carte Bleue it is credit card very used in France …

Please ask SecurePay directly, regarding which cards they allow. We have just made a plugin to pass through Securepay.

can u pls share some pictures of front end look of this plugin where customer enter credit card information. Current picture shows fields first name and last name which is not necessary for the payment fields.

we don’t need first and last name in the field. Card number expiry and cvv is enough for the payment. Can we remove first and last name fields from the checkout page?

It our default plugin we have this field, but if you need otherwise, we can provide custom development. Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss customization and relevant cost.