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Why the script is giving error on Social.class.php on line 25” or nothing happens after login ?

If you are facing some php errors, please check your PHP version.
This script needs atleast PHP 5.4 so update your PHP version
The script is tested on PHP 5.4,5.5,5.6 and it works perfectly fine with no errors.

What is EMAIL_HEADER in config settings ?

Email Header is actually the from title that appears in the inbox
For example: EMAIL_HEADER = ‘Test Finester Login/SignUp’

Why the script is not sending email ?

This could happen when your email configuration settings are incorrect.Refer documentation.
But if you think your email config. is correct and still its not working.The reason could be that your host provider might be blocking email outgoing port.
So in that case contact your hosting provider to give you working email config. settings.

Social Login is not working in the demo

Codecanyon frame changes the url that is requesting social auth apps,so sometimes they might not respond to that. Use it directly here,they all work:

Error in using gmail account in email config

Gmail has started imposing a new authentication mechanism that substitutes SMTP authentication for OAuth2-based authorisation. This doesn’t really improve security much because ultimately you still need to submit your username and password over SSL at some point (the very mechanism that google deems insecure) to authenticate to get an OAuth token, which is exactly as secure as existing SMTP auth systems.
As yet, PHPMailer does not support this new mechanism in the released version.But here is a troubleshoot provided by PHPmailer.
PHPMailer Troubleshoot: Gmail, OAuth2 and “Allow less secure apps” Google:Change account access for less secure apps Or
you could use your server’s mailing account or some other mailing service like Yahoo which works is very fast.

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