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Error in unzipping latest update – Error Path too long HumanitarianOAuth2Client.php

Rename the zip to a shorter name.latest update is just a bug fix, just replace Auth.class.php with new one in your project

is there an bootstrap version ?

Hi, I just bought your login system and there are no installation instructions in the zip file. I can’t use it without instructions.

My webhost doesn’t allow uploading of folders within folders. Only files. I cannot use this login system.

You can use any FTP client ( to login to your hosting account and upload the files

I did that. Thanks.

For a few days, Facebook login does not work. Probably Facebook has made some changes. Do you have a solution? Thanks!

I am on busy schedule.Will try to fix it soon

Hi there, can you tell me if its possible with this to use session variable in mysql query to restrict only records of the user logged in?

For example if I have a secure page, then inside I have a table displayed with mysql/php, I then require loggedin username to only see there records

select * from tbl_sales where adviser = "username_logged_in"

Thank you

can i login with a username vs email?

Are you able to?

Drop me an email at I will send you the changes there.

email sent, thank you for your assistance!

Hi, I am having some trouble getting my FB and Google to connect. Is there any way I can get assistance? I know you don’t offer support, but I am kind of lost. I am on IIS and with FB I am getting the following errors… if there is any guidance you can give….

[18-May-2018 21:10:59 America/New_York] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: return in E:\\scripts\members\classes\Csrf.class.php on line 123

[18-May-2018 21:11:02 America/New_York] PHP Warning: chmod(): No such file or directory in E:\\scripts\members\classes\Util.class.php on line 110

[18-May-2018 21:11:02 America/New_York] PHP Warning: fopen(uploads/profile_pics/7_lauragriffinlong.jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied in E:\\scripts\members\classes\Util.class.php on line 134

[18-May-2018 21:11:02 America/New_York] PHP Warning: fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in E:\\scripts\members\classes\Util.class.php on line 135

[18-May-2018 21:11:02 America/New_York] PHP Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in E:\\scripts\members\classes\Util.class.php on line 136

[18-May-2018 21:11:02 America/New_York] PHP Fatal error: Cannot pass parameter 2 by reference in E:\Websites\EEE\scripts\members\classes\User.class.php on line 1121

Seems like php.ini config errors, allow permissions curl and allow_url_fopen

Yes – for anyone else on IIS – make sure you replace /? with /index.php? in certain parts of the menu and in the redirects for social logins…

Also, the upload folder needs modify permissions.

Great script!

OK, I am down to one error in my php error log… (btw, php.ini config – curl and allow_url_fopen – both on and enabled…

Undefined variable: return in E:\Websites\EEE\scripts\members\classes\Csrf.class.php

I have inlcluded your script on my site which already has an open session. When I access your script directly the login works perfect, but within my site I get the above error… this is my last hurdle :) BTW, the register part works fine within my site…

dear friend, the script is very good and safe, I installed it very well and it works wonders, I wanted to ask you about the file Config.class.php, there you manually place the connection data for the database, emails and networks social.

how do I do not put this data manually and that the data that goes there is executed by another file.

I have and I want to do this but it does not work in pdo please, how would that connection be? Thank you

config.php file

<? php

$ hostname = ‘localhost’; $ database = ‘secure’; $ username = ‘root’; $ password = ’’;


<? php

/ *   Configuration Class  * /


require_once ‘config.php’; $ mysqli = new mysqli ($ hostname, $ username, $ password, $ database);

class Config {     const             SITEURL = ‘http: // localhost / demo /’,

            DB_HOST = $ hostname,             DB_NAME = $ database,             DB_USER = $ username,             DB_PASS = $ password,

This script won’t work with mysqli as PHP api for mysqli is different from PDO.also script is using PDO named parameters for binding to all queries to prevent sql injection,named params are not supported in mysqli. why do you want to use mysqli, no one uses that nowadays. If you have raw queries in mysqli, you can easily move those to PDO, its easy, but to move PDO code back to old mysqli, you lose features and is difficult.

thanks for replying, I understand it can not be done with mysqli, but give me options so that this data is not placed directly in the Config.class.php file, I mean that I can do this from another file through a query to the base of data, I can create a table that saves the connection datops and through a query in pdo can add that data to the Config.class.php file

example as I add a user or I delete it in your script I also want to do it with the configuration of mail and social networks

you understand what I want to say or do

I am not sure what you are trying to achieve here. database connection details won’t be coming from a query.

Warning: I have not used this script in a while and thought I would try it out again but when I installed it and ran the index.php page – I got an infection alert for a Trojan Virus from http:// – Deleted everything and tried again with the same issue.


I like this application. How hard if I want to add more field to the registration form? Do I need to modify the data base?

Thank U,


Not much just perhaps add/modify 2 or 3 more fields from ur registration form.

I can guide you with steps.

Thank u – I will speak to my client and I will get this app.

Is this app going to be updated? Like to support the new Google Recaptcha version?

is this still working? the sdks are up to date?

social login in demo version dont work