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Hi, Pre-order question:

Can I use your script to only show parts of the web page code to logged-in users?

For example, To show this code for logged-in users only: Hello USER,

The rest of page HTML code will be available to all visitors as “Guest” users.


Yes,its implemented on homepage of script.You can replicate the same logic on your desired web pages.See for yourself

Hi, please add any payment method…i am looking for update, could you tell me about progress?

Hello, I noticed that there was this problem earlier in the comments:

“In error log, showing this: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’, expecting ‘(’ in /home/xxx/signup.php on line 108 PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’, expecting ‘(’ in /home/xxx/login.php on line 168”.

I downloaded this today, and I still get the error? I’m using PHP 5.4.45

Ah, ok. I thought that I saw somewhere that this works with 5.4, but I think I have seen wrong! Thank you!

Why would you use PHP 5.4 ? Its not like that you have to pay for it. About the issue, me being a developer try to follow latest syntax practices.Somehow the syntax I used on login and signup pages is not recognised by 5.4.On login page I wrote the logic to check if you supplied social login parameters for a social provider in Config.class.php only then it will show that social provider’s icon on the page.Thats it.So if you don’t want to update the PHP, just remove those lines.Rest of the script works fine with 5.4.But still for best results I would recommend updating your PHP

Well because the linux distro in the computer I installed this is so old, that I need to also update the distro to update to 5.6, so I thought of trying it out there before installing to the actual target machine. But I guess it’s good to update that test machine also every once in a while. ;)

Hi. Is it possible to add new menu links with user restriction here?


I just bought your script and i always test it in localhost and edit it before putting it live out there.


Captcha: Not showing at all during registration or login

The same goes for social network login. Nothing is showing. The frame and names are there, but nothing craphical.

What can the problem be?

On mobile, the navigation menu collapses into a mobile nav and can be accessed from top left nav icon.
And about Show/Hide button,you need to long press it(2 sec till the menu pops up) to access it as its on auto hide mode on PC.
Just to let you know,its very quite difficult to make tables mobile friendly,I would suggest you to check “Request Desktop Site” in chrome option if you are finding trouble using it on mobile.

The problem is that the Icon wont show on mobile, only when i change to request PC version.

But again, its not a big problem since almost none of my users use mobile.

Another question. I see on some scripts that it has UTF-8. But i need the contact form to accept the norwegian character Æ Ø and Å. If i write in the form table accept-charset=UTF-8 then there is no change.

If i change form to accept-charset=ISO-8859-1 then the fields in the contact form with those characters just disapear.

Any idea?

Sorry,Don’t know much about this.You could try this in header,instead of form tag
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

zigmo Purchased

Does this script do server side validation error feedback for the user? The reason I’m asking is that I turned off Javascript in the browser and it let me submit with an email “myemail@gmail” without the .com. It sent me to a Registration successful page but thankfully didn’t enter it into the DB. Any plans on adding appropriate feedback when Javascript is disabled?

You could enforce user to enable Javascript by placing a noscript tag in includes/header.php just before </head>

    <style type="text/css">

    <div class="noscriptmsg valign-wrapper" style="height:100vh;min-height:100vh;background-color:#ddd;">
        <div style="width:800px; margin:0 auto;">
             <h3 class="valign center-align">You don't have JavaScript enabled. Please enable it.</h3>

zigmo Purchased

How do I reformat the error messages. I’d like to place them underneath the fields.

To reformat errors or change the placement of errors,you need to have knowledge of Css. To shift errors to the bottom of fields.Edit style.css Change sign-input width to 100%

.sign-input { width: 100% !important; }


canngay Purchased


I have a couple of questions: 1) When a user used Social Sign-up with Facebook to sign up, can the same user login with the same Facebook password if he choose not to log in with Social login? I tested it by signing up with Facebook Social, but when I login in with the regular login form and used my Facebook password, it does not log me in. 2) The Forgotten Password does not send a link to a user email, I tried both Google email and Live email in the Config.class.php without sucess. 3) When logged in as an Admin and tried to write a user an email, it gives me an error: Unfortunately,There is some error.Please try again. Please help me solve these problems, thank you very much.

1). Facebook or any other social provider never shares user’s password.So your facebook password won’t work.You will receive a random password via email on facebook signup.
2). Since your outgoing email is not working.Email configurations is incorrect in Config.class.php
And you tried both Google and Live,means your server is blocking the outgoing port or blocking the use of third party Mail provider. Ask your hosting provider for correct settings for PHPMailer.

Hi Arneet,

Having a problem with redirects after login. If you go to a page that requires login, it redirects you to login page, after logging in it redirects you to the SITEURL + $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’].

So if I am going to, I get redirected to the login on, and after logging in it goes to

I don’t know what you changed in your files.Its working in the demo. Try accessing any of these urls

After login,You will be redirected to requested page

Hello, followed the instructions, published to my personal domain, i managed to get to the home page which was a success…set up all the config.php and database but then when i press Login it gices the error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’, expecting ‘(’ in /home4/robbowebguy/public_html/login.php on line 168

It was pointing to the social login which in fact i dont need, so i took out all social stuff and it works perfectly.

However, i tried signing up and waited a while but no confirmation arrived. I tried the / 123456 but that came back invalid. So what is the problem?

Fixed.Correct email configurations applied. Activation-via-email is set to true.

Cant thank you enough Arneet, great support and i will write a review :)

Thanks.Happy to Help :)


goalsnow Purchased


We purchase your script and install in the website is all working fine less on facebook the profile pictures come with 0kb and dont appear in the other social networks is fine you have any idea what can that be? Please advise.


goalsnow Purchased

Is sent


goalsnow Purchased

Is fix thanks

Happy to help :)

Hello Arneet, hope you are well. I’m having similar problems as before and cant seem to fix it, SMTP problem. I’ve sent an email to you and i would greatly appreciate your help again

Hello Arneet, hope you are well. I’m having similar problems as before and cant seem to fix it, SMTP problem. I’ve sent an email to you and i would greatly appreciate your help again

Understood and will do that, thank you. Seem to be getting this message in error log now:

PHP Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP

Surely Host Gator would be on latest version of PHP, the message directs to vendor/PHPass/passwordhash.php line 27, could this be the problem with the emails going to spam?

No.Its because of SMTPAuth. Look into PHPMailer docs

I not expert with this, is possible you can have a look and see what needs changed to get rid of the error in log?

Dont understand why happening now all of a sudden, when it was working fine yesterday and friday and suddenly not now when i didnt touch SMTP settings at all


I have changed host, and now your script wont work. The config.class.php file cant get a connection to the database.

The host uses: localhost or an IP to connect to Host / database, but it cant get a connection at all.

Can you help me here?

Clearly your DB credentials are incorrect. In new hosting,the database will be new,you can’t use the old one. Follow these instructions to create new DB and DB user and password.

Hi sir. will it work in xampp? mail?

Yes, If you use correct mail configurations. I use yahoo mail and it works without any issue.

When I click to sign with google, I am getting redirect_uri_mismatch error. Please give me solution. Thank You in Advance.

I never faced such issues before,its working on my demo server and on all my other servers.
About the date error:-
You probably need to put the timezone in a configuration line in your php.ini file. You should have a block like this in your php.ini file:

[Date] ; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions ; date.timezone = America/New_York

I have solved date related error, but I am still facing PDO related error. Please refer screenshot on ThankYou in advance

Send your cpanel and ftp credentials at . I will see whats wrong