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good job, very nice work ! wish you lots of sales ;)

thanks Eric

Good luck with selling! :)


it is developed in corephp or in any framework ?

No, it does not use any framework or external js libraries. It is classic PHP and plain-old vanilla js. No jQuery, no frameworks.

Thank you for reply, you used mysqli_* or PDO ?


Can we have an extended license?

Yes, I’ll check with Envato about how to provide you with this. UPDATE: have added the possibility to purchase with an extended license. Thanks for your interest.

Thank you for the extended license. I will proceed with purchase very soon!

Hi, does this require TLS? or will it operate on just a standard http also?

I provide information in the comments of the script for how to use it without TLS, but obviously you don’t have the same heightened security as you would with TLS. Better to use it with TLS (and I can help you with the certificate installation if you need), but, yes, it can be used without TLS – but note, you lose some of the security.

understood, but not every client is willing to spend on a SSL certificate, despite it being good for them. Can you outline what is specifically dropped by the lack of TLS please.

As you probably know already, TLS (SSL) is the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure and safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems. It prevents criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred; in this case: the password, email and any other personal information you might add to the login form.

TLS makes sure that any data transferred between users and site remains impossible to read. It uses encryption algorithms to scramble data in transit, preventing hackers from reading it as it is sent over the connection. So, if you don’t install the TLS, someone else might be able to read or intercept the information transmitted between user and server during the login/registration process.

This script also uses SECURE javascript cookies, which only work on servers where a TLS is installed. The Secure option tells the browser (or other http clients) to only send the cookie over SSL connections. This means the cookie will not be available to any part of the site that is not secure; any part of the site not under SSL will not have access to the cookie. It also makes it much less likely that you’ll accidentally send the cookie across as cleartext.

The secure cookie also helps protect against XSS Exploits by telling the browser that it should not allow javascript to access the contents of the cookie. This is primarily a defense against cross site scripting, as it will prevent hackers from being able to retrieve and use the session through such an attack. The secure cookie is simply a fourth parameter passed to the cookie, so you can easily remove this if you don’t want to use secure cookies. You’ll still have the other three parameters that can be sent along when creating a cookie that, when used properly, will keep the cookie limited to only your application and help in part to reduce security vulnerabilities.

Amazing =D

How much will it cost if you were to install it.

I think I have a few things missing from the download. The SSL shows up in Edge but not in Chrome. I don’t know why. But I would like you to install the program.

just a minute. I am trying to do this once again.

yes i tried to upload it but it said I can’t so I’d like for you to install it. no problem with the cost

got it sorry for ALL the replies…..Thank You


I am still not clear on how it is to work on my website itself. I successfully import to SQL but still unclear how to place it on the website.

we would like a customize service and also the installation services.

We rather execute it correctly.

Contact administartor@safetyintact.com


This is Tammy Alo. I have been in contact with Shira, just making my due diligence to confirm she works with you.

I am about to send funds to the account she specified, she is supposed to do some customize work for our company.

Please get back to me,


T. Alo Member Safety Intact


jkj977 Purchased

hi! can you send me a example with a password so i can load up to mysql.

i cant login on this system when i set in my user in phpmysql.

password is wrong.. and i think something is wrong in my db

sure, can you send me your email address? Mine is s.crane@escomnet.com