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It’s very useful! Great job :)

I just want to check how this works.

If you use this as the only method of logging in, what happens if two people create the same pattern?


Two users can not have the same pattern, the plugin does not allow it. If you try to set up a pattern that is already in use by another user, you will get a notification that your pattern is not strong enough. The same notification you will get if you try to set up an easy to guess pattern, like a straight line. All the best.

Thanks, that’s a good way of doing as I was worried a user’s pattern could be used if they are told it is already taken


Could you tell us where login data is stored? Is it in our server/WordPress installation or in CurlyThemes’ server(s)?


Each pattern is stored encrypted on your local server. All the best.

Hello! Great idea … !! wow :D I would like to test how user can create their patern. Possible to test that ? thanks a lot and have a great hollidays!

Thank you for taking time to answer me. I’ll let a try :D

In your support center, this product is not listed. I have read all your documentation. So, i have a 500 internal error when i Disable Default WP Login and try to login to wp/-login. And, where and how can we put the password recovery in the loginpage ?

Thank you!


Thank you for pointing it out, we’ve added the product in the dropdown list right now. If you disable the default WP login you will be able to login only with the pattern lock, on your custom pattern lock login page. The forgot password screen will appear if you press Esc in the login page. Please use the support centre for further questions, as we will be able to help you easier. Thank you.

Hi, is there a way to have all that in frontend ? (Generate new pattern in profile page, and login pattern in widget ?) Thanks


The plugin does not have the frontend functionalities currently. We are taking it in to consideration for the next version. All the best.

and you can increase safety points ?? if you like I do ??


If you are asking about creating a pattern with more points, yes you can use a pattern as long as the grid allows. We are using a short pattern for demo purposes. If this doesn’t answer your question, please give us more details about what you would like to know about our product. All the best.

thanks for the answer, but I would like to buy your theme but I want to be sure they can raise points that fairer Safety voldire ?? how do I do this and I touch files?

You don’t need to touch any files to set up the pattern. You can take a look in our documentation to see how you can assign patterns for users: All the best.

Is it possible to modify logged-in allowed time ? (without have to re-login) thanks


No, you can not modify the logged-in allowed time, as this is a standard WordPress setting. All the best.

and what about a remember-me check box ? It’s annoying to re-login each time the browser is closed…

For security reasons, the plugin does not have a remember-me function. We considered that logging in with the pattern is quick enough to not need this function, and increases security also. All the best.


I am using a login redirect plugin along with Secure Pattern Lock, but when my clients login using Secure Pattern Lock they are redirected to their profile page and not to the page we would have intended.

Is there a way to control redirections for Secure Pattern Lock (with or without another plugin)?


Pattern Lock currently does not have features for redirections. We will take this in to consideration for the next version, as we agree it will be an useful option. We are working right now on the update so it should be available shortly. All the best.

Is this item still supported? I see that there are no updates since November, 2015. Thanks


Yes, the plugin is supported. We haven’t released any new versions, but as far as we know, the plugin is functioning correctly with the new WP version. All the best.

this work only on login page or even password protected posts


The plugin is for WordPress login, you can not use it to protect only a particular page. All the best.

i want to ask about this plugin used by admin role only to access dashboard not used by default user to access his page in wp website


Yes, Pattern Lock can be used only for admin users to login to the WP dashboard, it is not for regular users to access protected pages. All the best.

I am not sure about this plugin.

Who sets the pattern? User? Admin? Is it possible to lock the Website, only custom post types or only pages/Posts with a pattern set by admin? Is it possible to Combine Username + Pattern?


The pattern is similar to a password, each user can set their own. The plugin is only for WP dashboard login, either to replace the default one or use it as an alternative login method, on a different URL. You can not use it to restrict access to site content. When you enter a correct pattern, it will automatically recognise the username. All the best.

hello, is this plugin still working? The demo does not work, it loads forever…


Thank you for letting us know, the plugin was not tested with the latest WP version, so it could be an issue related to compatibility. We will investigate this further. All the best.

Please inform me if you have a working version ready! Thanks

Hi, the demo of this plugin is not working.

Is it compatible with the latest WP version?

I really liked this plugin, but based on your answer to another buyer, I was thinking that If the same pattern can’t be used by the same user, and a user enters what he believes to be a definite pattern, it won’t take long for them to realize that pattern is not really weak, but that it belongs to a different user, he will then go to the login page and BUMMM, he’s inside using someone’s else account. This is definitely not a good way to secure a site. This is more of a novelty, not good for production. Please correct me if I am wrong!

Hello. You can update the demo?